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  1. Why thank you
  2. Here is my recent pic of my cat Bear
  3. Got a brand new mic this weekend!! ^^

  4. My Brown & Whitish cat named Bear
  5. NHL 14
  6. NHL 2001 on the PS2 console. (no PS3 at my mom's this weekend!)
  7. Thanks I'll try not to get so serious on this.
  8. Modern Warfare 3 Campaign now completed!!! Moving on to Black Ops Campaign! ^^

    1. BlueFireReaper


      Are you simply breezing through the campaign or are you challenging yourself on a harder difficulty?

    2. Soldier_Farron


      Just guns blazing through the campaign that's all. :)

  9. Heck I will Besides working on MW3 chances I will finish this campaign by tonight and start next with Black Ops
  10. Continuing the MW3 campaign (Not going for MP!)

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. AlexanderVause


      Chatterbox i missed which baffled me since i always talked to the crew D: I will enjoy going back in the story once i find everything I need before starting anew x3

    3. Soldier_Farron


      lol i never use chatterbox

    4. AlexanderVause


      Lmao! I liked some of the crew and hear what they had to see and some i didnt care for em lolz

  11. Hehe thanks for the hugz I really needed that! *hugz back!* ^^ and yes that is why
  12. Because I was trying to get rid of my old name I used since 2010 and it was my old character name from Final Fantasy XIV that I had stress problems (don't wanna get into it!) Thank you, that's what I wanted to do is to have fun and just not care about plats that's all. As for all of you thank you for your replies I feel much better after reading them, and like all of you said have fun gaming!
  13. Welcome to PSNP ^^
  14. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know that well for me that is I do not go for plat trophies on any game. Because for one, most of the trophies are very hard for me to get, and I hate higher difficulties on certain games I play. Just so to let you know cause I'm just tired of seeing people commenting about me getting plats like everyone, but I don't. I'm sure most of you never go for plats like me, but everyone else does. I'm just made a new PSN profile about 2 months ago and I'm currently getting all my current games back starting tonight. I dunno where to post this but I thought this would be a good spot. Thanks for understanding.
  15. Thank you!