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  1. Do Killzone Mercenary! is a worthy platinum!
  2. thanks for the info i've tried a lot of times and still no Crazy Meat, but i'll try more times
  3. Killzone 2 my proudest trophy ever, take all the trophy was difficult and enter in the 1% of the weekly best player was not easy. Best FPS so far for me!
  4. My people, Sons and Daughters of PSNProfiles.. Oh sorry we are not in Killzone Hello everyone I'm The_Mirius a Playstation player since 2007 unfortunately, before I use to play only with GameBoy but then my father bought me PS3 and since the patch with the first trophy I've become a Trophy hunter even if my time is always so short because of the work. I am a ps plus owner (also to play on ps4) I have Ps3 Ps4 and Ps VIta and I'm always searching for new friends to play my Killzone games (if you didn't catch it before yes, I'm a huge Killzone fan) That's all I think Catch you later guys!!
  5. At which difficult were you play to do the missions? The Easy one or Normal? I have to do the Trophy and I just don't want to yell at the tv all day
  6. Add me Please The_Mirius is the name!
  7. Hello everyone, I have problems with the Gourmet encyclopedia, i cannot find the Crazy Meat i've searched everywhere but no good answer maybe you could help me, i just miss this Meat to finish the Encyclopedia and actually be very near to platinum. I am in the end of the game just to do the mission to get corina's crystal and i have done all mission so far, i've also tried to beat the game and search later but still no use. Thank you everyone