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  1. I need to do those as well add me and send me a message over psn Silver_pigy
  2. About a year ago I watched and fell in love with Dragon Ball Z Abridged. During season 2 Frieza got a comunicator and played his ringtone. I instantly fell in love with it and made it my own.
  3. I guess I can be your test subject then. If I get reprimanded because of this you will be sure to hear about it. I don't plan on abusing the system though. I did this one completely by accident. I would love to go and do that but as you said they will probably notice and ban me or something.
  4. So as I'm sure you all know there is a sale going on right now for games that came out in 2013. Here is the kicker though. A while back I downloaded the free trial of Persona 4 with PS+. Now that it is on sale I wanted to check the price, and since it technically said I had already purchased it since I got the 60 min trial it didn't show the price. I clicked the download button hoping to see the price. I still have PS+ and the game started downloading and I became a little confused. I waited for the download to finish then looked at the game. I now have the full game downloaded onto my hard drive with no restrictions what so ever! I have no idea what happened for that to happen but I am not complaining. Go check yourselves to see if you guys can get any games for free. Edit: Just realized that exploiting this system could possibly have consequences attached. I did it by accident and won't be exploiting it. If you want to do this then by all means go for it. If you don't want to from fear of punishment, allow me to be your test subject. I'll update if anything happens to my account from doing this.
  5. This girl I'm seeing is teaching me to pole dance. This song is now stuck in my head because of it.
  6. Last night I watched the movie Don Jon. It has Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlet Johansson in it. I really liked the movie. I think I enjoyed it so much because I was able to connect with the main character and understand his life. I found the main character very similar to me (Minus the pr0n addiction) and completely understood his life style because it is very similar to mine.
  7. Do you mean the PS+ full game trials?
  8. Today I woke up at 12 then headed to Downtown Ottawa to run Daygame. Daygame is where I go around and try to get as many girl's phone numbers as I can. Did that till about 8
  9. In the past couple months my activity on this site has been minimal at best. There is a very good reason for that, and now the hardest part is finished. I have successfully launched my own business!!! Now that the initial start up is done and over with, I plan to become an active member in the forums again. I am (in the simplest way to put it) a dating coach. My business is called Simply Social. Before I explain further though, I would like to give a little back story as to what pushed me to start Simply Social. As of a couple weeks ago I turned 19. For the first 17 years of my life I was terrible with women (I had never even held a girl's hand before). Growing up all of my friends were getting girlfriends and falling in love, I was terrified of the opposite sex and couldn't even hold a simple conversation. I was starting to think that I was a lost cause and it was affecting my self esteem, and thinking myself as less of a person. During my first year in college (and a little after I turned 18) I decided that I had had enough and things needed to change. Thus began my transformation from a zero to a hero. I took on a job position as a club promoter and met some one who changed my life. I became good friends with one of the other promoters and he took me under his wing and he became my mentor after I had begged him to teach me his ways. He brought me into the world of Pick Up Artists. He taught me everything he knew from how to start a conversation with random girls to building attraction. This happened in January of this year and by April I was a completely changed man. I went from being terrified of the opposite sex to being able to hold my own and have meaningful conversations and more than I could have ever imagined. At this point I was not thinking I would start my own business. Instead I was thinking of how to improve myself and get better. Because even though I was no longer afraid of girls, I was no Casanova. Once my friend and mentor taught me every thing he could I dived in and taught myself through trial and error what worked and what did not work when dealing with the opposite sex. I became a sponge and started to absorb every online resource I could find, and had bought about 20-30 books on the subject of pick up. During the summer I went through an even bigger transformation. People were seeing how much of a changed man I had become and it started to affect every aspect of my life for the better. I was the happiest I had been in my entire life and things were only going up from there. Once I started school again this past September I had interaction with the opposite sex down to a science, and had even surpassed my friend and mentor in my abilities. There was still many rejections (there still is to this day) but I learned it was all a part of the game, there will always be rejection that is constant even with people who have years of experience and are naturals. People I knew were coming to me for advice on how to become better with women and what they should do in their particular situations. My success only continued to grow and early in the beginning of this month, I decided I wanted to help people like myself who were starting to think negatively about themselves and their lives. I did some research and found that no one in the city of Ottawa does this type of thing on the personal level that I had planned to do it. And so began the launch of Simply Social! I will not bore you with the details of how I started it (Heck I pretty much have already written a small novel) and will just briefly explain how I help my clients. I feel like I should also explain that I am NOT a very attractive person. At best I am an average looking guy, and I am even visibly a little over weight. Anyways I do not teach people a magic formula or feed them lines that will make every girl fall in love with them, there is no such thing. Instead what I do is teach my students how to become the best person they can be, without changing who they are. I socially condition them to look for signs of attraction and to be fully confident with who they are. I help them overcome their fears so they can reach whatever their goals may be on their own after they are finished their session with me. I bring them into the field (Night clubs and meeting girls during the day) and coach them on how to become better with girls. I guess you could say I'm a real life Hitch. My bottom line is that I want to help people who were just like me and show my students that anyone can be good with girls, it just takes a little time and effort. It is very satisfying knowing that I have helped changed a man's life for the better and see the transformation happen right before my eyes. I just thought I would share my story with you guys. Thanks for making it to the end of this novel. Right now my business comes strictly from referrals of past students but I will be expanding soon with the launch of my website in the near future. It is a little slow right now since I am just starting out but the people who come to me are changed men at the end of the day and see the world in a different light.
  10. I have successfully started my own business!!! It's going a little slow right now but that is to be expected. Either way I'm so happy with my progress so far!

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    2. silver_pigy


      In it's simplest form I am a dating coach. I help guys become better with women. If you guys are interested in learning more I posted a topic in the forum about it telling my story of how it came to be.

    3. Humonic


      Love to hear the story man ;) don't believe in the whole dating coach stuff, I think it takes 5 seconds to tell a guy how he should be, but regardless, please tell. ;P

    4. TheVader66


      goodluck on the business

  11. I hadn't really watched anime all that much, just the occasional episode on tv if I saw one. But my 1st semester ended on the 14th and whenever I have had a bit of time to kill I have been powering through One Piece like a mad man. I just finished the Skypia arc, and I gotta say One Piece has gotten me hooked and experimenting with other animes now.
  12. Here is the follow up video he posted in response to the public reaction to the video
  13. You do know that Francis is a character created by boogie right? I am almost positive that he appreciates it but his channel is also about comedy, which he did well in that video. Also it is completely fair. These people's jobs revolve around gaming and they can reach a large audience to give their opinions on it and market the console. Because of the choices that they have made and hard work they put into their jobs to get where they are today they 100% deserve it.
  14. Since I don't have cable I do all my TV show watching online and have not actually sat down and watched television since I moved out of my parent's place in August. The last show I watched though was One Piece. I started watching it about a month ago and I'm now at episode 120
  15. I love Coke so much I rail it off of hookers breasts every nigh- oh you meant the soft drink? I cook Mountain Dew until it crystallizes and the liquid evaporates, then I snort it off a hookers boobs.