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  1. Would love to have a go loved the first one.
  2. Without any spoilers could anyone tell me once you finish the story can you continue to play?
  3. I got it by deleting my original game patch. I read in a forum that the patch made the safety car spawn less. Then I followed that video after deleting the patch and got the trophy.
  4. I've tried 25% 50% & 100% trying to cause a huge accident on the first corner or just stop still. The safety car will still not come out. So frustrating.
  5. It sounds quite a simple trophy but no matter what chaos or havoc I cause the safety car flat out refuses to come out. any tips anyone? (and yes I have the safety car turned on in settings)
  6. The Wolf Among Us
  7. I have collected everything and completed the game. Yet it tells me I have 35/36 Room trophies. Never mind. I got it
  8. GTA V - Not far away at all.
  9. I kept updating my profile thinking it was me!
  10. F1 Hall Of Fame Acquire every Trophy in F1® 2014.
  11. Get it all the time on any CoD game, if I do well I get called a cheater or a camper.. Some people can't accept defeat I reckon.