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  1. Both and a friend of mine & I were booted offline when we rubberbanded the R2. What do you set to turbo to not getting kicked?
  2. It’s 25 or 30 fatalities per character. krpyt is online, so, uninstalling the game, reinstalling without the patch won’t work. you can boost it in MP rooms. Get a partner and 1v1 it. 👍
  3. 10 heads opens the main room. 14 opens upstairs All the heads opens the side room. Noobs chest, if I remember correctly, is in the side room, back corner.
  4. The gift was for the bad payouts in the ToT. They aren’t / weren’t that difficult.
  5. Im sorry about that. This one is 2 fighters only. 37h45m left.
  6. Just get 2 others, trophy should pop when the match starts. you don’t need to defeat the boss. theres a boss up now btw. Think for another 60hrs or so
  7. Did it pop already and you didn’t catch it? my spear 50 bodies popped in the middle of a tower. These trophies aren’t to on point. if it didn’t pop, try running a klassic tower with the AI.
  8. Mine didn’t pop at 50. Went back in did a few more, nothing. Sitting at 58. Did a Tower of Time, popped in the middle of a match.
  9. Defeat an opponent as Bug-Vorah. this could be a cat call type trophy. Don’t disregard that. Doesn’t make it difficult, but, when you say “cat call”, people tend to cringe. Other than that, tutorials and 250 towers look to be the most difficult. Geez. No ridiculous online trophies really, which is good and bad.
  10. I just won Head to Head ranked in all 5 locations... casino kleaners (laundry) meat locker renegade (biker bar) diamond suite ...no trophy. FFFF
  11. For the Octavia Quest, use Slow Nova. You'll destroy the Sentients in the blink of an eye. just use a ranged primary and secondary. As far as the trophies go, there are a ton more steam (even unobtainable ones) and more XB Achievements. DE wanted SONY to change the trophy policy. So, don't expect trophies to stop.
  12. xmen origins: wolverine
  13. white knight chronicles
  14. warhawk lost planet 2 sacred 2 unreal tournament 3 white knight chronicles ill pick...... warhawk.