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  1. Hi everyone. Has anyone noticed they're getting far better odds with the Lottery for trinkets in Sunbreak? I'm around 150 MR kills in, and I've bagged 8 of them, including the Shogun Ceanataur statue which I heard is troublesome for some players. That's a FAR higher frequency than I was seeing in the base game. Just wondered if there's a common opinion, or if I'm just getting very lucky. OR... is it just because the pool of trinket prizes in the lottery is bigger, and in fact my odds are just going to get worse with each one collected? Either way I'm happy about it!
  2. Yes, I find this irritating too. Such a simple device already implemented in World - so why not just leave it in? Instead you get that false hope message of "Largest/Smallest size updated" and then the impending let down of a silver close-but-not-close-enough crown when you go to check.
  3. Whilst I'm disappointed at the lack of an independent list and secondary platinum, I'll take this. I'm more relieved than anything, that they at least included the full set of awards - i.e 51 trophies. If they had reduced Sunbreak to a smattering of 15 bronze and silver DLC trophies, I think I would have been far more upset. On the plus side, if the Steam guides are to be believed, then 1000 MR kills also contributes to 1000 Rise kills trophy. So having only killed 450 monsters in Rise, this is gonna save me circa 550 kills. Though I'm more worried about the lottery RNG to be honest. But with that all said, I just love the game, so I'll carry on regardless. Happy hunting all of you.
  4. Oh sorry, not at all. Just an admission I was wrong. Happy days.
  5. Wow I did not know this! Then I take it back - kudos to Capcom.
  6. It's not just you - I'm not looking forward to it either. I seem to have a problem with aiming in this game as it is (discussed on another thread). Makes me want to play it on Wii.
  7. He's absolutely right about the Specimen Storage room technically speaking, from what I've seen both online, and from Twitch streamers - it's a soft lock. If you enter that room in a critical state, with no means to heal (which I have seen first hand), Leon's movement speed is insufficient to reach the gate in time. Self-imposed or not, it's still a problem that needs a patch. Soft-locks shouldn't be a thing in 2023.
  8. Thanks all of you for your thoughts and suggestions. I'll persist and tinker with the settings, but its good to know I'm not imagining it all. Really appreciated!
  9. Guys I'm really struggling with the aiming in this game. I'm an average player, managed all Uncharted games on Crushing etc etc. But when it comes to lining up shots something just feels off. Either not enough movement when aiming, or too much and I over shoot my direction. I'm not dying or anything, but fights are a bit messy and I feel like I'm watching an 8 year old play. I'm left handed anyway, so right-thumb aiming is awkward for me personally, but I wondered if anyone else feels the same, or if I just suck that bad. I've read alot online about Xbox control issues.
  10. Absolutely - but I'm hopeful. Maybe 80% confident they'll repeat what they did with Iceborne. But yeah I'm doing the same. Grinding out 50 Rampages right now (it's exhausting), then leaving 1000 kills, Sturdy Padlock and Crowns (10% Large, 6% Small apparently) for Sunbreak. Natural play has left me with 22 out of around 86 crowns. 160 hours in and I can feel the burnout coming so good time for a break. See you online for the Capcom presentation!
  11. Hey everyone! For anyone who isn't aware, it looks as though the 1000 kills in Rise and 1000 MR kills in Sunbreak are NOT mutually exclusive. If you're looking to complete both when Sunbreak release, I recommend waiting. Example: You have 400 kills in Rise Sunbreak releases and you get 600 Master Rank kills in Sunbreak You will pop the 1000 kills trophy for base-game Rise at this point, leaving you with 400 more Master Rank kills for the Sunbreak trophy - 1400 kills overall, saving you 600 kills in time and effort. I can't state outright this is how it will work on PS5 since Sunbreak isn't released and I'm working from assumptions. However, this has been verified and confirmed by the Steam community for the PC version. Note: it's NOT a two-way street. You'll need 1000 MR kills regardless. I hope this helps anyone, who like me, is in it for the long haul. Also PLAY THE LOTTERY. Lots. Popular opinion is it could take longer to bag those trinkets than it can to get all crowns depending on RNG.
  12. Yeah totally. I mean it's not a complaint, and I'll just adapt - I did with the DS original. More of a nice-to-have, but can't wait to get stuck in either way... if I ever finish Monster Hunter, that is.
  13. Having experienced the demo, this was so much fun to play! But... does anyone feel like it would feel more natural to have the notes moving right-to-left with the prompts on the left side of the screen? Or is that just my left-handed brain? Seems like an option that could be very easily added?
  14. Does anyone have a clue on cost for P3 and P4? The UK Store still has no prices set, despite being 2 days from release.
  15. Man, I love this guy. Great guide as always!