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  1. Sorry for the confusion; my selected P game is Project Cars 2, not the 1st one. The big online trophy I'm seeing is the 350 clean races which seems like a chore. For the One Piece, I have Burning Blood so I'm just hoping it dosen't have region-locked servers (like Jojo: Eyes of Heaven has...). Also, I chcked for 428 and it apparently last sale on it was back in September, but no big deal. I found an alternative that looks pretty interesting. Looking at guides, no online trophies. A second controller will be required though.
  2. Tiny update on my list. I'll jump in on the # category and put in 11-11: Memories Retold. I originally wanted to put in 428: Shibuya, as did pretty much every one else, but I'm not paying 65$ for an old VN. Lists should be up to date; as usual, hit me up if I missed anything. My personnal plan for this event will probably be, weirdly, going in order. I have 3 games with online trophies: 2 quick ones (Jojo, One Piece) and 1 big grind (Project Cars), so I might do them simultaneously. But, if I get bored/frustrated, I might jump around. Hit me up if you ever need a partner for that quick trophy, I'll help you out. Hello to all new competitors! Make sure to read all of the rules on the 1st post. Especially the complete list, DLC/100% and backup games rulings. Less than a month before the beginning; hype is flowing!
  3. Games completed for November. Murdered: Soul Suspect Hardcore? I'm not sure on that one. The game is mostly ghosts, but there are mediums and references to witches. Up to you. Started a year ago It's not a a great game, but it's an interesting setting and quick enough to go through. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara ✅ Hardcore (A whole menagerie of DnD monsters) Started a year ago A real fun Beatemup, that's a little grindy to 110%, but good enough. Mervel vs. Capcom: Origins ✅ Hardcore (Vampire, Mutants, Robots, Aliens and whatever Shuma-Gorath is) Started a year ago A fun fighter but punishing in its Arcade difficulty, even on difficulty 1. Tower of Guns ✅ (Robot enemies) 4 games in a month Started a year ago An interesting roguelike FPS. Repetitive at some points, but overall good. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Hardcore (A lot of fantasy creatures) Started this month A fun point and click adventure game with a really confusing story as there is no real recap of the 1st game. Stats at the end of the month: Platinum trophies: 204 (+2/+42) 100% completed: 298 (+6/+56) Completion: 45.64% (+0.23%/+2.58%)
  4. Welcome aboard Cassy! You name and list have been added to the spreadsheet. I totally get what you're saying, but I see it differently. With the fact that we have a rigid list of games that we put down, we're saying that we'll take the time and effort to go through and actually try to complete and clear up a bit of our backlog/wishlist games. I personally always had trouble to go through and complete games, but participating in community events has rectified that a lot. I get that sometimes, a game becomes a slog to go through, but being able to complete them makes the victory feel even better. At least.. that's how I see it. This is an important message for everyone. It's totally understandable that not everyone will be able to go through every single game on their list and that's fine. Not everyone has enough gaming time to go through an average of 1 game every 2 weeks. Life goes on and tons of stuff can happen. But don't feel bad if you don't make it. It's a self-imposed challenge between 30ish people in a forum on the internet. Big deal! Spreadsheet should be up to date; feel free to tag me if you notice anything that needs to change, I do not mind. Will probably put out some statistics when a higher percentage of the lists are compiled.
  5. Stats at the end of October (Month/Year): Platinum trophies: 202 (+4/+40) 100% completed: 292 (+3/+50) Completion: 45.41% (+0.35%/+2.35%) No specific plans for Novermber's theme; will grab games as they come. I have no idea if I'll participate again next year for a specific reason; most of my time next year will be doing/helping in the ABC 2020 challenge. I just might not have enough time to go after specific games if they don't line up with some of the large games I selected for the challenge (Yakuza 5, Project Cars 2, Nier). Also, there might be a mistake in my stats page; I cleared 4 games in October, but only have 3 cleared there. No big deal, but, as a stickler for statistics, it bothers me.
  6. Did some changes to my list; major thanks for the suggestion help. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice LEGO Marvel's Avengers - Still have thie LEGO game to go through Nier River City Girls - This game looks super sweet; a better? Kunio game Torchlight II - Didn't realise it came out on consoles. Woot!
  7. Put me down on 4 again for this month. SoulCalibur VI Hardcore? ('That site' puts it at 30h+ and that feels appropriate.) It's been a while since I dove into the world of Soul Calibur and this game is pretty damn good. Solid 3D fighter with a meh campaign mode (still prefer SC2's Weapon Master Mode). My Hero: One's Justice Hardcore (Guide puts it at 35h) Started this month On the other side, this game has a pretty good story mode, even though it dosen't start early enough if you don't know this universe, but dosen't play well. LEGO DC Super-Villains Hardcore (Guide puts it at 30h) As with pretty much all of the LEGO games, I enjoyed my time through and it didn't feel as oppressive as LEGO Marvel 2. Yakuza 0 Hardcore (140 hours!) 4 games this month Started a year ago While I had done most of the heavy lifting back in January, discussions on the ABC challenge about this game made me want to go back and try to complete it. So, after going through the really annoying Climax Battles, the legend playthrough was honestly pretty damn simple in comparaison.
  8. Unfortunately, I haven't played much of Kiwami (maybe an hour), so I can't give a full opinion on it, but I believe Kiwami was before the new Dragon engine of 0, 6 and Kiwami 2, so it might be rougher around the edges. Knowing the story of 1 though, both are acceptable starting points. 0 is mostly a self-contained story for Kiryu (with some references for future events) and fleshes out the backstory of Majima. I would say, for my opinion, start with 0 and follow the saga of Kiryu. As long as you wish to do that, I do not mind at all. After all, this event have the express purpose of clearing out our backlog and the more games cleared, the better. Just be sure to clearly indicate that you wish to complete multiple games for specific letters (as Aurora did). I would go with trophy list name, so Bully and Indigo. I will also ask for some opinions about game choices/ideas. Looking back at my list, there are some games that I'm not that interested in and would like to change them. Unfortunately, they're on some annoying letters and I have started a lot of games, so my choices are a bit limited. I mostly play games for their stories / world building. So, I would like some help with this. H: Heaven's Vault Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (Heard great things, but also pretty somber?) Hitman: Blood Money (Had difficulty with Absolution and read it's harder?) Hyper Light Drifter I: I am Setsuna Indigo Prophecy (I liked Heavy Rain, so maybe?) I am the Hero - current Selection (I like brawlers) N: Night in the Woods - Current Selection (Heard only great things about it) Nier (PS3) (Also heard great things about it)
  9. Trying my best to keep up to date, but will always appreciate additionnal eyes to check for errors. 🙌 About Yakuza Zero, it's a great starting point to the series if you've never touched a Yakuza game before as it's really refined and a great game to play through. Be warned of a couple of things though. It's an extremely long game to 100% as it requires a completion playthrough of about 100 hours followed by a max difficulty playthrough. I'm personally not great at the fighting in this game, so I'm stuck on the arena challenges. If you're looking for an easier time, Yakuza 6 is shorter and technically doable in 1 playthrough at the difficulty of your choice (with an end game save). If you're worried about the story, it does feature recaps of the previous games. For the second point, Ixanon already gave an answer, but I will chime in that I mostly check for the version so I can get a reference point if multiple versions exist. If both versions are untouched at the beginning of the year, I will go with the one that gets progress done. Welcome aboard! I will just ask which MGS V you plan on doing, Ground Zeroes or Phantom Pain? For the first 2 games that you mentionned, I can give my opinion about them. Jet Set Radio has a 10-20h completion tim according to 'that' site. It is highly skill dependant though as you need to Jet rank every story level whch leads into the thing I hate the most about the game, the fact that you can't replay story levels. They do loop, but you need to either play through every stage again of force quit the game during the cutscene. For Infinifactory, it's a pretty deep space management / factory puzzle game that can be seen in 2 ways. If you want to do it legit, good luck; it will take a while. Some of those later puzzles are pretty massive and have a lot of different parts to check and direct at the same time. No time estimate there. If you just want solutions and be done with it, good luck as well. There aren't that many ressources with good looks at completed designs for solutions. I think I have 2 or 3 puzzles left to do and the Youtuber I was following through has hour-long videos for the last couple of stages as he tries to figure them out. I think my playtime is around 10 hours, but even then, the research time for some of the solutions is pretty massive. Also, don't worry about doing lots of changes. You do you and I'll follow through (at some point).
  10. There technically isn't anything stopping that in the rules. I personnally am doing that by doing Life is Strange on PS3 having already done the PS4 version. Maybe wait for 100% confirmation from iXanon. just to be sure.
  11. I was able to fit in a 4th game for this event. Bakugan: Defenders of the Core Hardcore (4 Bakugan games) Started this month 4th game this month Goals for this month will be SoulCalibur VI and Lego DC Super-Villains at least. Stats at the end of September (Month/Year): Platinum trophies: 198 (+5/+36) 100% completed: 289 (+5/+47) Completion: 45.06% (+0.25%/+2%)
  12. Thank you for your time @eigen-space. Might I ask that my name be written the same as my profile (with the 2 capital letters) on the badge, because it looks weird as all lower case
  13. Put me down for 3 games currently. Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom Hardcore (Invizimals has more than 4 games across PSP, PS3 and Vita) Other Event (Gaming by Numbers) Pretty generic platformer with bad combat and too many collectables, but it was shot at least. Far Cry 5 Hardcore (Duh...) Started this month I liked this game. While it is an Ubisoft open-world game, I find those kind of chill to go through. Also, really liked the Cult stories for the villains. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Hardcore Started a year ago I still can't believe I went through the 100 hours to clear this game. I had a blast going through it and really enjoyed the story presented throughout.
  14. So I took some time and whipped up a spreadsheet for this event. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gg1Cf7ENs83TqhZR2l6zHSosMA-SFUXFG4c0Kf5rg_8/edit?usp=sharing 1st page being a summary of all participants with letter completion status (Will be checked in) and total number of games completed as well as average Plat rarity. Than, on the bottom, you can access a different page for each participant with their list of games for each letter, what console was used, 100% rarity and start and end date for the games. I do not mind being in charge of the spreadsheet for the event (I find it pretty chill to work on statistics). The spreadsheet will probably be updated every week. Feel free to chime in if you notice any errors or if more things should be tracked.
  15. This list is a mess. Problems as follow: All Customization items before end of Chapter 2 Completed every VR mission before Unlocking all of them Just accept your strike and move on before more stuff is found.