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  1. I understand that it's 100 trees instead of coins, but it honestly feels like I've done 100. I think I'll just wait for a patch seeing as a lot of the cumulative trophies are buggy. I'd rather not do it them in one sitting, especially the 1k kills in each dungeon and 10k kills total.
  2. Well this is great news! Guess I'll wait for the fix.
  3. I found an exploit on my new game plus run and thought I'd share for those looking to purchase the powers much faster. - Start any level - Use Licht Trance - Press start and restart the level - Now you're in trance mode for the rest of the level as long as you don't die. - You can also see the guide line for aiming, which isn't supposed to be visable during Licht Trance. Also, don't use Licht Trance again unless you're nearing the end of the level for extra points. It will activate the normal Licht Trance and cancel out each other. It does stack though. Hope this helps =)
  4. In need of a few pets. Greatly appreciated any help I can get! Bone Key, Eater's Bone, Seaweed, Toy Sled, Zephyr Fish, Baby Grinch, Cursed Sapling, Seedling & Spider Egg. Thanks to TheYuriG for the missing pets and hallowed trophy.
  5. The Double Laserflip + 720 Flip challenge is frustrating. Been trying to do it for 2 days now. It's my last chalenge
  6. Thanks!
  7. I'm surprised there's a platinum! Hopefully it's as fun as the first game!
  8. I downloaded it the other day with the update and had no problem. Give it another try I guess.
  9. Thanks! I got it in a few tries =)
  10. Can anyone provide a good strategy for this trophy please? I've tried over and over, but I can't seem to do it.
  11. I earned the trophy "Explorer" earlier today and then had a break from playing. Went back on 9-10 hours later and the trophy isn't unlocked in my trophy collection. I had a look in the 5 levels again for the golden skateboards but there isn't any to collect. I even had a look in the recent activities section and it says "Nattizzle has earned a trophy in "OlliOlli" Explorer" so I've clearly earned it...
  12. L from Deathnote (I've heard jp store has it, not sure though) Borderlands Skyrim Tomb Raider (latest)
  13. Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God (such a long name).
  14. I don't recall doing it, so most likely no
  15. Mine does it time to time still. Do you have ps plus? I've been backing up my saves after each race in case it corrupts the save. You should do the same.