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  1. Just like the original game, ironically.
  2. Stating the obvious...but you were surprised you could have an account be active on both a PS4 and PS5...which is the obvious I stated...? I think..? Feel like this whole thread is stating the obvious.
  3. Whitelist hack is bae...
  4. Bro, has it not been the same since the PS3 brought the PSN along with it? You can't be in two places on the same line of PlayStation (3, 4, 5, V), you can have your Vita on while you play on PS4 and whatnot, but you could never be on 2 PS3s at the same time, nor could you do 2 Vitas at the same time (which made self boosting Vita games a lot harder since there's no way to sign in as someone else and keep the games...without hacking anyway), same as the 4, and now the 5...we're surprised why? As someone else said, if it's a big issue, whichever console is set to be the home console, just fire it up offline.
  5. On the one hand: Damn, I'm bummed my save got lost when I sold my PS4. On the other hand: If I've rebought the game, I was probably looking to replay it anyway. On the third hand: I could just as easily pop a plat and fuck around in free roam indefinitely as I have since 2018.
  6. Duke Nukem Forever, while obviously flawed, and while it obviously should have been a lot better, is still a fun and mostly functional game. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, while obviously flawed, and while it obviously should have been a lot better, is still a fun and mostly functional game.
  7. Hi, Xbox Series X AND S preordered day one here, I love me some Xbox, so I'm not a Sony Pony. Buuuuuut, Microsoft doesn't support all the Xbox consoles. They shut down Xbox Live for the original in I wanna say 2009, which is about 8 years after it came out, the PS3 was 2006 and is still going strong 14 years later with regards to online and support. Not to mention the original Xbox didn't let you buy *full* games online either, so there was a shitload less to keep up and running. They have a handful of original Xbox games, 20 something I believe, and around five or six hundred 360 games, that work on Xbox One, that's it, that's not the same as actually supporting the console still, by that logic, Sony is still supporting the PS2 since you can buy a few dozen digital games on PS4, or even as far back as the PS1 since you can still buy PS1 classics on PSP/Vita/PS3. You can still download your 360 games via the website, so I guess that's one single thing Xbox has with regards to support of old consoles over PlayStation. I still play PS2 era games more than any other, I'm all for keeping things alive forever, but there's 2 main things 1. The PS3 hasn't been manufactured in years, keeping it alive on the PSN likely makes them piss all, but they still are anyway and 2. We're going onto the PS5 now, the fact a console from almost a decade and a half ago still has as much support as it does, is honestly impressive in itself PS. Where was this attitude when PSP got it's shit shutdown? You can't go onto the store on there anymore, you HAVE to download it to a PS3 and then copy it over, that's much worse if you ask me.
  8. For you, babe
  9. Welcome to the Collective of Us, the No Trophy Suckers, or C-U-N-T-S for short. Perks of membership: Now that you can play anywhere, and play entirely just for fun, you can shop the deals on 3 times as many consoles as you could before.
  10. I ditch PlayStation for a month or two and I'm level 550? What in the fuck has happened to trophies / count in the last couple months cobbas?

    1. PermaFox
    2. NERVergoproxy


      You sure leveled a lot for not playing for a month or two...


    3. Super-Fly Spider-Guy
  11. No. I don't use True Achievements or anything, but like I've been there for a guide, and they have this TA score bullshit, I don't know what the fuck it means, I don't know, I don't care, I don't want to know, it's just some random unrelated bullshit and it's honestly the only thing I know about the site, some random unrelated bullshit. You don't need that to apply here too.
  12. We did it, boys! Finally, those Japanese fuckers will do it the right way, the American way, just the way the PlayStation was always intended.
  13. RIP instant game collection, where they uh, did exactly that.
  14. I basically have no reason to buy a PS5 now lmao, why Spidey didn't drop a year or so on PS4 after PS5 is beyond me, would have been a slam dunk. Now there's zero next gen exclusives worthwhile.
  15. Me after PS5 show: Fuck it, 600 AUD for the discless, maybe I get the Series S instead of Series X, throw the 250 difference into a discless for Spidey, why not. They're taking a major L on dropping 150 off the price to go discless, I like this, this is good, shame the only thing either of them have next gen around launch is Spider-Man, maybe fuck it, I could even wait on the Series console to have it's first big sale and just get a discless for Spidey at launch.


    Sony after PS5 show: Fuck it, Spider-Man is coming to PS4.


    Me after that: Well fuck, guess who just lost ALL interest in a PlayStation 5. Are you fucking kidding me? Why would you do that, it was arguably the biggest exclusive you had, and you're throwing it on last gen after all? I figured they'd at least wait a while before doing it like Resogun and whatnot did, but there you go. See you in hell PS5, I'll pick you up on sale when Spider-Man 2 comes out, I guess.

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      I'm buying the PS5 as soon as I can just because I want the damn thing.

    2. Kishnabe


      Australia getting screwed with Video Game Prices. Seen PS4 games for $100 AUD, which is ridiculous.


      At least your Consumer Protection is badass. 


    3. Super-Fly Spider-Guy

      Super-Fly Spider-Guy

      RRP is $100, but plenty of stores sell for around 69 (not trying to be funny, it usually is 69) bucks launch day. No idea if we'll get a price rise or not, some games are listed on EB for PS5 at $125 at the moment so here's hoping that ain't the case. PS3 games for the first few years were RRP $120 too, so we actually dropped a bit over the last 10 years and change.


      I'm a bit peeved on the Series S though, 300 USD in AUD is just over $410, add on our 10% GST and you're ballpark around $455 after conversion, if they had have come in at $450 (instead of the $500 AUD tag they went with), that would have been crazy. On the other side, 500 USD in AUD is just under 690, 10% GST brings that just OVER the $750 tag both the PS5 and Series X are going with here, go figure. 


      The discless PS5 being 600 next to the Series S at 500 makes the S a lot harder of a sell for only a hundred bones difference, had they got it down to 450 (where it really should have been, tbh) I could see a shitload more S's selling, but for only a hundred more, if I didn't have years of Game Pass and back compat games, if I was just coming into next gen with nothing, I'd take the 4K ready fancy pants full fat PS5 with Spider-Man at launch any day between the two.