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  1. Awful game not worth the monthly sub. Plus they did trophies so fucked up. Such a long grind, that you have to spend a lot of money to actually get them. I gave that game a try for a week on PS3. I'd rather give money to Bethesda and ES Online.
  2. I ran fuck ton of errands, I did find a minute to set up my foundry on Warframe, I'm leaving for New York in 10 minutes. I hate busy Saturdays.
  3. Got the pistol trophy.
  4. I got the hacking one, today I'm hitting rank 30 with my pistol so we will see how that goes.
  5. Trophy bug continues, I'm sitting on 114 revives and no 100 revives trophy, lol high five anyone?
  6. Welcome to the forums.
  7. I got the dagger and rifle trophy, I'll wait for the update. I'm still working on other weapons, thanks for help guys.
  8. Kratos, hands down.
  9. Lol I hit rank 30 during a game, defense match.
  10. I just hit rank 30 with my sentinel but didn't receive the trophy. That is kind of annoying. It makes me wonder if all the weapon proficiency trophies will be bugged too. Did anyone experienced that? Also I noticed there is no Warframe forum on this great website.
  11. I was 22 my first game was Morrowind.
  12. PSN IronhideClyde games Ac4 and Warframe, BF4 soon.
  13. Argo, great movie, hands down.
  14. I guess I'll go with E Everquest.
  15. Thorgal, anyone remember these amazing comics?