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  1. So, I think I found a game I can use for Spring Loaded, but I need a ruling check. The category description mentions getting drunk / drunk characters. Then, would Chin from King of Fighters be eligible? He's literally a drunken master style fighter and one of his special moves is drinking alcohol. Just look at him. If it fits, I'll put King of Fighters 2000 for my Spring Loaded category.
  2. Update (I won't even joke by calling it a weekly update 😅) Asura's Wrath - Man, this game is so underrated. I totally understand why some people don't like it, but it's a really good story told in an inventive way with giant set pieces. The biggest problems I would say are: A- Multiple playthroughs are required for the platinum (At least 3, but 4.5 are recommended and the playthrough are about 6-8 hours each) and B- the true ending is locked behind DLC. Life is Strange- Episode 2 done When I started the game, I really didn't know what to think. I like the idea of a teen drama game, but the characters didn't super resonate with me. But, the ending of episode 2 made me change my mind completely; I might not like Chloe, but the game is super well written nonetheless. That moment was really powerful and, even though the game has a rewind mechanic, they used it really well. Really curious to see where it goes from there.
  3. So, I will be changing my Spring Rolls selection. I started AC: Chronicles, but I'm really not into the gameplay in it so I'll switch it to one of the most underrated PS3 games out there. Sci-fi versions of Buddist and Hindu gods in an all-out war. Also, still looking for a Spring Loaded game; haven't found anything for that yet.
  4. Day 3 update: Spring Fling challenge completed... with a caveat. -Spring Chicken: LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (PS4) A really fun nostalgic tromp through an old-school LEGO game. Also no glitches happened to me, so huzzah! -Spring Break: Far Cry 3 While I think that this game doesn't control super well, especially compared to Far Cry 4, it was really fun to go through and complete this. Also, Vaas is amazing. -Spring Cleaning (Backlog): The Walking Dead Damn... This is a masterpiece. Why did I wait so long to complete this? The characters are so well written, the twists are really good and it forces you to make heart-wrenching decisions. -Easter Egg: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception It's been so long since I went back to Uncharted and it didn't age a cent. This is still one of the best action games out there; it makes you feel like it could actually be an amazing movie. While I technically completed 3 challenges and my bonus game, I started working towards them as soon as the categories were announced back in the Love Boat challenge. So I will not rest on my laurels and I shall aim for a Grand Slam; clearing all proposed challenges. Here my additional game list so far (Haven't figured out a Spring Loaded yet): -Spring Foward: Life Is Strange (PS4) As explained by a lot of people: time travel shenanigans. -Spring Rolls: Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China A stealth-platformer action game through 1526 Asia. -Spring Flowers (Nature): Flower (PS3) Bringing back the beauty of nature to the world. (Wow, this logo doesn't work at all on white backgrounds). -Spring Action: Borderlands (PS3) I still have a couple of DLC to finish off, so this will be a 100% hunt.
  5. I feel that Metal Gear Solid is the game that can fill in all requirements as well.
  6. Since I already have the Platinum, I am going for the 100%
  7. Yeah, but as a personal challenge, I'd like to see how many I can clear.
  8. My goal for the Spring Challenge will be to clear as many choices as possible. (That's mostly why I have a bunch of games mostly cleared.) Total list: -Spring Foward (Time Travel / Future): Life Is Strange (PS4) -Spring Rolls (Cooking / Asian): Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China -Spring Chicken (Young / Innocent Protagonist): Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (PS4) -Spring Loaded (Drinking / Spring Weapon): -Nothing Yet... -Spring Flowers (Nature): Flower (PS3) -Spring Cleaning (Backlog): The Walking Dead (PS3) -Spring Break (Group / Exotic): Far Cry 3 (PS3) -Spring Action (Action): Borderlands (100%) -Easter Egg: Uncharted 3 (PS4)
  9. Oh, @2G53, I just noticed I put down Lego Harry Potter for PS3 when I meant to put it down for PS4. Could you change it in your list?
  10. I'm going to participate again for sure. My starting list is as follows: -SPRING CLEANING- The Walking Dead (PS3) I started this game in December 2012 and stopped in the middle of episode 2. I think it's long due I clear this. -SPRING CHICKEN- Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (PS3) The quintessential young boy protagonist that has a huge destiny. -SPRING ACTION- Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard Badass 80's action hero wick tons of guns, violence and corny one-liners. -EASTER EGG- Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS4) The Uncharted series is always filled with nods to other Sony/Naughty Dog games but my favorite is for a game that wasn't even announced yet. In the starting level, there is a newspaper warning of a deadly fungus epidemic. This, of course, is the catalyst for the events of the next Naughty Dog game, The Last of Us.
  11. Additional proof from the session I did with @ShyLent
  12. I'll gladly help for the testing. Sent you a PM
  13. The big problem that I see with your list is All Star Missions trophies popping all at the same time which is super abnormal.
  14. Let's say that you played the game on Easy first. The story trophies are not difficulty based, so they are available on each playthrough. You got the ''A Sinister Smush'' trophy which is for the final boss fight and 50 seconds later you got the Ultra-Violence difficulty trophy which shouldn't unlock since you are currently playing on Easy, right?
  15. I will have to ask for a game change to my list. Some terrible stuff is happening at my work and I'm super not in the mood to go through a dystopian visual novel while going through that. I would like to put Saint Seiya: Soldier's Soul in my Partnership spot instead (Army of mystical soldiers working together to save their goddess). (For those that actually care, my problem is the opposite to Toogie; my direct superior just announced 2 days ago that they are leaving on medical leave for the next 3-6 months and I got a forced promotion to a post that I didn't ask for. I know maybe 60% of the work that they do, but I'll have to work double shifts for the next week or so until we can hire someone to do the work I was already doing. It's not great.)