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  1. Hello, yesterday i updated my profile and since then i only see PS5 Trophys on my account. all my Trophies / Stats / History from PS3/PS4/VR is vanished. even my level and ranks is all different now. does anyone had this happen before or know how to fix this? Update Profile again did not help. Edit: i see now my profile says something like 5000 hidden trophies. i will check FAQ how to fix it..
  2. The card was bugged for me as well. Started a new file and got all in 3,5 hours.
  3. As someone who just 100% completed olliolli 1+2 the last few days i really look forward this. I dont expect the difficulty to be higher then olliolli2 but i guess there might be more to do with all the challenges / masteries. Will be a fun plat for sure
  4. I would not recommend this method. I think the grind for 50 sth cars might take you longer than grinding in private lobbies. It took me about 7 or 8 hours only to get all the sths once.
  5. I was able to get every car using this method. Got the platinum and all cars now
  6. keep on buying boxes until you maybe find one. i've opened over a hundred already and dont have one yet.
  7. around 4,5-4,8k per hour when you can get 70g all 50sec/1min - depends on how quick you are between races with finding and selecting the map.
  8. You can use them as cosmetics in the main game! abilities does not carry over.
  9. 152 so far. Infallible done (legit way without quitting games), working on buying out the shop right now.
  10. Im at 98 wins now. After taking a 2 week break from the game and switching to a Monitor i win a lot of games lately. Also finaly got my 5win streak today without quiting a show. 1x royal fumble, 3x hexagone, 1x fall mountain. Now i can play without having this trophy in mind
  11. Level 40 - 51 Wins. Still need Infallible, always tried to to them legit in a row. got a lot of 2 Streaks and a few 3 Streaks. Maybe i try the leave method on weekend to get it faster.
  12. My bad, that one is in track 2. Right After Checkpoint 7 go right and always stay right till you get to the resting point!
  13. Hey, any idea how you got this trophy?



    i tried everything, just can't get it done^^

  14. i can let you know today in the afternoon when i am at home!
  15. To answer my question. Two are on map 1 between Checkpoint 1 and 2, and between 5 and 6 One is in map 3 between Checkpoint 2 and 3 (very near to Checkpoint 3) One is in map 4 between Checkpoint 6 and the Goal.