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  1. Mindjack- I saw the game at my local Dollar General for 5 bucks. After 10 minutes i realized that the game was trashed but decided to beat it anyways.
  2. #79 Dark Souls 2 (PS3 ) I have mixed feelings about this game. On one hand I enjoyed the weapon variety, the lore is entertaining and the pvp is some of the best in the series. On the other, enemy layouts are designed to be ganky and in some cases don't make sense, half the bosses in the game are a complete joke and all the weapons in Drangleic feel like their made of glass because of weapon durability. All in all the game is easily the weakest in the series by a decent margin Difficulty 6/10 Enjoyment 7/10
  3. Dark Souls and FF7.
  4. If someone is willing to drop a pure bladestone for me, I'll be willing to help in any way. soul level is 235
  5. The Keyblade vs the Rebellion, I'm willing to see which is better. Come at me!
  6. Super Metroid- A staple SNES title, a classic to play and a way to wipe the taste of Federation Force from your mouth. Super Punch-Out!!- While it lacks the charm the original or the Wii version has, it's still enjoyable.
  7. If I remember correctly, It was either Dante's Inferno or Brutal Legends.
  8. I got the Battlefront bundle.
  9. Lego Dark Souls.
  10. I took my name from the Dark Knight Sparda from Devil May Cry but upon seeing darkknightsparda taken, I did the next best thing and thus use devil instead of sparda. I believe I used the number 2 to because the name rolled off the tongue better than darkknightdevil1.
  11. As many people have stated, the checkpoints for 2 are fairly scarce and in some cases dying near the end of an area will set back at the beginning of the mission. My advice is be patient and try to plan ahead so you don't get setback 20-30 min. 3 on the other is more manageable and forgiving. the vehicle controls for 3 are much tighter than 2.
  12. You're much better than I am to beat him on the first attempt. I believe it took me around 2 hours to beat him and the only I even won because the augur of ebriatas makes two of the bosses in the dlc easy as pie.
  13. I've platted CSI Fatal Conspiracy, so if you could bump me up to fourteen.
  14. I really do enjoy action games, more specifically the hack & slash sub-genre.
  15. I really enjoyed Asura's Wrath and really do hope for a sequel.
  16. In my honest opinion, GoT was one their weaker games. I've never shown interest in the show or the book series, so my knowledge of the lore is minimal at best and the game itself didn't appeal to me. The PS3 version in particular runs like garbage every time a big fight scene happens. I will at the very say that it isn't as bad the Jurassic Park game from a couple years back.
  17. I've been meaning to try Mad Max for a while so this a perfect opportunity.
  18. I feel like one of the reasons this game gets hated on is because of the fact that reboots aren't exactly popular. To my knowledge, The last time Capcom rebooted one of their franchises was Bionic Commando and that didn't turn out well for Grin or Capcom.
  19. Tekken Revolution was an alright game, as was Spartacus Legends.
  20. Hank Hill from KOTH wearing a variation of Sora's outfit from Kingdom Hearts.
  21. Overwatch CE
  22. Overwatch.
  23. Dead Island Riptide.
  24. Well sign me up for Overwatch friendship train. psn is darkknightdevil2
  25. This is incredible man. Thanks.