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  1. I redeemed a "Fighting Edition" code on January 14th this year and it worked. the game was the USK version and used. Maybe the codes from the single game copies just don't work anymore.
  2. Hey Community, i have a problem with Singstar PS4 and hope someone can help me and other players too. I myself cannot download the free Singstar application from my PS4 library for an unknown reason. I have 14 songs, which are also loaded on the console. Now to the real problem. I can only start the game via my SingStar Celebration Disk, I do not receive any further trophies for this. Even with a different account, the disc alone cannot be used to earn a trophy. can someone test whether this also applies to Singstar Ultimate Party? does someone have another good idea? is anyone affected too?
  3. yes, this is exactly what I mean. Thank you for the explanation. I hadn't figured out how this number is calculated, now I know it.
  4. hello everyone and hello dear team, I have a little question about statistics in the profile. Can someone tell me how to calculate the percentage in the middle of the chart with the rarity of all trophies? Thank you in advance and sorry if this has already been asked elsewhere.
  5. the same is also with me. So it should be down to the servers, hopefully it'll work again soon. maybe someone has more information.
  6. I've played ist on Vita and PS4, funny for a short time. Maybe I'll play another time, when it's free Update.
  7. That's great news. I just deleted the game and wanted to get the DLC's on offer, that's a lucky coincidence.