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  1. @soultaker655 i know, that is why i used " ". My subtle irony didn't work
  2. Yep, I think it's pc only. I liked amanita design they have a great art style and I have been followin them ever since I played machinarium. I wonder if something is going to happen to Catherine, the game was trending in twitter a few days ago for it being "transfobic".......................
  3. Just feel I need to post this here, this news shocked me
  4. Best BRO in psnprofiles.
  5. yep I did give them support for not changing it and spoke against the change in their facebook page with my real name, but it was not enough.
  6. The thing with Don't starve I am aware, jesus, the game is NOT EVEN OUT yet and there are already ppl whinning. Also, Did anyone here mention the situation with Amanita Design? They were forced to change the Chuchel character because ppl got "offended" by it.
  7. vCXMbB0.jpg

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    2. ee28max


      Another legendary painting from the legend painter @BG_painter! Keep it up, I love it <3

    3. BlindMango


      D: Dang! You’ve earned the platinum trophy for art

    4. BG_painter


      aw <3 Thank you all so much for your support! :) my psnp friends are the best 😎

  8. Remember Chaos Legion from PS2? I loved the gameplay but god the story and the characters for me were a pain 💩, i couldn't care less for them.. But i played anyway because i liked to summon Thanatos, he was a badass 😂
  9. Mark my words: Cersei will become the Night Queen. 😎 She is wearing black already. It fits her.
  10. My last painting, it's oil on canvas, finished last year. I am already working on another piece I h8 taking pictures of my work, it always lose quality >_< I covered my signature for security reasons.
  11. Some ppl have fans my friend I don't take it too much seriously but i like to like my friends when they post in my page cause i know them and i like 'em get what i am saying? lol 😂 I also think there shouldn't be a limit to it. To me reputation means nothing and the likes in thread posts only means if someone agrees with you or not.
  12. Yep, pretty much. It's impossible for me to go back simply for the sake of completion, it needs to be a game i really enjoy playing otherwise, .......nope, ain't gonna happen. Too boring, and I am too used to the ps4 graphics, some games didn't age well.