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  1. Took advantage of the earlier start date and completed 2 games. Yakuza 5 took 140 hours, but it's finally done. All my thoughts about it are written down in the ABC thread. The other completed game is Scribblenauts Showdown and it's a pretty meh game. It's basically a mini-game collection that are really limited with a weird Mario Party-ish mode and a tiny classic Sccriblenauts side mode. It's really short and a real grind to complete. Played some more games of Wheel of Fortune and was able to clear up all of the luck-based trophies (only 5 tries in 3 hours to get the million!) and now only need to grind out the remaining 40ish games.
  2. 5 people, 1 platinum trophy Yakuza 5 (PS3) It's been a while since my last completion, but I finally cleared the longest time sink I had envisioned for this event. After 140 hours, Yakuza 5 is finally completed. The Yakuza games are open-world action/fighting games. The open world portion plays like most JRPG: go around the multiple cities talking to people, doing sidequests, playing minigames and battling in random encounters. The encounters themselves are played as 3D beat-'em-ups: comboing basic attacks and unleashing pretty spectacular finishing moves. This series is also known for their focus on expansive stories first and foremost. This specific chapter of the series encompasses the lives of 5 different protagonists. Kazuma Kiryu, the sole protagonist of the first 3 games, a legendary yakuza who is currently in hiding as a taxi driver to distance himself from his adopted daughter. Taiga Saejima, one of the protagonists of Yakuza 4, is going back to jail (after he escaped in Yakuza 4) to atone for his crimes. Haruka Sawamura, the adopted daughter of Kiryu and main plot point of the first game, is entering the harsh world of idols. Shun Akiyama, one of the protagonists of Yakuza 4, is opening a new moneylanding office. Finally, Tatsuo Shinada, a newcomer to the series, is investigating the baseball sign stealing scandal he was dragged into. Over the course of the game, there are multiple revelations and plot twists and it's a really good story to go through if you don't mind it being a bit cheesy and are able to muster through the Saejima chapter (the weakest part). The big difficulty for the platinum was the 100% completion list which is pretty expansive, though not too difficult. The only minigames that are really hard are Darts (until you can figure out the timings), pool (inconsistant physics), pachinko (luck-based) and batting center (timng is really strict). The other parts that I thought would be difficult, the Climax Battles and Extra Hard playthrough, were actually really easy to go through. The Climax Battles are really easy except for maybe one or two, especially compared to Yakuza 0 and the secondary playthrough can be cheesed with the Golden Gun in maybe 5 hours. Overall, it's a pretty good game, but not as good as Yakuza 0 which is still the recommended starting point if you're interested in the series. This brings my total to 11/27 for the event. Not sure what I'll be going for next, but it will definitively be shorter.
  3. User removed themselves from the website, so this can be closed.
  4. Figured out 1 of my missing categories. For Cook With Me, I'll be choosing Coffee Talk; a barista simulator (so Ultra). I'll also be changing my Bond With Me game to LEGO Marvel's Avengers (PS4) due to the inclusion of, at least, the Maximoff twins (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver) (also an Ultra). Still haven't decided what to pick for the Craft category as I don't see any game I could overlap with my current ABC challenge. Will probably select something after the start date. Also @Rune_Crys, could you add a link to the spreadsheet in the intro so it dosen't get lost in all the pages?
  5. Please write the reason for the flag, so we can analyse the situation correctly. At a quick glance, the trials trophy are close, but I don't know if they are known to glitch or not. I do have a question on how you got the trophy for all Fatalities and Brutalities 10 minutes before getting your first Brutality.
  6. My list is almost complete; only 2 categories that I don't have any idea what to pick currently (it's really annoying that I can't search trophy descriptions, only their names). COOK - Nothing currently and no idea DANCE - Yakuza 5 - PS3/NA (Ultra) Karaoke + Haruka's job as an idol CRAFT - Can't find anything right now HANGOUT - Scribblenauts Showdown (Ultra) Four's A Crowd trophy READ - Steins;Gate - PS3/NA (Ultra) All Worldlines Complete trophy LEARN - Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Ultra) Fully Loaded trophy GET READY - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - PS3 (Ultra) Fashionista trophy SOLVE - Q.U.B.E. 2 (Ultra) QUBE is a first-person puzzle game ala Portal and Quantum Conundrum STAY/WATCH - Project Cars 2 (Ultra) Considering the Plat is Ultra Rare, I'd assume it counts. BOND - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (Ultra) Sam and a spoiler epilogue character are playable and part of Nathan's family. WORKOUT - Fit in Six (Ultra) Playstation Move fitness game FIGHT - River City Girls (Ultra) Beat-'em up in the Kunio universe. TRAVEL - Assassin's Creed: Revelations - PS4 (Ultra) AC games are open-world games. GAME - Wheel of Fortune - PS3/Plat (Ultra) Stupid million dollar trophy... Only 2 categories missing games as of right now. With the addition of Move exercice game, which I legit forgot I owned some, I might be able to do a full Ultra... if I can find some games for the missing categories.
  7. May I ask how you completed all challenges (Giant Accomplishment) without collecting all the intel (High IQ)? Looking at the challenge list, the intel are part of the level challenges. Also, it looks like you didn't complete the Strike missions which also have challenges related to them.
  8. Fixed it. For the X game though, I had noted that you still needed to complete Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight to complete the letter; is that incorrect?
  9. That's a really interesting set of challenges. I would also like to join this event. My list will be up later as I need to coordinate my selection with my curret challenge to see if I can overlap anything. (Shame that I can't Ultra Challenge everything since I don't own a PSVR...)
  10. Update on my side: Way less than usual. Still chipping in on Yakuza 5. I'm at the final checkpoint before the final confrontation, but I want to clear as much of the 100% beforehand (currently at 73%). Took a break from it though for an event on another site. Will keep my review when I'm totally finished with the game, but currently, it's good, but not great. Spreadsheet update. As usual, if there's any mistakes, send me a message. You will also notice some names are in Gold on the summary page. These people haven't done anything for the first 3 months, so I will be checking them less often as I don't think they're still interested in this event. Otherwise, it's good to see the people that are still here to complete more games. God Speed to all!
  11. Completed my final games for the event a while ago, but never posted about them... oops. Decided on and completed God of War 2 for Gym. Completed FF7 for Minigames. Completed Va-11 Hall-A for Job. Completed Senran Kagura for School. Which brings me to 10/10 for completion. Thanks again for Eigen and Jens for another awesome event.
  12. Adding 2 more completions to my list. I have complicated feelings about Final Fantasy VII. While I can totally see this game being a really big deal for a lot of people, I was personally dissapointed by it. I felt the story was only okay at the end of Disc 1 and, while some huge events happened in disc 2, some characters basically dissapered from the story and left me wanting a lot more out of them. For every character that gets more character developpement (like Tifa or Cid), some characters basically do nothing for the rest of the story (both secret characters and Barrett). The ending of the game is honestly really poor and the grind required for the Plat was really boring and removed all challenge from the end boss and put it in the secret bosses. At least, I still enjoyed the Materia system overall. On the other side of the coin, I had an amazing time with Va-11 Hall-A. While some people will always dunk on Visual Novel games, I'm someone who's more interested in the story and universe of a game than the actual gameplay. This game, while really short, has so much character and charm! The gameplay loop is basically deciphering the orders that customers make and serving them an appropriate drink, but the actual hook of the game is interacting with all of the wacky personalities that frequent this bar. This game is a really big reccomendation from me. Especially for the people that played 2048 as it features guest characters from it. Since I'm now over the average time for my challenge (For 27 letters, the average being 9 games every 4 months), I will attack one of my big boy games, aka the super long ones. I have 3 games scheduled to take over 80 hours each: Project Cars 2, Nier and Yakuza 5. I think I'll be attacking the biggest one first, so It will probably be a full month before I can report my next completion of Yakuza 5.
  13. Could you please put in what the report says? Because I took a quick check through the games and the only thing I saw that was strange were the Bioshock weapon upgrades earned backwards from all to 3 15-ish seconds apart. In GTA and CoD, I'm noot seeing anything flagrant.
  14. Been 2 weeks since my last update, and I added 1 completion to my list. Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late is a pretty good anime fighter that is simple enough to learn, espcially with Auto-Combo, but has enough depth and speed to be really enjoyable. As far as the Plat is concerned, the big hurdles are a couple of combo characters (though nothing on the level of MvC3), survival mode (Cheesable, but still) and finding an online partner for 1 match. Still, it's a definite recommendation. I've also been playing through FF7 for the first time and just finished Disc 1 and so far... I'm divided. I can totally see why this game is held aloft as a masterpiece, but I don't personally think it has stood the test of time that well. I feel that the story is pretty lacking and the character development is pretty terrible. Still, I like the gameplay and Materia mechanics and maybe the story picks up in the 2nd half.
  15. Let's look at a couple of things: -Game was played offline: Should still have a date and time for earning the trophies even if you're playing online. The only exception would be on the first startup before setting a time and connecting to the internet, but even then they would be Missing Timestamp. -Even if if would be that way, I find it weird that you get a bunch of trophies extremely close together, but only get the Training trophy 20 minutes later. I think the flag should stay unless you have a better explanation.