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  1. Infamous First Light
  2. Thanks, I have to play through it 2 more times for insanity and hard-core trophies anyway. Suppose there's no harm in having 5 total playthroughs of this game..
  3. Has anyone had this happen to them? On my first playthrough I played with Ashley and Garrus and I'm sure I did more than the 50 missions with them to unlock their ally trophies - didn't pop. On my second playthrough I used Wrex and Garrus as soon as they were available, and did every mission possible with them according to the wiki - with the exception of the metal surveying and it still hasn't popped. A telling sign is the completionist trophy popped with about 5 side missions left to do, before I had even gotten to Vermire. I'm about to do my third playthrough, is it worth deleting my save and starting over again or am I just doing something wrong?
  4. I always thought the DX:MD and Prey Platinums were very impressive
  5. You say you've built a VERY high end PC, but there are plenty of PC exclusives - or even classics that aren't on PS4 you could play. It shouldn't matter that they won't push your computer to the limit. Wasteland 2 (3 is nearly here) is a good turn based RPG. Its on PS4 but that port sucks.
  6. The Forest. 3 weeks, 6 days. It's actually not too difficult but there aren't any decent guides out there which is probably why it's so low. I was considering creating one. That or people are scared of trudging through the caves all the time
  7. Heavy Rain
  8. Mass Effect 3 Playing through the trilogy now, amazing games.
  9. As someone who's used to the god awful achievement system Steam uses, I'm very happy with the current trophy system
  10. I'm in the UK so can't phone their US number I went through their support page and it just says to contact my ISP, though i don't see what they can do It goes away after one day?
  11. I'm not really sure what to do. I can't connect to PSN services on my WiFi/Ethernet on any device (pc, phone, ps3 and PS4). I can connect via 4G on my phone. I've tried resetting my router. I get error code 80710016. I googled that and apparently I might have been IP banned At first I thought PSN was down, as it just signed me out when I was playing Mass Effect 1 on ps3. What should I do?
  12. Medal of Honor: Frontline
  13. #18 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut. Now I've got both the the HR Platinums.
  14. Deus Ex Human Revolution: 'The D Project' Acquaintances Forgotten mission bugged out for me so I couldn't get the last couple of trophies. No big deal though, just another excuse to play the game again
  15. EiephantsOnAcid Just say you're from PSNP, I'm getting a lot of random bot adds lately