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  1. geez... a new set of trophies... well good bye my 100%
  2. I've been doing classic mode for over an hour and I still couldn't unlock 1000 stab trophy. Is this supposed to be cumulative or does it need to be cleared in a single run?
  3. I'm curious whether this game will have additional DLC trophies in the future. Does anyone have any information regarding this matter?
  4. I just noticed that King in the North (Final Stand DLC) and Street Fighter (Dragon's Teeth) trophies have now dropped to Ultra Rare rarity anyone knows why?
  5. I just found the trigger! there was a small Christmas tree that randomly appeared during objective mode which I had to hit
  6. I'm trying to play Pawliday Den on Objective mode but I just can't seem to find the key to Pawliday den I've been to the museum, supermarket, and the Box Purridise but just couldn't seem to find one for the Pawliday den Which one/object should I knock off to get into Pawliday den?
  7. Although I am not a huge fan of FF franchise I might want to see this game (and whole FF13 series) ported onto PS4 just like FF X/X-2 did any chance this might happen to FF13?
  8. So I've been wondering about the murcielago and veyron police car on the game banner for this nfs:mw why is there a murcielago being chased by a veyron cop car when there actually isn't one in the game? anyone every wondered?
  9. I got mine after finishing the 20th event after finishing the 20th event go back to the leaderboard and "find your record" by pressing square for all of your events This will "update" your records and at one point, the trophy should unlock
  10. not so bad maybe the last one AMG DLC might be little tougher than the other DLCs but mostly they are all doable
  11. there is some weird glitch on shanghai mission this should be happening at the roof section where you have to kill all enemies and get to the helicopter but only when you die The only remedy here is that you should restart the mission (not the whole game) and when you get to roof YOU MUST NOT DIE and clear the roof section this is the only solution
  12. so I am aware that notification should appear, however, in my case, the notification never appeared.
  13. it's already been linked and for stats transfer, link to battle log seems to be necessary
  14. I already did before launching the game so I can't 're-purchase'