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  1. You like racing and sports games
  2. Not sure if I can accurately figure out the physical games i bought in brick and mortar stores, since I haven't kept my receipts and a lot I bought in bulk on Ebay and such, but I'll do my digital purchases and physical games I bought online since i have the receipts for those in my email. All prices are in Canadian Currency. Digital PS4 Tales of Berseria PS4 - 19.99 Infamous Second Son PS4 - 9.99 Rayman Legends PS4- 9.99 Deus Ex Mankind Divided PS4 - 5.99 Dying Light PS4 - 17.99 Burnout Paradise Remastered PS4- 7.79 Just Cause 3 XXL Edition PS4- 11.99 Plants v.s Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Deluxe Edition PS4- 6.59 Zombi PS4- 2.99 Sniper Elite 3 PS4 - 5.99 LEGO Harry Potter Collection PS4- 8.99 Metal Gear Solid 5 Definitive Edition PS4 - 11.99 Homefront The Revolution PS4- 6.74 Resident Evil 2 PS4- 52.79 My Name Is Mayo PS4 - 1.49 (pocket change for a platinum... I couldn't resist :P) Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy PS4- 39.99 Adventure Time Pirates Of The Enchiridion PS4- 20.79 PS3 Alice Madness Returns Ultimate Edition PS3- 3.99 Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 PS3 - 9.99 Total- 256.06 Physical PS3 Brink PS3 - 3.00 Watch Dogs PS3 - 3.50 Dead Space 3 PS3 - 4.00 Prototype 2 PS3 - 4.00 Lost Planet 3 PS3 - 4.00 Bioshock Infinite PS3 - 4.00 Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 - 4.00 COD Black Ops 2 PS3 - 4.50 Resident Evil 6 PS3 - 5.00 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Black List PS3 - 5.00 TLOTR Aragron's Quest PS3 - 6.00 GTA 5 PS3 - 6.50 Shaun White Snowboarding PS3 - 7.00 Dead Island Riptide PS3 - 6.50 Bakugan Battle Brawlers PS3- 4.50 Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition PS3 - 5.00 Battlefield 2 PS3 - 3.50 Dark Void PS3 - 4.00 Skyrim PS3- 3.50 Cod Black Ops PS3 - 4.00 Dead Space 2 PS3 - 3.50 Dungeon Siege 3 PS3 - 5.50 Hyperdimension Neptunia PS3 - 13.50 PS4 The Wolf Among Us PS4 - 8.99 Plants v.s Zombies Garden Warfare PS4 - 7.00 Need For Speed: Rivals PS4 - 7.50 Mad Max PS4 - 8.00 Detroit Become Human PS4 - 15.00 Valkyria Chronicles Remastered PS4 - 20.00 Tales of Zesteria PS4- 22.00 Spyro Reignited Trilogy PS4- 39.99 Total - 242.48 Grand Total = $498.54 Not as bad as I thought it would be after adding everything up. With the exception of Resident Evil, Spyro and the Phoenix Wright trilogy most of the games I buy are bought when they are on sale for very cheap or are in general cheap PS3 games that are bargain bin priced. With such a big back log to complete I always wait till games go on sale before i buy them. Unless its a game I'm super pumped for and will play right away I can't justify paying full price for a game that I'll just add to my back log.
  3. This worked for me thanks! I'm in Canada so I'm pretty sure everyone can get it
  4. Well I guess that explains why there hasn't been any worth while sales for the past little bit. The golden sale is coming up so I'm guessing they're holding off on doing sales till that happens
  5. Persona 4 Persona 4 golden is on Vita and I've always wondered why there was never a console version made. I played person 5 and fell in love with the serties so I'd love to have the older games remade.
  6. Farm the grim reaper during flu season also. You can get to LV 100 pretty quickly that way
  7. The best way to do things in this game is to beat the palace asap then spend the rest of the time it gives you raising your confidants level. The story progresses forward after the time limit regardless of when you beat the palace, therefore its best to knock out the palace and then you have however much time is left as free time. You're probably not on par with the world stats because most people would have beaten the palace anf got to LV 9 before the day you are on
  8. I think you're exaggerating a little bit lol Get Gud son 😂😂😂
  9. Not a fan of multiplayer trophies, hopefully the community stays strong. Of course the game needs to be good for that to happen as well. Hopefully its good
  10. The Wolf Among us
  11. You're missing chest 036, 134-137 Youre missing chests 102-107 Hope this helped!
  12. Most games I play are just for fun since I dont go for the platinum on most games lol. The last game i played though was Dragon Age Inquisition. Another game I play to unwind and turn my brain off for is NHL 19
  13. Someone's salty
  14. I was expecting there to be a trophy involving only dying twice or less through a playthrough. Missed opportunity on that play of words to obtain a trophy in my opinion
  15. Spending most of my entire first year of college gaming, instead of socializing and focusing on school. I spent most of my time gaming instead of going to classes and socializing. i lived in residence and spent most of my time in my room. Because of that I didnt go to many of my classes and didnt have the college experience i would have wanted. I eventually leared to use gaming as a way to unwind, instead of making it my primary focus. Because of now learning to game responsibly I enjoy it more and appreciate the the games i do play more so because of it. Now I live in the moment and enjoy the real world, rather than escaping to a world that doesnt exist and watching the real world move past me.