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  1. Dying Light 😭😭
  2. Assassins creed origins
  3. FIFA 18 AC Ezio Collection Telltale Mega Collection ps3 Steinsgate guacamelee with DLC
  4. Have fun with lone survivors I enjoyed it
  5. Does mind his completion rate
  6. - SteinsGate — Kind struggling with the Guides but guess that will work out eventually - Dying Light — just collectibles and a Bit Grinding for saving survivors - F1 2014 — Need to get back on that one to finish it - Mirrors Edge just speedruns left Hope i manage to do those
  7. Resistance 2 —> Servers Closed:(( Fifa 11 —> Closed aswell skate 2 —> online shut down :(( mirrors edge —> remember the Time trials were to much effort and Not Enough motivation to spent that Fifa 13 —> unobtainable trophy
  8. Hard decision since there are a few projects i want to get to aswell but my first thought was L A Noire, I got the Game on ps3 and Even bought the season pass as a bargain but still wasnt able to start it for years now, Love the atmosphere, gameplay and Story.
  9. Thats the awesome point about the game lol Absolutely love the game and hope for more content lol
  10. Its doable bro Just keep on trying, ull eventually get it For me 100% not possbile anymore, the servers of a few games are shut down and I refuse to buy all the DLC I still need ^^ My goal would be around 95% but if I would clean up a few things like F1 2014, bioshock infinite dlc and my current project GOT, I guess I wouldnt be that far anymore ^^
  11. It doesnt. It may work for Fifa 14, I dont know that, but for Fifa 15 PS3 it definitely doesnt work. I have both versions for PS3 and PS4, It does work on PS4 but does NOT for PS3. Please guys, stop spreading bullshit.
  12. Acually cant really say it was that hard. Ofcourse a few tracks or events were more or less challenging but in the end with a bit of practice they are all pretty doable. I heard alot about the Elements DLC and thought "damn this will be a pain" but then went through almost all of them first try Idk but rain isnt that hard imo, its bust being more carefull with the gas and brakes and ur pretty much good to go. Happy driving to all other driveclub players lol
  13. I guess contacting EA to reset ur save would be the best idea
  14. I think its rather a really nice addition to the game than just grinding out the main story trophies since they are pretty boring tbh. With the season pass and all the tour packs I got now I can easily focus on the dlc trophies and get the main game trophies on the side without really caring alot about them. In addition to that one gets alot more gametime out of driveclub and since I really enjoy it so far and appreciate the challenge it brings in some events, im really happy I bought it with the season pass. The positive side effect as a trophy/plathunter is that I get a hell lot of trophies/points while having fun playing driveclub ^^ Seems like the oppinions differ alot ^^
  15. It is enough to just quit the game via the pause menu, you dont need to quit the whole game. ^^ Worked for me, just got it