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  1. If we're going from the original post date as Grimy says he wants to do, I'm all for it since everyone starts on the same footing. (also allows an additional platinum in my stats so 😁) Totals: : 104*1 = 104 pts. : 48*2 = 96 pts. : 29*5 = 145 pts. (C): 2*10 = 20 pts. (UC): 1*15 = 15 pts. (R): 2*25 = 50 pts. Total points: 430 pts While not as good as everyone, still pretty proud of my score. My personal goal for this competition will be a top 5 finish; everything above that will be a bonus.
  2. Super interested in this. Awesome idea for a contest. Question though; if I register now do my trophies since Wednesday count or do I start from when I sign in?
  3. The new update looks really classy, but it seems that it broke Gaming Sessions. The new sessions don't seem to have the intended trophies inside, won't remember if I'm looking for my owned games or all games and all posts were made in 1969. Otherwise, looks really good, though a little white for my personal taste.
  4. I wonder if it would be possible to implement a trophy option/tag to say that this you can't get a certain trophy anymore. For exemple, my WWE All-Stars trophy percentage is at about 82-85% complete, but, since the servers are offline, I'll never be able to complete the game 100%. So I wonder if we could tag the trophies as ''locked'' with an option on your profile that could hide them from view and recalculate the percentage of games as if they weren't there anymore (but not being 100%, maybe saying something like Complete)