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  1. Agreed, I did the math last night and got the 75% trophy after finishing off the Slig Barracks (that's a brutal level to 100% with that stupid elevator), right when I should have done. I think there are 93 platinum badges overall, so work out your %ages based on that if you feel the need to. Something like 1.07% per platinum badge.
  2. My understanding from Powerpyx is that it's not bugged, but its description is misleading. Apparently the %score is against Platinum badges only. E.g 50% of Platinum Badges give you that trophy. I guess it just doesn't count Bronze, Silver or Gold towards the tally at all. Can anyone vouch for this?
  3. I'm curious on this one too. It's my first dip into SMT and i'm going in completely blind (purely for my newfound love of Persona and ATLUS in general) - would be nice to get a view on difficulty from those more experienced.
  4. PERSONA 5 Orignal. Worth every minute.
  5. Thanks Quink, I'll give it a go and see how I get on. It just makes me a little uneasy playing the game, so I'll probably cycle several save files as a fallback in case more problems arise.
  6. Has anyone experienced this? Each time I try to Enter Gates of Hell following the flashback mini boss on Chapter 2, the game falls on its ass. Reloading the game from the PS4 dashboard doesnt fix this, implying the problem is now stuck in my save file somewhere, meaning I cant get rid of it. Now I'm put off from playing further without a patch or workaround... I'd hate something like this to occur late game, and I'd really be against avoiding using Gates of Hell altogether.