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  1. Buying a PS4 over an Xbox One at launch. Nah, I don't have a big one, I have a few little trivial ones, listed in no order. . Getting into trophies AT ALL. . Signing up to a Brazilian PSN account to get Rachet Gladiator and QForce for free, but then forgetting the login details. . Making an American account and going through the hassle of buying American currency to buy Shadow Warrior 2 on sale, only for it to come to Australia like a month later at that point (though I did also get Hotline Miami 2, and use that account for all the Humble Bundles not available in Australia, so it's okay) . Buying Rock Band on iOS like 7 or 8 years ago because you can't redownload it at all and it sucks, it was a real hassle to sideload onto an iPhone in 2019. . Buying Rock Band 4 right before the massive price drops started. . Buying Guitar Hero Live because it was cheaper than Rock Band 4, only to realize it's a piece of shit, and then caving and buying RB4 anyways. . Bricking one of my PSP Go consoles when learning how to CFW for the first time. . Trading in all my old Game Boy / Advance stuff for (relatively) piss all, trading all my shit in general tbh. Cliche I know, but damn I regret it. . Preordering Battlefront 2 digitally as a birthday present for a friend, only for it to tank and be 20 dollars in weeks after release, when I paid 100 for a digital copy.
  2. Nah. Platinum'd all 3 on PS3 and Vita multiple times + in game 100% on all 3. The mini games set was a bonus thing with the original PS3 disc version of the trilogy, not available at all on Vita and AFAIK it's not available in the digital version of the PS3 set in any way either.
  3. I'd delete literally every single trophy I've earned ever.
  4. Life is fucking weird.
  5. Fair enough my dude, it's a solid album. I saw them twice, first time was I think 2008. There were these massive bushfires and we had this thing called "Sound Relief" which was basically a boatload of Aussie bands got together and played a show at the MCG and SCG where each band would have a half hour to hour long set depending on relevance and all that. So I think at this point Wolfmother only had their debut out...I think. So they played all the big singles from that album IIRC. The second time I saw them was 2010 opening for AC/DC at another sold out arena show. Both times they were fantastic, Andrew's voice live is almost 1:1 with the record, he hits those insane notes almost effortlessly. Haven't heard too much about them the last few years though. They also actually did a song for, that features in the background of, the greatest movie of all time, Spider-Man 3. It's a blink and you'll miss it moment, in Spidey 3 about three quarts of an hour in when the crane is smashing up the building, in the background there's a rock song playing, you don't hear any vocals though, and it's in there for mayb 10 seconds when they talk over it. I didn't even notice it until years later. Good song though. It's called "Pleased to Meet You", don't remember if it was released outside of the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack though, so go check that out when you've got 5, classic Wolfmother.
  6. Don't get me wrong, glad to see Wolfmother love at all, seen them live twice nearly a decade ago and they're great, but you chose the second album over the absolute banger of a first album? Gotta ask, what songs pushed you over the edge? Lead single New Moon was killer but half the whole first album was 100% killer. ...also, since I'm here, here's my album of the year (so far) (last year it was Judas Priest - Firepower) Edit: That got bigger than I wanted, shit.
  7. I think it's fair game. If someone thinks someone's cheated and calls them out, they can either come and claim their innocence, admit cheating, or move on with their day and not notice the thread all together. Not the end of the world.
  8. If you think I'm opening a generic Reddit link when all those Endgame spoilers are out, you are mistaken. The Xbox version is the same price as Switch, I've seen it on sale once or twice in all it's time out, biggest discount was like 4.50 off it, wouldn't hold my breath on a sale.
  9. AU is often under the EU region for games and we got it forever ago.
  10. Must have heard I'll be playing on Switch so they figured "fuck it, no one who matters is playing on PlayStation anymore"
  11. Hopefully they release a PS VR Pro because if I actually have to buy a new VR to play new VR games, I'll sell my old VR and just call it a day. Fixed that for you.
  12. Bugger, that sucks. Only thing compelling me to keep going was finishing the missions and the word compelling may be stretched a bit thin at that. Guess I'll be doing a new game without my fancy sword that can shoot beams at people because reasons.
  13. Glad to hear PS VR from the PS4 gen will work on PS5... so long as that means it will work on PS5 VR games too, if it only works in a backward compatibility context I'm not interested. Come out and announce PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 discs will work. Throw in digital PSP or Vita games too if you really want me to get down with it, but make all the old discs work and I'm in, all I want is the stuff I already have. If PS4 VR can be used in PS5 VR games, I might end up getting a PS5 on sale just because I've already got the VR kit.
  14. If Sly can manage to get the site running (initially) as an individual, and track millions upon million of people's stats and shit, and organize it all and whatnot. I mean, little initial glitches like this are almost certainly gonna get ironed out soon enough dude. I wouldn't worry too much.
  15. Holy shit, I wasn't gonna comment on this thread, I just ducked in to see the ratio of people who enjoyed TLJ to sane people, and I'm glad you're part of the latter, everyone else, I don't really remember the names of / haven't seen much. Also yeah, Rogue One was pretty decent. Like, I mean, it's still no Kyle Katarn but like, whatever. Still liked it. I hope 9 is good but I mean, I have 0 hype really. I've been trying to get hyped for well over a year now but I was super hyped post-TFA and then TLJ just kinda took a shit on all of that and it's like, there goes 2 years of hype for nothing, I've now got another 2 years to try to hype myself up, and ultimately there's a 4 year gap between Episode 7 and what I hope will be a worthy follow up in Episode 9. Also Rise of Skywalker is a cliche of a title. And Papa Palpatine coming back? Probs just a hologram, but if that is the Death Star floating in the ocean that's gonna make for a pretty cool shot.