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  1. Tokyo Tattoo Girls. It even lies about part of the gameplay in the tutorial. It says Turf Wars always end in a battle when you click them on the map. No. Majority of the time, you just lose honor without a battle and what honor you get back for doing good things doesn't at all make up for what you lose to the randomness of the game. I could enjoy it if not for that. It is impossible to deal with the randomness.
  2. Spyro The Dragon Scrap Metal Defeat all Tin Soldiers
  3. Spyro The Dragon I Believe It's Time For Me To Fly Complete Wild Flight without touching the ground.
  4. Spyro The Dragon Launch Date Jump off every Supercharge ramp in Tree Tops. God, I find this level obnoxious. Nothing like getting down to one life trying to navigate all four ramps to reach that last dragon and still not get it.
  5. Spyro The Dragon Gatherer Collect 400 gems in Blowhard
  6. - Skyrim. Both on multiple characters and by owning it on two platforms. - Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare. - Theresia: Dear Emile on DS. - Saints Row The Third and IV by owning them on two platforms. From the top of my head and since being an adult who can buy their own games.
  7. Spyro The Dragon Bird Brained Charge a vulture
  8. Spyro The Dragon Hop, Skip, And Jump Find the hidden entrance to Sunny Flight
  9. Bioshock Infinite Should Auld Acquaintance... Unlocked 1999 Mode. I hate how I get burned out and/or easily distracted right at the very end...
  10. World of Final Fantasy A New Challenger Won your first Coliseum battle.
  11. World of Final Fantasy Sweet Revenge Defeated your first murkrift Mirage.
  12. Tokyo Tattoo Girls Chocho A Rank Cleared Cleared Chocho with A Rank.
  13. Tokyo Tattoo Girls Missionary Work! Used Kayako's special command 10 times.
  14. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Standing Room Only Filled all Farm Islands with Digimon.
  15. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Reached the Ending See you tomorrow!