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  1. I would like to download fall guys from this region,OR. anyone know which region is this OR ?
  2. hi. do you know if this has to be done with battle royal exclusive, or you get this trophy on arena and other modes ?
  3. all the trophies is with battle royal. wins and damage.
  4. hi. there is way to boost this game ?
  5. Free until when ??
  6. Where did you get the granate in the first room ?
  7. The glitch didn't work. Do you know why ?? Does anyone has the same problem ??
  8. 6.99 with the 30% off
  9. It says WORKING, and then After 1 minutes it says LOGIN FAILED
  10. Does anybody know if the server of this game is still working ?
  11. is this game easy to plat ??
  12. This game has cross save ?
  13. I like this game
  14. it also works if I want to play the game on ps3 and then transfer my save to the vita ? or its just vita to ps3 ??
  15. Some of them I did it with a fighting stick.