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  1. Rainbow Moon Trisha Acquire Trisha
  2. Rainbow Moon Sarrothrod's Rescuer Help Sarrothrod in the Southport Mines to escape from the dungeon and return to Cassar Village.
  3. 34. Been playing since I was about 5. I remember being really good at Duck Hunt.
  4. #18 Persona 4 Dancing All Night
  5. Persona 4 Dancing All Night Lapidary Obtained all accessories
  6. Persona 4 Dancing All Night Perfectionist 50%+ Perfect clear on HARD track or higher
  7. Persona 4 Dancing All Night I Am Thou, Thou Art I Completed the Database.
  8. My backlog suffers, too, but for different reasons. I keep a lot of different games going at once. Sometimes I get excited to try out something new and forget the older ones, so my percentage of even beat games is pretty low. But I've learned long ago to just go where my interests are. If I beat it, I beat it. If I don't...I still have fun with my slow progress. I can get burnt out of doing one thing for too long really quickly, and than I might not touch it again for over a year.
  9. Persona 4 Dancing All Night Bond Dancers, Go!
  10. Persona 5 Passionate Listener Hear 250 of Futaba's navigation lines.
  11. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments Bruiser Beat Cairns in a fight. Since I got PS Plus back, time for a clean-up.
  12. #17 Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 And a new fastest platinum!
  13. Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Collector's Dream Complete the Bonus Level
  14. Do they all count? Cause I'm not good at horror games in general unless they're very pixelated. I get immersed in games too easily and I'm not good under stress. Fatal Frame, though, is my biggest nope game. It's also my favorite horror series. I have the first three on my PS3. Tried the first one. When my fear doesn't get me, Blinded Maiden makes me ragequit. Have managed to beat Spirit Camera, however. Twice. It puts you in your own environment and takes out a lot of the creepy atmosphere, so it's not very tense for me.
  15. Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Avid Reader Use a Quibbler dispenser 25 times