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  1. Since it's pretty likely that remake/remaster will be the challenge for April, can we start to specify the rulings? The one I'm most curious is if it needs to be a remaster or could we count a collection of older games as well (even if they're not HD)?
  2. I'm curious if trophies will actually work in this version, because you didn't get any trophies with DoA5 Core Fighters back then.
  3. I'm always in for more reasons to clear up my backlog, so I'll ask to join as well
  4. Bingo Card Progress (Boy, I'm terrible at making updates): B2: Broken Age B4: Asura's Wrath ✅ (Act 4 DLC) I5: Pix-A-Pix Pieces (Released Jan 8 2019) N5: Yakuza 0 ✅ (Main Story Cleared - There are 26 different minigames) O1: Master Reboot (Developper is a Welsh Team) O2: Foul Play (Co-op Game) O3: Remember Me O5: Skylanders: Imaginators (Game bought Dec 28 2018) Well, I'm well over average for filled squares, but I will need recommendations for I3: Game that gives you the feels. Any recommendations?
  5. Way overdue update. Completed almost everything; only need to bite the bullet and purchase Aabs Animals.
  6. Surprise update. Didn't expect this game to work for this, but whatever. Master Reboot One of the levels, Street, has you driving a car evading traffic, so it should count for this month's challenge. Overall, the game has an interesting concept (going through memories), but is overall pretty poor. It's quite short though, so it gets a rating of Challenges: Different Event (Bingo) Started this month As for the April poll, I don't mind either way. Feel free to remove/modify suggestions if you fell they're too narrow/annoying.
  7. This is Not even a valid dispute Way too many flagged games Insulting people will never help Just move on.
  8. Cleared my first game for this month: Assassin's Creed: Origins I really enjoyed this game; the story was good, Bayek was a really nice character and the new controls felt like a god-send compared to the old AC games' combat. A definitive recommendation. Challenges cleared: Hardcore (Horses, camels, chariots, boats) 1 year game Next, my suggestion for the April challenge. It was difficult to figure out a challenge that was interesting while still letting a wide breath of choice for what to use. Parental Control: Play a non-mature game (M for ESRB, 16 for PEGI, C for CERO) Hardcore: Play an all-ages game (E or E10 for ESRB, 3 or 7 for PEGI, A for CERO) Finally a question, if I complete all DLC for a game I already have the Platinum, can I use that for the DLC challenge?
  9. Well, I didn't go for anything else for this month, so it will stay at 1 plat only for Hitman, which was already added. This month, I'm definitively finishing AC: Origins for the HC requirement and maybe something else (hopefully LA Noire). Stat changes for End of February: Platinum trophies: 168 (+6) 100% completed: 252 (+10) Completion: 44.24% (+1.18%)
  10. What an interesting thing to look at. Let's see: Big City Stories (x11) Capcom Arcade Cabinet (x4) Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight (x3) Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) (x5) Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- (x1) Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms (x1) Injustice: Gods Among Us (x3) Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (x5) Magicka 2 (x1) Minecraft (PS4) (x5) Mortal Kombat X (x2) Rocket League (x1) Skullgirls Encore (x4) Street Fighter X Tekken (PS3) (x1) The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (x1) The Jackbox Party Pack 2 (PS3) (x1) Trials Fusion (x1) 17 games, only 1 Plat in there (GTA V). Looks like my most common are either completion / repetition trophies in fighting games and grinding in free-to-play games. Neat!
  11. Finished my big game for the month: Hitman Absolution (The platinum image kicks so much ass) This was a really weird game to go through since the only Hitman games I've played were the the 2016 reboot and sequel so going back to this game felt really archaic... and unfair. The hard mode playthrough felt like a slog because of poor disguise mechanics, insane field of vision and additional enemies. But I really liked the story that it told; seeing conflict in the life of Agent 47 about feeling guilty towards a hit on Diana and seeing Victoria possibly going down the same path as him was interesting. Overall, a meh game. The 2016 version is a lot more enjoyable (also a PS+ game this month). Challenges cleared: Hardcore (Disguises are a necessity) Might see if I can slot in something else this month, but I'm really not sure. Might be able to fit in LA Noire.
  12. A lowly 505 points for me. Was busy during the month clearing out non-plat games and didn't finish Infinifactory, so meh. ArtikSkarab's New Year Spreadsheet
  13. Well, it turns out I was able to fit one last game before the end of January. Soma (December 2018) Counts towards a different event (10 Things I Hate) Complete a game you started this month This definitively wasn't my cup of tea. I really dislike horror games and, even with the safe mode, found this stressing me out. The world that they are presenting is super interesting though. For February, my main goal will be Hitman: Absolution for the HC requirement. After that, we'll see. Stats at the end of January:Platinum trophies: 166 (+4)100% completed: 250 (+8)Completion: 43.86% (+0.80%)
  14. Update: Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ - Ultra Rare Capcom Arcade Cabinet (PS3) Lowest Base Game Trophy is 0.43% Platinum-Less SOMA (NA) Unpopular Infinifactory 628 Owners ✅ DLC Minecraft (PS4) Expansion Pack 8 ✅ Difficulty Asura's Wrath Gaea's Champion ✅ Speed Run Broken Age (PS4) Let's Get this Good Time Over With ✅ MP Foul Play Team Player ✅ Peripherals The Jackbox Party Pack 2 (PS3) Multiple Phones / Internet Browsers Bad Rep Battleship (PS3) 44 / 2.7 Changed a couple of my selections and cleared a bunch of games. Almost done with Infinifactory, only 4-5 puzzles left, and grinding away at Capcom Arcade Cabinet. Also, I am still looking for an EZPZ game to get, since I've apparently cleared all the ones I had. So looking for suggestions for a cheaper EZPZ game. Thank you.
  15. Aucun problème. Un fois que les jeux sont cachés (Il y a un message pinné pour savoir comment faire), il faut juste gagner un nouveau trophé et tu vas pouvoir revenir dans le classement. @MMDE Disc Drive was switched without syncing trophies. Hiding games was explained. Thread can be closed.