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  1. Need to see how deep/complicated the combat will be before I'm fully on board. Like, Nioh complicated or less?
  2. Always liked Spider-Man games, can't wait for this.
  3. I just didn't like how they basically trashed DmC (2013). I personally loved that game. Yes, Dante wasn't as 'bad-ass' in that game, but I really liked his bravado and his 'I don't really care' attitude. I'm still super interested in this both gameplay and story-wise.
  4. I hope split-screen is an option as well. I miss being able to play a co-op campaign with a friend in the same room... But I guess that's the price we pay for more powerful/prettier games.
  5. I hope the combat system is a little bit deeper than it was in J-Stars Victory; it was pretty shallow back then. Also really curious how Light will be involved in the story.
  6. I personally really hope they keep putting a lot of world-building in their games. It is always impressive how many details they can put in the environment / item descriptions. Would also like the game to be a little more accessible to more skill levels, but I'm interested regardless.
  7. God damnit BamBam, do we need to take the booze away from you? (Actually really good picture)
  8. Some of those games could be cross-play, but too many of them are not legit.
  9. It's a cheated Vita account, because all their games are less than a minute to clear. Feel free to report their trophies as illegitimate to remove them from the leaderboard.
  10. I wish I had more updates to give, but I fell into the Fallout Shelter hole. Will try to come back to the regularly scheduled games soon-ish.
  11. Everybody! Put your hands up! One of the most upbeat songs to a really somber anime.
  12. This is the opening of Ys Seven. Imagine not knowing anything about this game/franchise and being greeted by this amazing mix of Japanese rock and orchestral depth.
  13. Well, I wasn't able to put in as many as I wanted, but good luck to all the good folks.
  14. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
  15. Unstoppable Force Injustice: Gods Among Us