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  1. tried to get Ear Protection Recommended today and it looks like that the last patch broke it nothing i tried worked
  2. i instaled the game again today and came across this thread its still up on steam so i dont know whats going on with the ps4 version. so when the game finished instaling and updating i couldnt find a way to download the dlc from the library of the ps5 or the site from the looks of it the ps5 auto fetched it after the patch downloaded but this is meshed up if you cant even see the dlc as an item and choose to instal it if someone else manages to contact the company plz keep us posted on whats going on
  3. i did the trophy for the max difficulty with randoms and everything else solo so yes i dont know how the population is these days so you may need to find a boosting group for the VS matches but in general everything is soloable or just jump in random matches in the begining with randoms and get progress while you enjoy the game
  4. use the same character the rep gains from the story line is minor compered to the tite you have to spend to level up again to 20 and do all the quest again by the end they will be just 4-5 days worth of dailys apart
  5. i did the speed run a few days ago and it was a pain (but not as much pain as the level speedruns for sonic forces i did after) The only tip i can give is to have a pc or laptop nearby and download Livesplit its the stop watch speedruners use on streams. Start the time after the first cutscene and you can have a live feedback on how much time you have left and decide if you want to restart. This will save you time on completing runs that are already lost and keep in mind that loading screens dont count so if you are near the end and you already hit 35 mins on Livesplit you should have around 3 more minutes.
  6. i recently got the ps4 boxed version and i was able to get the ps5 version too via a cross gen upgrade so 2 easy platinums for 1. so i can confirm that it works! there was no information about it before the release about it sadly and held back for a bit before i got it and maybe more did the same.
  7. if you can save mid level like in doom 3 on ps3 then the trophies that require beating levels on nightmare are doable and the platinum will be a breeze and a really enjoyable one to get
  8. just for anyone that has the same question in the future phase1 : use the oposite sword element and parry the boss phase 2 : reflect the fireballs back at him and then hit him when he is down and stuned phase 3 : reflect the small projectile balls back to the boss and while he is moving into possition to start casting them do charged sword attacks usually you have time for only one just dont get too greedy with reflecting his projectiles try to avoid most of them magic attacks for this fight are not needed when i killed the boss for the first time i only used the magic explosion at the end of phase 3 just to take away what little health he had left but i could have easily just continue to use sword attacks to finish him off
  9. i dont know if there was a patch at some point ( im using the EU version) but i picked this game up again to 100% it about 2 months ago and everything worked fine. just keep in mind that 100% even for the base game is a huge pain in the ass the dlc just add even more to the frustration
  10. isgardian restoration is by far the fastest and safest way go into diadem with your miner and gather as much grade 4 iron ore as you can return to isgard for the npc to aprrove your mats and craft the lvl 20 recipies for the restoration effort they all count as collectables. you will need to have atleast 236 CP be lvl 26 and use this macro /ac "Inner Quiet" <wait.2> /ac "Waste Not" <wait.2> /ac "Basic Touch" <wait.3> /ac "Basic Touch" <wait.3> /ac "Basic Touch" <wait.3> /ac "Innovation" <wait.2> /ac "Basic Touch" <wait.3> /ac "Basic Touch" <wait.3> /ac "Basic Touch" <wait.3> /ac "Basic Touch" <wait.3> /ac "Veneration" <wait.2> /ac "Basic Synthesis" <wait.3> /e Craft Complete <se.9> this method can help you level any crafter you wish the macro stays the same obly the mats may change and the lvl 20 recipies may get you to lvl 55 to 60 just by farming them for the collectibles trophy just make sure to change you crafter from time to time if they need to level up so you dont waste mats and xp if one of your crafters over levels. keep in mind that if they add more restoraton phases in the future the grade of the mats will increase or the recipies may change but the general idea will be the same for leveling and collectable farming.
  11. can you get a free ps5 upgrade like in other games if you have the ps4 version? on exophase there are trophy lists for both ps4 and ps5 so if we can get both versions its an extra plat for free.
  12. update time! i have a wierd behavior i started the game and on the first lock you find in the game that the tutorial asks you to lockpick for some reason R2 did not register i switched to a ps3 controller picked the lock tured off the ps3 controller and pluged the ps5 controller back with the cable and for some reason on the next lock that you need to pick (a door) the ps5 controller worked perfectly so if for some reason your ps5 controler doent registe R2 use this trick and i hope that from then on the ps5 controller will work fine something that came to my mind just now if for some reason your ps5 controller doent work it may need to be updated to the latest controller firmware
  13. so just loaded the game up to do a new run and start clearing the trophies and i have good news i dont know about the ps4 controller but for some reason the ps5 controller works perfectly i can only hope that it will so the same for lord of shadows after i will continue the game and if i find anything that goes wrong with the ps5 controller i will update here if i dont it means that it works fine with it
  14. i was playing the EU vertion and this just happend to me the boss hit me and i fell through the floor from the looks of it it can happen at any point during this boss fight. if you have this happen to you do not continue after you finish every world and its time to advance to the final world the game will lock up in the overworld map and you cant go anywhere. just leared the hard way well time to start again atleast its not a game that takes alot of time to finish.
  15. in general its not that hard the only trophy that will give you trouble is Welcome to the Azure Nightmare the boss is just cheap and overpowerd and it can be done only solo i managed to do it after 30 tries or maybe a bit more but still to this day there are people that this trophy may take them days or months until the manage to defeat the boss. if you deside to get the game i still need the online ranked matches so i can help with this one the online for this game is empty so it will be no problem to find each other for matches.