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    Hello, :) my name is kyomi,
    23/F/UK -
    I'm from Manchester, England.

    Enjoy playing guitar and piano, going to get a drum set one day, when I have more space.Like rock and indie music, Like gaming , studying, watching anime and working out.

    Favourite games so far
    - fallout 3
    - yakuza 3
    -GTA 4
    - The last of us.

    Add me on psn to trophy hunt ect ,just say you're from here because I automatically delete blank or automated request. But please don't add me if you're a kid or creepy, cause that shit is getting old :)
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  1. Won't be able to pop 10 platinums with you guys. I only prepared 2 and I'm going out . I have not had any time to game this winter. But I will be watching to see what you guys choose to platinum yourselves , happy new year guys
  2. Is it a bad idea to consider making a new profile to get 100% completion on games I actually like ? I've never been impressed by100% or anything

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. JadedDragos


      I just have the one account, but if I come across game I hate or can't get done, I just see it as lesson learned. =-)

    3. xZeroJin


      That's what I did I got too deep in games and got overwhelmed. This account is for all the games I really liked/loved

    4. imagineSM


      Depends, if you're gonna play hard games then 100% is impressive. If you're gonna play easy games then completion is irrelevant. So you're right in not giving a shit about it for the most part.

      Just do whatever makes you happy though, it does look better having 100% though. Looks clean.

  3. I'll sign up for this with low expectations
  4. Bioshock infinite Combination Shock In the Main Campaign, performed all 8 of the Vigor combinations. Auld Lang Syne Completed the Main Campaign on 1999 Mode. Scavenger Hunt Completed the Main Campaign in 1999 Mode without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill machine. platinum ready and waiting for platinum rain day
  5. love this move ... have to buy it. as to lord of the rings nope. haven't read my book version yet thats why
  6. hey I have completed the game and have the platinum ready for platinum rain day. this was particularly fun we play thanks guys
  7. adventure time dexters laboratory fosters home for imaginary friends xiaolin showdown jackie chan adventures totally spies American dad bobs burgers power puff girls the grim adventures of billy and mandy Arthur chowder Mona the vampire watched a lot of cartoons .as a kid but these are the few that stand out
  8. hey welcome to the forums . i like your avi.
  9. Bioshock Infinte - Clash in the clouds Hand of the Prophet Defeated all waves in Emporia Arcade. Blue Ribbon Champ In CitC, completed all Blue Ribbon Challenges.
  10. just reached checkpoint 4 ... i'm heading back to Mele ... the first town in Tethe'alla to ... talk to women I guess.
  11. Bioshock infinite: Clash in the clouds Friendly Skies Defeated all waves in The OPS Zeal. Cleared Sylvarant Lloyd and his party have now arrived in Tethe'alla
  12. 1.Bioshock infinite - (98%) - ready for platinum rain 2.Sims 3 - (91%) - ready for platinum rain 3.Fallout 3 - (0%) - currently working on 4.Fallout new Vegas - 5.Fallout 4 - 6.Ratchet and clank : deadlocked - 7.Ratchet and clank : a crack in time - 8.Ratchet and clank: all for one - (8%) 9.Ratchet and clank :Q force - 10.Ratchet and clank : into the nexus- Bonus 1. Tomb raider anniversary a bunch of fairly easy games I know, but I'm pretty busy recently, so i'll make a dent on my backlog by playing some easy /fun things.
  13. cheers guys . I messed that one up then, but to be fair i was leveling up for the sword dancers. and I am also doing the friendship first title and the no escaping from battle title. so i'm guessing getting gung ho on this playthrough wouldn't have been such a good idea anyways. but cheers Ric. i'll probably do that and eternal sword in my next playthrough.
  14. Reached checkpoint 3, I will reach 4 tonight probably. I have a question I have my characters at level 30 . But then realised I have to keep my party under 145 collectively when fighting a boss. Am I okay to still do that in this play through ? I have been avoiding encounters just in case , and it's only the part members you fight the boss with that count towards the level number?
  15. If I think somebody fancies anime A bit too much , I just don't like their post haha. Oh you platinumed something ..... Go to give them a like, realise that they have what looks like a little girl with jiggling boobs on their signature. No likes from me. There are enough people out there that make the anime community unsavoury for it to be a reasonable stereotype. I would never call somebody out on it though. And I'm not stupid enough to assume everybody is the same. I used to like anime a lot . I would never post a picture of my favourite character with boobs bigger then her head as my avi. And I see a lot of that. Your post makes a good point , but so do the people , ( in some cases) who are turned off off by the overuse of anime because of the over sexualisation of some Avis, signatures. Well that what turns me off the community anyways. But 8/10 times , I'm thinking oh that's some nice art . And the other times I'm thinking ew really.