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  1. First off, I've only ever paid to get into a club once, and it was the worst club I've ever been to, completely unrelated I know, but it's true nonetheless. But no. The PSN acts as the wall *between* your game and the servers, when it's not running properly, the little gate in the wall that you pay to walk through is locked down until it is. It is not the servers, it does nothing but block access to the servers. As for the free to play games, it's a bit weird, sure. Same goes for Fortnite and probably a good few others. I mean, the main difference I'd think of would be that Microsoft (supposedly, I don't really care enough to look admittedly) spend a tonne of money on actually providing servers for games themselves through Xbox Live, so I mean, if anyone has any right to charge for online, they do a lot more than PlayStation does. But realistically, if you're buying a console solely to play free to play games online, that we can both agree would make you part of the teeniest, tiniest minority yet. That's insane and you shouldn't grin and bear stuff you don't like, companies don't learn shit if you just let them get away with it. Sony wanted over a thousand dollars for the PS3 at launch here. They didn't get the warm reception they wanted, got their head back in the game, dropped the price, and came back swinging. Xbox fucked their Xbone launch hard, and WHEN WE, THE CONSUMER, SAID "NO", they had no choice but to pull their head in, and the 180 they've done is nothing short of incredible. So basically then, you're agreeing it's shitty, but you're just fine with ponying up the money anyway? Well considering you think backward compatibility isn't worth it, I mean, that would mean you'd be keeping your PS4 and everything still to play your PS4 games. Meaning you could go buy whichever machine you wanted next gen and actually lose nothing, so it's actually quite the viable choice. Multi generational backward compatibility would be a reason to stick with your preferred brand.
  2. Yay! Lists! Equal fave of all time Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Spider-Man 2 Equal second fave of all time Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Simpsons: Hit & Run In no particular order, the next most played / loved games I remember Scarface: The World is Yours Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Spider-Man Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guitar Hero II 007 Nightfire Simpsons Road Rage Canis Canem Edit Enter the Matrix Terminator 3: The Redemption SSX Tricky The Warriors
  3. You shouldn't have to wait on a sale, to buy access to the privilege of playing the game you just paid for. I don't have data either, but here's the first thing that comes up when I Google'd PlayStation Plus poll. It says that in 2012, when online was separate, PS Plus satisfaction was around 95% (ironically the figure you gave), and then just 3.5 years later (so before another price rise AND before they cut the games from 3 systems down to 1), it dropped to 23.1%, so from nearly every single person being happy, to less than a quarter, in a couple years. Either A: people AREN'T okay with paying for online, or B: the quality of games has turned to shit with time and people are pissed about that. Because at that point, the only difference between the time frames is online MP stopped being free, and the quality of games had dropped. So either people do care about the games, or people don't want to pay for online, and in any case, you're wrong. As for the subs being through the roof, you'll find that console sales are also through the roof compared to the PS3 days, among other variables, but moreover, being forced into something doesn't mean you're happy with it... just look at that survey. Which honestly, I forgot to paste, here
  4. K? Well if the regular company doesn't see profit in doing something, then they're not losing any money when I go and play my old games, the vast majority of which I bought way back when money *actually* went to said companies (whereas now it would go solely to the preowned market), are they? I mean, off the top of my head, Brian Provinciano (soz, I forgot the spelling), was a lil hacker who made emulators and other fun things, he ALONE (so not even a group) made Retro City Rampage and Shakedown Hawaii, two of the more fun open world games I've played in recent memory.
  5. I don't, so I don't do it. But I will *never* pay to play online. I can and do. But that's subjective obviously. However, they're not just a bonus. Without them, they would have you pay 11 a month to play the games you already paid for online, despite Sony having nothing to do with the actual maintenance of servers on any games that aren't first party. ALL Sony does is put up the paywall, online is handled by the devs/publishers of each game entirely independent of Sony. So the cloud saves (that are free on Xbox for EVERYONE), and the 2 games per month, are literally the only "Plus" in PS+, because you already bought the games, the servers aren't handled by PlayStation, so the only addition you get for your money is the games and the save backups, and since thumb drives exist and have been dirt cheap for years ($3 for an 8GB USB has been normal price everywhere for yeeears now), the games are in fact the ONLY additional thing about PS Plus, period.
  6. This a good reply and I want to reply to it, but it's 4am and I am tired, but I'mma edit this in the morning. Or tomorrow sometime. I don't know. Alright, I'm back. "Sony was relying on pure loyalty on selling it's following consoles and just threw in those emulators as more of an afterthought than a true selling point" Um, no? They had the literal guts of a PS2 in EVERY PS3 for a good while there, didn't turn to emulation for a while, it was 1:1 hardware baby. "they are completely converting older games to digital so they play on PS4 (and hopefully PS5) so they don't have to have the emulator software on the systems. And doing that take significant times" Yeah, it does. Which makes a great case for the "fuck it, let's just put a blanket emulator on there and leave it as is", less money spent, less time spent, more good PR earned, and you can still do the re-releases you're already doing (that are done by the devs/publishers, not Sony anyway) to make exactly as much money as you currently are off it. "But it isn't realistic because a lot of people don't have those old physical games anymore they are a minority" You'd be surprised, but nonetheless, even then, that would just go to show that they wouldn't lose all that much in the way of money off a minority then, hey. But again, I'm not saying to stop doing what they're doing, I mean they only released like 30 odd PS2 games on the PS4 in the 7 years (almost) that it's been out, and skipped their own iconic stuff like Sly and Ratchet & Goddamnclank, they have dropped the ball big time on those PS2 to PS4 conversions, at least with a blanket emulator, people would have the option to jump on eBay and pick up Metal Arms, Psi-Ops, or whatever other obscure lil game you'll never get the rights to re-release. "in all likelihood if you still have old physical games, you most likely have the console as well to play it on." Only because we have to. I'd much prefer not to. If my fat PS3 dies, or when, I should say (which again, further points to how you can't just rely on old consoles forever), I'll have to go back to an actual PS2, with an AV cable and shit, looking like ass on a modern TV. I mean I have the component cable and it's better, but still not even close to the PS3 doing it on HDMI. "it is very believable that Sony would have four to five times more games than Microsoft since they have been in the industry much longer." 4 to 5 times as many? Nah. They weren't there for the PS1 generation, there's a good deal of games missed, but that's it, otherwise the majority of games you could buy on a PlayStation system, you could buy on an Xbox system.
  7. You get PS+ for the games, not to play online. Online's artificial paywall is just a bonus.
  8. Wii U was fully backward compatible with Wii games (and hard the hardware to play GC games natively too, but weirdly was locked off) Honestly I'm defending the Xbox lineup, because there's a boat load of games on it and people who say they have no games are objectively wrong. But there hasn't been that many of interest to me either. Like Halo and Gears are fine but if they weren't on Game Pass I'd never touch them. Stuff like Titanfall (1), Sunset Overdrive, Cuphead, and so on were great but they either got a multiplat sequel, ported to PC, or dumped on Nintendo of all things so they're kind of all over the place anyway. tbh this whole generation the only exclusive from anyone I cared about was Spider-Man and he was (and should continue to be) a multiplat game until that last entry. Uncharted was good and dandy but I didn't race out for it or anything, borrowed it from the library a good deal after release. Never cared about Last of Us, Horizon, God of War, Bloodborne, baseball at all, and so on. Release a new Ratchet and Clank already, fuckers! But also, to be fair, Mario Odyssey was basic, Breath of the Wild is no shit THE most overrated game I've ever played, Splatoon 2 was basically a re-release with new content, Pokemon and Animal Crossing can both fuck off, and so on. Halo is generic, Gears is bland, Forza comes out every year (minus 2019) and has nothing new that I notice at least, and so on. Really this whole generation there was Spider-Man and third party stuff, and Spidey should have been one of those third party stuffs if you ask me. I've been playing a few games on PPSSPP on the NVIDIA Shield lately with all the upscaling and shit turned to max and they look hella good, I'd love if Sony had have included a PSP emulator and upscaler for the PS3, the hackers managed it. The PSTV (which I also used recently) is such a bitter disappointment, no upscaling so PSP games look fucking ugly as balls, but I can understand not doing it for Vita since PSTV was a thing, but if the PSP digital stuff could have been played on the tele via PS3 that would have been great. Or if you could have plugged the console into the USB or something and then used the DS3 to control it (the PSP Go did this sort of with Bluetooth but you needed a cable and a dock if you wanted to have power while on the tele too, was not perfect). Not everything, plenty of games don't work on the Vita. One of my favorite PSP time sinks, Rock Band Unplugged, does not for example. Which is a real fucking bummer because I love that damn game. Well really it should be easier for Sony, especially since they had a blanket PS1 emulator for every game on the PS3 day one, even further back they had it on the PS2 years earlier. PS1 can be emulated on a potato, I was running games full speed on a basic bitch Android phone from 2010 years ago. PS2 is a little harder but no real effort, if Sony were repackaging and selling PS2 games on PS3 years ago and hackers at home made a pretty damn near perfect emulator on their own, then Sony definitely could. Repackaging and including trophies helps give them money, obviously, but there's no reason they can't do that still, and also make the discs work on a blanket "as is" kind of emulator. Don't even update it. Get it running and say "here you go, try your luck, fuckers" like they did with the OG PS3 BC, OutRun 2006 and Force Unleashed for example are missing enough textures you can't get through the menu on OR06 or through the first level on TFU. There's no reason Sony couldn't do that, it would take fuck all effort and money, and it would shut Microsoft (and people like me) the fuck up. If they told me I could jam my copy of Vice City, Tony Hawk 3, Spider-Man 2, Battlefront 2, and Hit & Run into the PS5 day one and have it be upscaled and shit, I'd be there at midnight.
  9. Oh I do so miss online communication where I don't get called a dickhead, or default to calling the other guy a dickhead, so Imma try to approach this with a bit less of an aggressive looking style because re-reading my shit I seem a bit forward ayy. Anyway, They didn't announce a date, no, but they said it would be back, that it had not been put on ice permanently. When KFC bust out a $5 box for a month and then get rid of it and say it's gone forever, that sucks... but they've done it a bunch (and canned one less than a month ago too, RIP), and every time without fail it's back again in 6 months or so. Saying something isn't coming back is a lot different to "well look we're focused on X right now, but we'll get back to Y when we're done with X some time soonish" You can phrase it either way really. I can say it's a bunch of multiplats, you can say it's a bunch of Xbox first party stuff, we're not really wrong either of us. But if I was to play Senua (which I wouldn't, because for the record, did not grab me and I didn't bother finishing it), on Switch, I'm not playing an Xbox game per se. But honestly, I'd prefer all the Xbox first party stuff than ONLY third party stuff be on Game Pass. Think about the Sony stuff you're going to mention later, if Sony did Game Pass, you'd want them on there wouldn't you? It would be a major reason to get the service, wouldn't it? I'll be 100%, Xbox's bullshit during and around the launch, hell pretty much everything until Spencer got in, is what sunk them. They fucked up hardcore and Sony had it easy from there, all they had to do was say "here's a box, it plays games, it's cheap(ish), go for it, fuckers!" and they did, and they stuck the landing great. Ideologically (which for this generation doesn't mean much but hopefully will affect next gen HARD) Xbox won the generation by constantly improving itself. While the PS4 has SINCE LAUNCH had trouble getting the store to load (usually won't at all) if the machine's been on for more than 10 minutes, had the same basic UI with no updates, had a shittier online experience (which they also upped the price on and halved the number of games included), and so on, Xbox has introduced Game Pass, backward compatibility, constant regular UI updates (RIP Snap though, you are missed), removed the need for Kinect and all that shit, made varying SKUs to provide more availability and competition, and so on. They've taken their image from the TV sport moron who says "if you don't have good internet, we still sell 360 consoles" to the image of the good guy, and Sony aren't going to have the advantage of taking on the idiot who dropped the ball HARD this time, they're going up against the guy who knows how bad they fucked up, and knows how easy and quick it is to fuck up again, and doesn't want to do it. "no system has ever made been successful for its ability to play older games" I mean back in the day a lot of people upgraded to the PS2 not just because of the DVD player, but because they knew they could keep buying games for their PS1 now, and when they have money for the PS2, all their shit will work on it. A LOT of people. Look I got all over the place, but I kind of covered the win in an earlier bit. I mean to really clarify, they lost this gen day one. What they've done is set themselves up to win the next gen. They won this gen in every single thing except sales (which realistically, though short term thinking here, is all that matters). Also hey, you didn't mention the Sony exclusives, that was the other post I'm about to reply to, sorry for lumping that in with you, I forgot where though so can't be arsed taking it out, but soz. No games... like all those Forza's (7 plus a standalone DLC this gen), Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, all the Halos (10 or so if you count all the individual MCC games), Gears 4/5/Tactics, Ori, Quantum Break, CUPHEAD, Crackdown (I liked it), Dead Rising 3 (fave one), RARE REPLAY, Killer Instinct, Wasteland, and so on... PS all of those are on Game Pass as well. But then you've got all the past entries in those series, and maaaaaany more that you can't play anywhere else via back compat, like for example, the original Star Wars Battlefront 2, since it went back compat it's been one of my most played games this generation. It doesn't matter where you play your multiplats, I mean objectively playing on XBOX (fuck, I typed it in caps to signify I meant the One X but then realized it just spells Xbox, fuck), anyway, playing on that is the best way, but I'm rocking the Xbox One SAD edition so fuck that too. But if I want to play Spider-Man, you've got me, that's it. Horizon and Last of Us didn't ever interest me enough to play them (I did play the DLC for Last of Us though, wouldn't bother with the full game based on that). It's like gaming preferences are subjective or something and I think playing a new Halo (a series I don't really care for either, and have only ever finished the first one), and (hopefully) Forza this Christmas is way more interesting than TLOU2 and whatever the Horizon sequel is called. Strictly speaking numbers, both platforms have plenty of exclusives as always. I never played God of War, Horizon, Last of Us, and whatever else Sony put out beyond Spider-Man, Uncharted, and I guess Gravity Rush if you count that. Oh and DriveClub, I did like that. But LBP3 blew chunks, MotorStorm was absent this whole gen, the new Killzone sucked ass, I did unironically enjoy Knack enough to platinum it though, so me this gen with PS4 exclusives this gen would basically just be Spider-Man, Uncharted, and Knack. And DriveClub I guess. Xbox with Sunset, Gears, Halo, Forza, Cuphead & PUBG (when they were exclusive), was way more up my alley. The next Halo is coming out at the end of the year though, so grab a trial code, kiddies.
  10. This post was so wrong that I had to come out of hiding to correct it. 1. Textbook marketing? They said they weren't adding anymore games at least until the next gen launches because they were focused on the next gen, they never said they were done, only that they were focusing on the next gen entirely right now, something you supposedly want them to do anyway. 2. Game Pass has around 250 at the moment in Australia and likely more in USA and other regions, so no. The official store has 376 games on there listed, though a few are doubles like Crackdown 3's SP and MP being listed separately, but well over "100 titles at any given time" 3. "The bulk of which are just Microsoft first party games"? Nope. Just scrolled through the first 50 or so to check and there was the Banjo trilogy, Crackdown 3, and the brand new Minecraft Dungeons... of those 3 things, Banjo is a N64 remake, Minecraft is multiplat, the only actual exclusive was Crackdown. 4. "Even with complete Xbox one compatibility, the console doesn't have many of the titles that were made only available on the PS4 and Switch" you're aware that 95% of the PS4 library is multiplats, right? And that those multiplats are, by definition of being *multi* platform, on more than one platform, ie, Xbox. The Switch, as much as I love the guy, has fuck all in the way of multiplats comparatively, he's the one with a limited selection. But no, almost all games you play on PS4, can be played on Xbox One, and then when you throw in the over 600 back compat titles (more than a quarter of the complete Xbox 360 library, which is pretty good when you consider how many games were cross gen and will never be back compat due to having an Xbox One version already, and how many were remastered / rereleased for Xbox One and also won't become back compat due to that), you're actually miles ahead of PlayStation 5 in raw numbers of compatible games. But go off, I guess. 5. "especially when news on the ps5's own BC isn't concrete yet" unless they're going to surprise us with another generation or two of back compat, and again, you're sitting here saying how useless back compat is, so even if they did, you can't flip flop and pretend it's worth something now when you've been shitting on it this whole time, unless they did that, the PS5 is 99.9999% just gonna work with PS4 games, and not even 100% of them at that, so no, you can't get anything extra, you can get MOST of the PS4 library to be back compat, and you will, as I just explained, be AT LEAST hundreds behind what the Series X is launching with out the gate day one at midnight. ... Now for the whole thread response in general. I bought an Xbox One SOLELY because of backward compatibility in 2016. They fucked the launch, I sold my 360 and got a PS4. They redeemed themselves, added an amazing feature I wanted, and kept adding to it. Game Pass as well is amazing now too. I'll be getting the Series X day one. I have years of Game Pass stacked up for next to nothing via some kickass deals, and I have tonnes of games that I picked up current gen to play on my Xbox One like Jedi Fallen Order and COD MW 2019, that I can't wait to replay in 4K on the Series X going from my humble OG Xbone model. And due to complete compatibility, I get to dump my current Xbox at the girlfriend's house at the end of the year and now I'll have all my games available there too via Game Pass. If the PS5 offers back compat beyond PS4, I will get it day one, but until then, I'll be waiting for Insomniac's Spider-Man 2 and not a single game will even get me to do a double take until then. Xbox won this generation. Not in sales, but they won it. They took a piece of shit console launched by a fucking retard talking about TV this and sports that, and they turned it into something that almost everyone universally recognizes as the best value in gaming. And they are looking only to further that ideal into the next gen next year, I for one, cannot wait.
  11. No. Unless someone has A. A trophy with a timestamp from a time that it is impossible to earn that trophy, ie, the GTA IV MP trophies being earned while the servers were down B. Ridiculous timestamps that are impossible to achieve, ie, someone has every story related trophy in a 10 hour game pop in 10 seconds C. Straight up admitted to cheating their trophies, though this is the unlikeliest Then they should not be flagged. Plain and simple. No conditions, no bullshit, plain and simple. ... Late syncs are not just fine, not just super common, but something I have myself. There's plenty of times I played games on a friend's PS3, but on my account, and their internet was down, or in some cases they full on didn't have internet, etc. and the trophies weren't synced until the next time I was over at their place using my account, which would often be months. My log has a bunch of shit load in from 2014 or so when you're scrolling through my games played in 2017 because of this very situation. There's more unlikely situations, like someone not having internet when you play on their machine so your stamps have no date, then you take their console to your house one time and it gets internet and every trophy earned beyond that day has a timestamp, and then you go and play a game on their machine again every now and then, this time earning time stamps, but it's not synced because they don't have internet, then you play the same game on your own PS3 and have to start over and so the first few missions that were beaten without timestamps are now overwritten by your new timestamps, but the levels beyond that that you played on their machine *with* the ability to make timestamps now, are dated before the ones you got for beating the first few levels on your machine and you're left having beaten mission 6 before mission 2. Obviously with how much the internet has come in the last decade or so, it's incredibly unlikely to find yourself in that situation *now*, but it happened to me years ago and I don't think I even got like a third of the trophies in the game overall so somehow I doubt I was rigging it for trophies. Point being, that's entirely questionable and with no proof I guess fuck it, guilty until found innocent. Buuuuut, late syncs? If the timestamps add up, suck my dick, you do not deserve to be flagged because you were playing on your girlfriend's PS3 or something and didn't bother to sync it up. Edit: This is so weird, the game in question was Just Cause 2, and I went to check the times and shit, and it's been years since I looked, but it seems to have corrected itself out and everything lines up now. I remember it said my first instance of causing chaos was earned after beating like mission 3 or something in the past. This is trippy yo.
  12. Oh really? Well I'm glad I got in when I did, since I had all the DLC and whatnot too. Yeah I'm in the same boat, I didn't even know they were "just" the publisher until relatively recently. Never paid much attention to them tbh. But yeah, I'm with that, I don't think you really need anything more than one list for a game honestly, like I can forgive remasters/rereleases I guess but yeah, per purchase at least, I think one list is pretty fair. I love it, I've bought a bunch of them from the latest sale. I got a cool lil beat 'em up, I got a couple Space Invaders clones, some other fun stuff, some lil puzzle games, I'm actually low key stoked to be playing my Vita again. I'm not man. I'm more keen on my Switch and the next Xbox for Game Pass and whatnot. PS5 got nothing so far for me. I think they could stand to take a hit again too, PS3 was a lot better for it.
  13. I went bugger it, not the thing. Bugger it is Aussie slang, means like "fuck it" or "screw it". Basically I threw my arms up, out of options, and plugged the thing in directly, worked a treat.
  14. Ah, your problem is with the multiple stacks, fair enough. I mean look, if you wanna waste money (and time, since most would buy prepaid PSN codes for other countries and that takes time too) on buying the same game again and again via the store in a different country, I mean, your stupidity deserves some reward I guess. ... I forgot to mention in my thing. I'll defend these fuckers to the death. They are 5 of the last 6 Vita releases here, they are the only company that is steadily pumping new games out for PS Vita and I gotta give credit where it's due. I doubt if the devs were handling the porting themselves, they'd bother to release Vita versions as well. So far of the half dozen of their games I've played, I've surprisingly enjoyed every one of them, I'm much more impressed than I thought I'd be tbh.
  15. Look I won't lie for a second, I'm buying them all for the plats. But I've played two thus far and they were both pretty fun and gave me a good couple hours or so each for a couple of bucks. And I've still got the PS4 versions to burn through again that come with it, fuck I miss Cross Buy. Squareboy is a solid lil beat 'em up, sometimes it's a bit unresponsive and it can be a bit of a ♥, but if you're not constantly exploiting the dash and jump attacks, it actually has a reasonable bit of challenge in the latter half, like it's not hard, but I mean, I died a few times. I meant to buy this when it came to Switch like a year ago but forgot, there's a few games by companies like Ratalaika and Sometimes You that I picked up on Switch for like a dollar or two because fuck it, that I've since learned have piss easy trophies and I'm bummed I missed out. Anyway, the other one, 36 Fragments, is also quite fun, albeit a lot shorter if you're any good. People gunning it to the end multiple times would defo lower the time to plat, but I'd say for the average schmuck an hour or so is fair to say. I got the one for beating it in under 6 minutes on my first finish though (many many deaths before that) so I mean, it's far from hard, you just need to be a bit more patient and or smarter than I was. Point being. Yeah fuck it, trophies are fun and go ding and they know exactly what they're doing, but I support it. So far these games have been nothing but fun for me, and I look forward to Metagal or Metal Girl or whatever the fuck the Mega Man clone was called the most. Like, we all bought them for the trophies, but know what, if the devs themselves released these games and charged the same prices and everything, the only difference was they weren't coming with an easy plat and the Rata branding, they would be picked up by maybe 3 people, so I see it as a win win for all involved. The dev gets their little game into a few more hands (though you can debate the usefulness of that when most drop it after 10 mins and the pop plats), Rata make some easy money, we get some stupid shiny digital awards, and best of all, I get to kill a lazy Sunday. *Oh no, trophies are meaningless now!* Hannah Montana, Terminator 4, Walking Dead, Fables, Back to the Future, Megamind, Cloudy Meatballs, Tony Hawk HD, Jak 2 with the exploit, Mayo, Sound Shapes' stacks, and many, maaaaaany others, would like a word. Like I enjoy playing little indie things when the price is right. Stuff like Vaccine that I bought on Switch, lot of people trashed it, a looooooooot of people trashed it, I love that game, I still find myself coming back to it. Shit like Back in 1995, never played it, but was super interested in the visual style and tone and whatnot, definitely was gonna grab that the second it was around 5 bucks or so. If I would buy it on Switch where there's no trophies, as I have already with many things like this, then I guess I must just actually be interested in the game* *Shit like Foxyland I have no interest in though, and you know full well why I bought it.