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  1. Is it just me or the quick draw event is glitched. I can't seem to enter the slow mo quick draw. The kid keeps committing suicide and my gun won't come out of the holster. So sad to see him die countless times.
  2. vita is dead to hardcore vita has been collecting dust for years now. 3000 version sounds good but if there are no AAA titles or games from well known developers, than there is no reason to purchase it. I can easily play indie titles on my pc or my tablet/phone.
  3. good luck bro. This trophy is extremely hard, one wrong move and you are back to the start. Here is a tip. When you are close to enemies use melee and dodge. When enemies are close to vehicles, use bullet dodge and shoot the engines. I pretty much gave up on this trophy as it will take couple of hours to memorise the enemy movements and level layout and then another 3-5hrs to actually beat the game in one sitting.
  4. 1. black flag 2. rogue were the best in the series in my opinion followed by ezios saga, altair and connor, unity and liberation. i didn't like unity one bit, it was awful, i missed whistling and other functions that made the games good. I just hope victory uses rogues mechanics and not unity
  5. i for one hate the trophy system. It shouldn't exist. Ever since they implemented that system people are just losing it.....i use to don't care about it but ever since i joined psnp and seen that others have gotten more trophies than me, i have been addicted to 100% every single game. Sometime it just pisses me off because my profile looks pathetic and i got so many 0% and E and F class. i think sony should implement a new system that enables players to rename their i.ds and delete trophies that you find lame. Also split multiplayer and dlc trophies so it doesn't affect the completion...or completely remove the multiplayer and dlc trophies or even implement straight to the base game and make every dlc free also this will reduce all the trophy hacks people are using these days to cheat
  6. Ok Lets make a list of all the standalone titles or dlc game expansion for ps3/ps4/ps vita Far cry 3 : Blood dragon Assassins creed 4 : freedom cry Last of us : Left behind Infamous : Festival of blood Infamous : First light Grand theft auto : Episodes from the liberty city Assassins creed 3 : The tyranny of king washington Batman arkham origins : Cold cold heart Shadow of mordor : Lord of hunt Far cry 4 : Valley of the yetis Assassins creed : Dead kings Assassins creed chronicles : China There are more, so please let me know what else to put there.
  7. nope still down
  8. Australia is down
  9. 1. don't wait for pagan at the beginning. 2. side with amita and kill every douchebag 4. at the end side with sabal because that way bandra is alive and all the traitors die.. 5. kill pagan... that moron is not a good villain....vaas was actually more better .. I still haven't finished it yet but i'm enjoying every bit of the game. Basicly i found it better than the rest of the far cry series apart from the villain
  10. Not really...i have never platinumed a game which had more than 2 multiplayer trophies....i actually hardly play multiplayer, apart from the last of us factions (it was worth platinuming) multiplayer and co-op trophies should be dlc packs and i hate it when it's all together. Sometimes i just wish i had cfw so i could just cheat all my multiplayer trophies instead of wasting time getting it legit. Seriously no point playing it when you're constantly getting disconnected and the trophy goal is unrealistic.
  11. Yea i agree. If you read my first comment you will see i was just giving an example of what they can do with the franchise. I'm not trying to offend anyone. They can go ahead and name the game Zombie jeebus : The Resurrection of vengeance, for all i care, and people will still play it. lol
  12. i love trophies... If it's free, even better. I really don't like paying for stuff. Yea it's free for 14 days here too. But to get that you have to enter your bank details. I really don't trust sony with my bank details, given their previous history of getting hacked. lol's a forum ain't it, and there wasn't any previous thread about this......sooooooooooooooo
  13. US free to play on Australian account. Feeling like a boss those trophies. 1. Create a US account 2. Download using that account 3. Play on your main account It's so easy....i can't believe i didn't think of this ages ago.
  14. Dude the entire God of war franchise is offensive to Greeks. Don't be a poopyhead because i speak a little heebajaaba about one of the mythological figures. If people can't handle the truth, it's their problem.
  15. I love the original trilogy, but hate Ascension, Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus. If there is a new God of war for PS4, i hope they change the title to something like The End of all gods or long as it's got nothing to do with God of war. Add a new characters, possibly a unknown descendant of Kratos from the modern era. And this time we get to kill jesus and other made up things. A modern day story would be great, They could even make the new character travel back in time to stop kratos from defeating the douchebags because it's destroying the the world in the present time. It's would be a great start at rebooting the story and retelling it again, but this time everything is happening differently.