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  1. Same thought, but I didn't even know you can turn off the auto screenshots option. I delete all of them few months after getting the platinum, space on hard disk is limited and, even if they're just few megabytes, it is always better to delete what is not useful.
  2. This guy is a huge loser but he probably keeps doing this because you, or your friends, give him attention. Shut down any chance of him contacting you/your friends, set all your profiles he knows with messages/requests from friends only. And instantly block if you see him, without interacting, he will get tired and move on to some other unlucky person. Anyway, I'm sorry he's harassing you but be happy by the fact that if he's acting this way that means he's very frustrated in real life, so you've already won but he doesn't know it. I would like to add one thing about the boosting sessions on PSNProfiles. I've been using this site since 2014 and I've never had any problems, in fact most of the interactions I had through boosting sessions have been positive but, maybe I've been unlucky, I've noticed a drop in quality of the people in the last month. Lately I'm only meeting people who either prove to be time wasters or/and behave rudely, people who come into your sessions and don't add you on PSN and, if you add them, when you then ask them to boost the trophies of the session they joined in either they refuse or they don't know what to do and treat you badly for no reason at all. Again, it could be a coincidence, but what happened to me in the last month had never happened in the previous 8 years.
  3. It's not earning a trophy 3 years later, but earning trophies that require 2 different runs without completing the first one, like could happen on Detroit if I make different choices in a new run. Thanks everyone for the replies.
  4. Hi everyone, I'll explain myself better: I want to (re)play Detroit: Become Human and planned to do this after I finish FF8 Remastered that I'm currently playing, the "problem" is that I've started it in 2018 but dropped it at a certain point of the story and never came back because I've focused on other games. Now, since more than 3 years are passed, It's not worthwhile to continue the game from the last save and I want to start it from 0. I'm not sure because I didn't check the trophy list to avoid spoiler, but there could be a "risk" that doing this could maybe unlock new trophies for different choices in the early chapters that usually people unlock in their second run, if that happens, could I get flagged for "weird timestamps"? I don't remember I've ever restarted a game from 0 before finishing it, I usually finish a game or drop it and never come back or, if I come back, I usually start from the last save. Thanks to anyone who will reply.
  5. Then I'll try sending an e-mail to a foreigner support. But not now, we're next to holidays, at this point I'll wait for january. 19 days and still haven't received any reply since I've sent them the proof they asked. And I'm pretty sure we'll go over a month for something that should require 1 minute to them. Sony gone full anti-consumer in the last few years, in every aspect, and their support reflects that. They only see us as human wallets and treat us with no respect. They should thank the extremely talented studios they have like Naughty Dog or Santa Monica and the good work they did in the past (before Jim Ryan took over as CEO) when they still cared a bit about us. Please let us know if you manage to get the avatars.
  6. It baffles and disappoint me that they gave to PS5 the console exclusive for the DLC, how much Sony could pay for that? Or maybe, like I think, Square Enix did that to sell the main game for the second time on PS5, at full price, to those interested in the DLC. If that's the case, looks like a bad marketing choice, considering that FF7 remake sold well on PS4 and Sony gave it with Playstation Plus, a lot of people could have bought the DLC (including me). Meanwhile, there are not many PS5 around yet and I'm pretty sure a little minority of them bought the remake again with the DLC.
  7. Hi everyone. On November 27th I've got FF7 Remake's platinum and after 2 days I sent an e-mail to the italian playstation support to get the avatar codes. They replied the next day asking me to send them screenshots that show I've got the platinum alongside my PSN ID and I sent them those screenshots the same day. Now, 2 weeks later, I still haven't received any reply from them. To be honest, I contacted them after a week, on December 7th, asking if there was any news about my request but even there I haven't received any reply. Honestly, I can understand if the american or british support takes weeks to get any reply because I think they have a lot of requests but for the italian one I highly doubt it, I think the support is just trash, that's why I'm thinking to send a new mail or start a live chat with the support of another country, seeing here some people had success doing this. Also because we are next to christmas/new year's holidays and I don't want to wait january for a ""check"" that should require them 1 minute, especially when the mail I've used to write them is the same one linked to my PSN account. What do you guys suggest me to do?
  8. I did all trophies solo and with randoms, so yes, it is possible. But I've got the platinum in 2017, I don't know if the game is still as populated as it was 4 years ago.
  9. Finally got it during a tournament match in career with a female player. The exact moment was during a rally where i went from 15 to 30, so I was right about every game being 3 points, this trophy is definitely bugged because I should've gotten it more than 40 matches ago. Unfortunately this is not the worst trophy.
  10. Happened to me 15 minutes ago. I was grinding with the contracts method and all of sudden game stuck when clicked on "rest". It didn't crash but it was stuck, so I've restarted the game and from around 10k coins i went again to 1800. Lost almost 9000 because of this. I thought the contracts method was faster but to be honest I find it as tedious and slow as just playing the game.
  11. This platinum reminds me of WWE 2K16's one. Same career grind trophies where you are forced to spend dozens and dozens of hours doing the same boring, repetitive and mindless things until you finally reach the related trophies. There I gave up after about 20 hours, here we will see, I'm more confident about it, I really hope that the contracts method will speed things up a lot.
  12. Unfortunately I have the same problem, even though I have won more than 30 matches online with Ash Barty. Considering that to win a match you need at least 12 points, 30x12 = 360 but nothing popped yet. I read about trophy being glitchy outside career and the grind is already long enough, if you add bugs too.. I don't think it can be only done with a created female player, otherwise the trophy description should have made it clear. I will play another 4-5 matches with Ash Barty online and if the trophy still does not unlock, I will try with the created female player in my career once I have reached the maximum level with the male one (I'm at 25 at the moment, I need to find more podcasts to go through this grindy borefest).