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  1. Around 20 years. When I was pretty young, I know I started playing on my father's NES and SNES and it really interested me. Playing Super Mario Bros. as Luigi and trying to figure out The Legend of Zelda with minimal help from him was always a blast. I kind of stopped gaming after he left us but got back into gaming around 04-05 with big sprawling PS2 JRPGs as some sort of escapism mechanism. Now I'm regularly gaming as a major hobby and do not plan on stopping anymore.
  2. Man, favorite wrestler is such a toss-up because I like different people for different reasons. Total Package: CM Punk / Bret Hart / Macho Man Mic Skill: Ric Flair / The Rock Athleticism: Aj Styles / Shinsuke Nakamura / Owen Hart My 'Boy' Stable: Drew McIntyre / John Morrisson / The Hurricane / D-Lo Brown / Big Boss Man
  3. Challenge #8 complete Good challenge once again. Saw it coming, but was still good
  4. Challenge #7 complete Common: Bloodied (Dragon Age Origins) Uncommon: Complet-ality (Mortal Kombat 9) Rare: Rainbow Collection (Minecraft) Very Rare: The Grappler (Mortal Kombat 9) Ultra Rare: Ultimate Humiliation (Mortal Kombat 9) This was a really cool challenge that forced me to look through a bunch of games to figure out good trophies.
  5. Challenge #6 Complete Chosen country: Canada 🇨🇦 (Had to represent my native land) C- Challenger Approaches (Disc Jam) A- A 30-Second Test (Sonic Generations) N- Nether Again (The Bit.Trip) A- A Fight To Remember (Dead or Alive 5) D- Do a Barrel Roll! (Legend of the Guardians) A- A Friend In Need (Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light) Man, I love spelling challenges; super original and fun to look through multiple trophy lists to figure out what to use.
  6. Challenge 4 clear: Me and @Ac3NiNjA are the owners of Horror of the Santa Maria trophy (GTA: San Andreas)
  7. So I will volunteer myself to double most trophies that people will grab for this challenge (I own around 1200 games for PS3 and PS4) If the game is pretty popular (Probably own it but haven't played it), the trophy is early/easy (Don't want to waste 5 hours for 1 trophy) and I don't already have the trophy (Naturally), feel free to send me a PM / PSN message with the game/trophy in question and I will gladly try to help everyone out.
  8. Challenge 3 clear This challenge could basically be boiled down to 'get 20 trophies'. Not bad, but not special
  9. Challenge #2: Get it 'done' - Completed Trophies used: D - Doughnut Discoverer (Lego Batman 3) O - One Small Step for (Bat)Man... (Lego Batman 3) N - Need for Greed (Lego Batman 3) E - Everyone Loves Bouncing (Lego Batman 3) So I was super lucky for the word selection as the game I'm currently playing had everything available. Bonus credit for clearing with a single game?
  10. Challenge #1 Clear Not a bad starting challenge. Bronze trophies were pretty plentiful for me to select, so it was pretty easy for this.
  11. Looks like a really cool idea, count me in
  12. If we're going from the original post date as Grimy says he wants to do, I'm all for it since everyone starts on the same footing. (also allows an additional platinum in my stats so 😁) Totals: : 104*1 = 104 pts. : 48*2 = 96 pts. : 29*5 = 145 pts. (C): 2*10 = 20 pts. (UC): 1*15 = 15 pts. (R): 2*25 = 50 pts. Total points: 430 pts While not as good as everyone, still pretty proud of my score. My personal goal for this competition will be a top 5 finish; everything above that will be a bonus.
  13. Super interested in this. Awesome idea for a contest. Question though; if I register now do my trophies since Wednesday count or do I start from when I sign in?
  14. The new update looks really classy, but it seems that it broke Gaming Sessions. The new sessions don't seem to have the intended trophies inside, won't remember if I'm looking for my owned games or all games and all posts were made in 1969. Otherwise, looks really good, though a little white for my personal taste.