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  1. Neko Bellic, my distant cousin. Let's go bowling.
  2. RIP instant game collection, where they uh, did exactly that.
  3. I basically have no reason to buy a PS5 now lmao, why Spidey didn't drop a year or so on PS4 after PS5 is beyond me, would have been a slam dunk. Now there's zero next gen exclusives worthwhile.
  4. Me after PS5 show: Fuck it, 600 AUD for the discless, maybe I get the Series S instead of Series X, throw the 250 difference into a discless for Spidey, why not. They're taking a major L on dropping 150 off the price to go discless, I like this, this is good, shame the only thing either of them have next gen around launch is Spider-Man, maybe fuck it, I could even wait on the Series console to have it's first big sale and just get a discless for Spidey at launch.


    Sony after PS5 show: Fuck it, Spider-Man is coming to PS4.


    Me after that: Well fuck, guess who just lost ALL interest in a PlayStation 5. Are you fucking kidding me? Why would you do that, it was arguably the biggest exclusive you had, and you're throwing it on last gen after all? I figured they'd at least wait a while before doing it like Resogun and whatnot did, but there you go. See you in hell PS5, I'll pick you up on sale when Spider-Man 2 comes out, I guess.

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      I'm buying the PS5 as soon as I can just because I want the damn thing.

    2. Kishnabe


      Australia getting screwed with Video Game Prices. Seen PS4 games for $100 AUD, which is ridiculous.


      At least your Consumer Protection is badass. 


    3. Super-Fly Spider-Guy

      Super-Fly Spider-Guy

      RRP is $100, but plenty of stores sell for around 69 (not trying to be funny, it usually is 69) bucks launch day. No idea if we'll get a price rise or not, some games are listed on EB for PS5 at $125 at the moment so here's hoping that ain't the case. PS3 games for the first few years were RRP $120 too, so we actually dropped a bit over the last 10 years and change.


      I'm a bit peeved on the Series S though, 300 USD in AUD is just over $410, add on our 10% GST and you're ballpark around $455 after conversion, if they had have come in at $450 (instead of the $500 AUD tag they went with), that would have been crazy. On the other side, 500 USD in AUD is just under 690, 10% GST brings that just OVER the $750 tag both the PS5 and Series X are going with here, go figure. 


      The discless PS5 being 600 next to the Series S at 500 makes the S a lot harder of a sell for only a hundred bones difference, had they got it down to 450 (where it really should have been, tbh) I could see a shitload more S's selling, but for only a hundred more, if I didn't have years of Game Pass and back compat games, if I was just coming into next gen with nothing, I'd take the 4K ready fancy pants full fat PS5 with Spider-Man at launch any day between the two.

  5. lmao boiz, someone in the top 100 got kicked off the 'boards and I'm now 115. I mean I quit at 117 but technically I quit at 115 now I guess, I mean, the highest I got is 115 but, yo, @top100ofAustralia, can 15 or so of you get caught out cheating so I can crack the top 100 without a PS4? That'd be sick, thanks.

    1. mako-heart


      Play more visual novels.

  6. Crazy demand from the COVID led to someone making me an offer I couldn't refuse on my PS4. Over the last 7 years, owning a PS4 for every day since launch shy of a couple of months late last year, I have actually come out ahead overall strictly on console spending due to the prices I sold them all for. Not much ahead, but to get your money back on something is awesome enough.

    Anyway. With my PS4 gone, now seems as good a time as any to re-retire from trophies. It was a nice little relapse over the last 10 months or so. Breaking back into the top 120 of the country (we're bailing out now at 117), even with 2 plats hidden, for the first time in half a decade, is pretty cool. 


    Once more, it seems it's time for me to fuck off from here for a hot minute. I might pop up again when Miles Morales comes out, since the missus is getting a PS5 at her place at launch, but otherwise, it's Series X and Switch for me from here on out baby. 


    Actually, that being said, I'm an ego maniac, @Dreggit, hit me up for that interview and I'll make a comeback / reunion tour show. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Super-Fly Spider-Guy

      Super-Fly Spider-Guy

      Dude, I haven't been on that thread for forever. Me and a few of the OGs broke off onto a Whatsapp group like 2 years ago and shit, good dudes, RIP in pepperoni group chat. So I'm gonna go no on that one.


      I'm actually only here to say I finished up Murdered on PS3 and am now 116th in the country, so I guess I can retire one higher. 

    3. Dreggit


      The next selection occurs tomorrow (providing the person agrees) so who knows who it'll end up being :)

    4. Super-Fly Spider-Guy

      Super-Fly Spider-Guy

      @Dreggit, I'm just saying, I agree in advance, I just want someone to ask me about what I want in a relationship so it's not creepy when I start yelling about it on the internet. Hint: It does NOT involved coriander. 

  7. There you go, buddy. I just put up my last 5 of their games, 2 of which I shit all over. Thus meaning 40% of my positive thread is now negative. Am I cool enough for you now, internet stranger?
  8. lmao I am joking, I somehow doubt I'm gonna get anything from them considering I babbled for 2 seconds when bored about some $2 store games. If you prefer I'll make the bullspit a bit more obvious Yo, @ShuheiYoshisa, @MarkCerny, @SIEE if y'all wanna send me a PS5 so I can write a thing about that new Miles Morales game I mean, go nuts. Overwhelmingly positive is probably a bit much though, I mean. There's some shitty ones and then I called them shitty. And when I do bother to get around to the last one I've done, Heroes Trials, it at least won't be overwhelmingly positive. All that being said, yeah, I don't give a fuck. They do giveaways on their Twitter all the time, if I took a code from there is that really any better? If I was selling myself out in the manner you're implying, I'd be asking for a bit more than a code for a $5 game they give away anyways. Though just for the shit of it, I got sent an RK2020 a month or so back to review, it's worth a bit more than one of these games and I still gave it a largely poopoo score.
  9. Hey losers, I'm gonna do my best to do a couple more tomorrow and round this out (until the next sale and I buy more anyway) Spoiler alert though Heroes Trials...boring as fuck game, and it glitched out the ass on the Vita version. Super Destronaut 2...fucking amazing, I loved every minute and have already plat'd it 3 or 4 times, the dude behind these two is the hero Rata needs. I mean if someone wants to help support my quest to inform people about Rata games, feel free to send me some PSN dosh to buy more. Or I mean, @RatalaikaGames if you have any codes you feel like giving away, I mean, I don't have Twitter but you're always throwing them up on there, hit me up, I'll at least give it a quick write up for our efforts.
  10. Absolutely not. We have all been spoiled by how easy trophies are these days. I want more games to make them actually, I don't know, a reward for doing something challenging... instead of just a "good job for playing our game, here's a stack of trophies and if you want the rest do some side missions and fuck off" like so many are now. Yes, plenty. Can't think of any off the top of my head, but plenty. Closest I could think of is Blacklight on PS4 when it was like prestige once or something but then they changed the level up system and it was basically like a fraction of as many level ups as it used to be, I barely played it and after the changeup it auto popped for me and I was on like prestige 7 by the new setup.
  11. Well I've just done the 21st, I have up to 26 to do at the moment, they might just sneak in before the 30th comes along, assuming a sale comes along (Hint, hint @RatalaikaGames). Nah that sounds pretty cool, I'm not really into randomized / procedurally generated stuff myself though, there's been times I don't mind it like No Man's Sky, but then there's stuff like Immortal Redneck where it just feels like they were too lazy to make a real level on their own. Ultra Hat Dimension. I'll give it a Google in a short while. Puzzle games are a bit iffy too, I got a couple for the curiosity, but if I was to buy them quite often it would be pretty obvious why I was buying them. And it rhymes with Sophie's. As for the $5 bit, not so much here in Australia, a lot of them are around the 7.55 mark, some even over a tenner and that's when I'm like I ain't even bothering until there's more than 50% off in a sale. Then there's some like Midnight that was like 3 bucks normal price, but they are the exception more than anything. For a fiver (AUD) I'll check it out, a lot of the newer ones go on sale for around 4.55 it seems, which I'm not too fussed with for 2 copies of the game, assuming I actually have interest in it. As of yet, I've bought none just for the trophies, and I'd like to keep it that way for at least a hot minute.
  12. We got a section for that, but I just counted and of my stack played all together, it's actually an exact 50/50 on if you have to finish them or not which is crazy. Look, I'm older and have more money to waste than I did as a youth, but then, I also am way more of a tightarse so it evens out. I see a game that looks halfway fun for a halfway decent price, I'm interested. There's 8 more of those fuckers now. Are you not amazed it hasn't happened yet though? I kind of am. You should see me when I'm not trying to keep it brief. It stops being fun (for the listener) then. Yeah boy! Get in, one of the nicer comments about Rata so far lmao. Look, leaderboard wise and shit, yeah I absolutely see how you can be annoyed, but in general, they're cheap enough that the people who are riding high on the leaderboards (who usually seem to have plenty of time and money based on their lists) shouldn't sulk over it. Sure you can say the average trophy rarity on a profile will go in the bin, but then if you care about rarity above all else, you'd never touch Rata would you? We only have thoughtful discussion in this house. Fuck fuck fuck shit. Thoughtful. Super Destronaut, Shadow of Loot Box, and Twin Robots. If I had to pick 3, those are the 3 I think are best out of what I've played thus far, Twin Robots being there surprised me too. If they don't look like they're at least a fun time to you, then yeah, they ain't gonna have dick for you, buddy. I don't actually have those ones, the lowest they were in the last couple sales was like 4.50 and 5.50 or so each and I was like, eeeeeeeh. But if you reckon they're alright I'd give them a look when they're both had for under a fiver. I know nothing about them though, what kind of game are they, like genre wise? Better yet, do a whole review and save me the time. Yeah, I have that on Switch actually, but once again, never got around to finishing it. I got a free code for it from a site though admittedly. At first kinda felt like a poor man's Bro Force, in a good way though. It makes me feel better about my mother never loving me and my small cock. Inksplosion is one I got real close, I got like 90 odd out of 100 kills, several times to finishing only to fuck up and have to retry for another half hour or so, we love a good lil arcado challenge. Both Foxy games are in my wishlist, they were the same sale situation as Devious Dungeon a couple comments above with the price and interest being a bit restrictive, but I'll probably get around to them sooner or later. Leaderboards can blow me until for my 10th anniversary on this site they decide to throw my LBP2/COD flags in the bin and let me back in. But no, leaderboards mean fuck all. I finished up a bunch of games and then bought a shitload of these Rata games and I'm already teetering on the highest I've been in 5 years or so when I gave up caring, you absolutely can buy your way up the ladder, not to the top, but a good deal up. Literally all of this Look I'll be honest, the 3D Rata games, Access Denied, Bouncy Bullets, Shadow of Lootbox, etc. all feel a shitload higher quality. I love a good throwback, but so many god damn shitty indie platformers and eventually you'll steer clear too. And that's why I'm here. If you're gonna buy trophies, you may as well at least buy the most fun trophies.
  13. Yo, cool to see that much action on here. I got nothing on tomorrow until like 2 or 3pm so I'll probably throw up another 10 or so then if I remember. Counting a couple I haven't yet booted up, I think I'm just shy of 30 total. Spoiler alert though, I really fucking liked Cybarian, Neon Junctions, and Twin Robots. Oh, and Shadow of Loot Box, which I very nearly bought on Switch for a laugh before I realized it too, had an easy plat. Bugger it wasn't on Vita because I'd have had fun replaying it too, instead I plat'd it on an alt. account and the missus' account. Point being, some of the best games are gonna be done up tomorrow. And a couple lesser ones, but tbh, most were pretty bloody enjoyable.
  14. Edit: as predicted, I figured it out pretty quickly and am about to lock this thread, long story short . You need 25 hours played time in a party . The parties are cross platform, the game has an ingame friends list that allows players from anything (tested with my own Switch) . Time spent in lobbies or loading does NOT count . Stats sometimes take a while to refresh but eventually will count OG post as follows Okay so look, at the risk of being a dumbass and having it explained to me when it finishes downloading, I'm going to ask anyway, How does the party / 25 hour trophy work? Do you have to be in a party *in game* or can I just be in a PSN party with an alt account for 25 hours while I play on my own or what, there's 9 plat achievers on this site, if one of y'all happen onto this it would be greatly appreciated if you'd shed some light on it. 25 hours of game time? Fuck all, I've spent a good 700 and change on goddamn Fortnite but 25 hours in a party, I'm gonna have to actually convince some other people to play with me, and outside of Fortnite I never play with other people online so, shit I guess.
  15. I've got 10 up now. I think I've played about 25 different games from them, so I'm not even half way. If this list was a Ratalaika list, they'd let me finish now and leave the other half undone entirely. Honestly, we should all pool in one one account made just for Rata games. Say you get ten of us, we all kick in a buck for every time a new game comes out (they all seem to be around 8 bucks on average, but some are 12, some are 5, it varies), and pass the account around as an alternate on our PS4s until we all have the platinum. Especially now that they're dropping Vita ( :'( RIP in pepperoni), hell, this is actually a great idea. Someone PM me if you wanna go halvsies, thirdsies, however-many-interested-people-sies with me on this. PS @ mods, I'm not asking for game sharing, fuck off, leave me alone, it's a joke. I mean. Well it is a joke, but if someone does hit me up I wouldn't say no. Sometimes You also have a few easy ones. Did they do Skytime? I bought Skytime on Switch and then found out it had a piss easy list and was honestly kinda bummed I didn't get it on PS4 instead, especially since I dropped it after five minutes, nothing special of a game. Look I wanted to play my Vita, but I was very aware I'd also snag a bunch of stacks. Compared to most others, yeah, it's a lesser one. But it cost me I believe just under a dollar for 2 versions of it, costs me more for a single ball of gum at the shop than the game did, no ragrats. I am unaware of Iron Snout, I'll have to give it a Google, I have most of their stuff in my wishlist but no idea of that one, maybe it's not in Aus? Yeah, what happened with the Vita situation is a bugger, just as I finally started getting back into my Vita, this happens. I cleaned up the first two Ratchet plats, Jak 2 and 3 finally, Hitman and Lara Croft Go, and several others. Then bought all these Rata games, and I'm like fuck yeah Vita over here, only for that to happen. Shame, really. I can't wait for Colin Moriarty's Breakout clone thing to go on sale too, probably gonna be the last (at least non Ratalaika) Vita game I'll ever buy the way it looks now.