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  1. It's pretty much implied you called him dumb as the instablown move is the most common cause of death and frustation. From your statement, dying from any other means is indirectly labelled as dumber. I'm not sure why you are laughing at me because it seems you have missed my point, I never claimed you couldn't beat the higher difficulty, I stated that there was no point in bringing someone down about being mad about a boss and acting all superior about beating him on normal only (without disclosing this) at the time - I and many others can do this as well but most would probably just suggest advice only without bragging about destroying a boss on the easiest difficulty. Since you still feel the same way even on the harder difficulty then fair enough, your boast now holds value but is still unnecessarily condescending.
  2. Lol I believe I'm seeing a pot calling the kettle black - considering you said the other guy was dumb and then boast about beating the boss on the easiest difficulty (probably solo as well which is even easier).
  3. I'm not trying to be an ass, but there's no point or validity on saying that when you haven't won a match on Hard or above difficulty.
  4. Does your stats level scale up the difficulty of the enemies or something? You kill enemies too fast and can't get SS grade?
  5. I loved Until Dawn - I would say the first half of the game is slow with cheap jump scares but the latter half is horror/thriller where the atmosphere is super creepy and has intense set pieces.
  6. I personally found Velocity 2x (just needs practice), Gauntlet (some afk grinding), Super Time Force Ultra, Banner Saga and Frozen Synapse quite easy Ultra Rares - I also found them quite enjoyable to platinum as well!
  7. Lone Survivor at 5.24%, if I recall it's always been hovering around there.
  8. This is for anyone who has trouble with this trophy. I believe the main reason why it took me 15+ tries is because the intro cutscenes possibly counts as part of the timer. On most of my attempts I would casually exit the intro when it had ran for a few seconds but on my successful try I actually spammed exit (fast enough that I ended up crouching at the start) and I was able to get it on my first attempt . P.S. I skipped the outro/credits when the trophy popped.
  9. In my world I would like the MP trophies to exist but not essential to get the platinum =P
  10. Heya, every new game + you play you must select a magic type you haven't picked before. Since you're on NG++ you only have one magic type left you haven't used hence why the cleric was automatically picked (you can now use all 3 magic types). Edit: Grammar
  11. If that's true then fair enough. However the vita CPU isn't actually 10x stronger than the PS2 is it - maybe 6x at it's highest clock speed allowed by Sony (444MHz)? Still a bit hesitant to agree that it can easily run PS2 games in their native code without breaking a sweat - some PS2 ports which should arguably run better than emulators on Vita have poor FPS (like Jax & Daxter and God of War Collection that runs in 30fps when it ran 60fps on PS2). The porting developers could have done a better job but I doubt they could have raised it to 60fps without downscaling further. If it's such a struggle making a competent port because of hardware limitations then being able to brute force an emulator comfortably seem's a bit unlikely.
  12. I don't know enough about emulation but I'm sure it's more complicated than having better CPU (fairly sure it's capable of 2Ghz but is actually clocked at 800MHz to keep battery life longer and avoid overheating). Need to also take into account that the architecture of the Vita is slower than PC x86, the fact that some of the CPU has to be used for the operating system, figuring out how to emulate the Emotion engine etc. Latest smartphones have better hardware than Vita and the current PS2 emulator is still very slow and needs more time to optimise for it. Edit: Nvm it's not 800MHz but more like 444MHz at it's max. http://bitparade.co.uk/article.php?id=3859
  13. Unfortunately I don't believe the vita is capable to emulate PS2 games because the hardware isn't strong enough (would have been awesome though) - if I recall, an article said that for emulation to work the hardware needs to be 10x stronger than the original console. They can of course play ports of PS2 games but they require a lot of resources from the developers.
  14. In terms of understanding the significance of some plot points in MGSV, knowing the story of Peace Walker does definitely help - reading a summary or browsing Metal Gear wikia should suffice though. Edit: I found this 3 hours Youtube video that explains the important plot details in Peace Walker (cutscenes, radio calls, etcs) - I haven't personally watched it though.
  15. Hm hope developers aim for 60fps first before better graphics!