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  1. I did update it last night, I did hunt him 3 times. My research is at 3 out of 4 stars for him. Photos of my guild card
  2. Dont know if the phd trophy requires Jho , but I can confirm for the gold crown trophies Jho is not needed. Just got my platinum after finally getting my last 2 big and small gold crown
  3. I have done everything in this game but the jump rope. Over the years since the original release and future runs I have played, its the only thing I never could accomplish, so I think its time to finally cross that of my list and get closure.
  4. New Dissidia yes FF for vita yes please Multiplayer FF on Vita HELL NO! as a long time FF14 player PEOPLE SUCK AND HOLD ME BACK >
  5. You... you believe your son is safe... I will find him. I will reclaim what you have taken from us! I will find him. I will find him, Lara. I WILL FIND HIM!

    1. Demigod


      Well that escalated rather quickly.

  6. Jus got the platinum for Drakengard 3, i was putting the games off for a while but finaly sat down and finished it up. I also did the DLC. I really enjoyed the game, it was a nice change of pace from what i was doing before.

    1. Nightstream88


      congrats on getting it

  7. So i finished P.T. and thanks to a little non spoilere help from the internet managed to stay completly out of the loop. So when i finally saw the trailer i went crazy with execitment. Hideo Kojima+Gillermo del Toro+ Norman Reedus gonna be fun

    1. ocstat


      Didn't play it personally but my buddy downloaded it and we got through about half before I had to take off. Was that some scary shit or what?

    2. Solid_phantom


      I had my Sony Gold Headphones on and tuned it to the horror settings in channel 2 , yeah it was pretty spooky

  8. Just got ending D in Drakengard 3, which means the Platinum trophy is finaly obtainable, the rythem boss fight was tricky.

    1. wiebeamalur
    2. Nightstream88


      congrats on getting it. I wasn't sure if I was going to get that platinum or not either due to that final boss

    3. Kuzagi_PT


      How good and how long is that game?

  9. Injustice PS4 Platinum!!!!!!!!!!! The nightmare is over

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    2. snakebit10
    3. Solid_phantom


      Thanks im thinking of finishing Drakengard 3 quick and jumping into Tales of Xillia and then Xillia 2 when it comes out



      Thats awesome.

  10. Well Lvl 100 in injustice PS4 only thing left is THE MAX and i will have a injustice platinum... would have had it already if it wasnt for those meddling kinds and there dog :) internet cookies for those who got the reference

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Dog might be scooby doo refrence.

  11. Battle mode Impossible completed, only battle mode The Max left for Injustice PS4, then an overnighter spamming interactlebles to get the last few levels for 100 and the platinum trophy on PS4. Lol it will match my PS3 version from a year ago

  12. Just got 720 stars in Injustice PS4 Star Labs.Only thing left is to pull a overnighter whilre spamming interactables and beating Impossible and The Max (any tips on the max that work on PS4?)Guess its time to train with Grundy.

    1. supabaron


      It will be fine, trust me.

    2. WuTangJase-


      nice one youre almost there

    3. Solid_phantom


      Well the game gave me the line up i wanted, but freaking Batman had to screw it all up, why give an AI 100%input read that lead up to 35 or 40% combos, hell even worse why give them a freaking counter move :(

  13. Getting trew the Max on Injustice PS4 is getting rediculous , cant cheap my way out and delete the patch, AI reading my inputs and making me his bitch

  14. So after about 12 hours of grinding interactables manually in Injustice PS4 i jumped from lvl45 to 87 (14419860exp). Im gonna give it a break so the console can cool down a bit. LOTR and Hobbit are next (currently 10 min into LOTR1)

  15. pressing r1 spamming interactables, racking up points in Injustice PS4, doing it manually sucks.When i did it on ps3 last year i had a turbo controller do it for me while i slept. Well at least im up to date on Legend of Korra and Beware the Batman, i guess Hulk Agent of Smash and Attack on Titan are next, the the Hobbit and Lord of the Ring movies... gona be a long night