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  1. Since you basically have platted every game on your account I can either tell you to go for Call Of Duty:WWII or start Last Of Us Part 2 since you finished and platted the first one!
  2. Thank You! I miss typed one 😅
  3. The Master Zoologist trophy isn't popping for me for some reason... I wrote every dino and I checked if i skipped one but can't see what I did wrong. Does the game have a list of what you tamed yet or not?
  4. Cyberpunk 2077, I didn't heed my brother's warnings about it and after multiple crashes and a dozen bugs in the first hour of playing, I learned my lesson the hard way.
  5. GTA V, just don't try it. The grind is incredible.
  6. Definitely recommend you to plat Detroit if you haven't played it for a while. The story can be fun when replaying with different decisions. Other than that FF7 Remake is an amazing game and God Of War is just a masterpiece.
  7. I'm having a weird glitch in Enchanted Towers at the skatepark arena. When I start to skate for points, it doesn't let me leave the ramp, it just resets everytime I drop to the ground after a jump and doesn't count no points. Is there a way to fix this? It's extremely dissapointing if i can't platinum this game due to some glitches that are happening