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  1. Single player is a box of piss and can be full 100%'d in 20 odd hours or so without too much effort, assuming you're running through it. Multiplayer is also a box of piss, it's just going to take up your whoooooole life for a while. If you have 2 PS3s, I'd very much recommend picking the game up digitally, downloading it to both, and self boosting. IIRC, most of the things can be boosted with just one player, just remember to keep a checklist of what you have and haven't done, it could be different from when I did it like 5 years ago, most of which was done on the old Game Spy servers IIRC, but back then it wouldn't really keep track of what you've done, and the Social Club connection for stats had long since died, so yeah, in short, boost where you can, and keep a checklist. But aside from being time consuming, it's not too bad really.
  2. I bought a couple of these for my PS2 back around 2013/14, they were $4.50 then, this one is $12 but I'm sure if you look harder you could find cheaper, just linking to show the one I mean. Thing works a treat. We used to play a decent bit of split screen Tony Hawk 3 (before moving on to the Wii U for our THPS fix) and there was never a single bit of noticeable lag. Thing ran great. I recently fixed up my chipped PSone and dug up the old guy, works fine on there too, again with no noticeable lag or anything. Buttons feel a little stiff at first but after a few sessions they'll feel right. I haven't done a direct comparison size wise to an actual DS1/2, mostly because my old ones are boxed up in the laundry due to being replaced by these ones, but they're pretty well 1:1 for size, like aside from the initial aforementioned firmness of some buttons, you could pass this off as an official Sony wireless controller. Takes 2 AAA batteries, and you get a pretty bloody long life out of them. I've only used whatever cheap shitty department store ones I had lying around on them, never wasted good batteries, and I got well over a year or so out of them before I had to change them. Probably a good few hundred hours off those 2 batteries.
  3. I remember picking up Black Ops 3 at midnight with the missus, heading home, ready to go. It was the weekend, nothing on. We had a kilo of party pies in the oven. It was gonna be sick, we were gonna be up all night shooting strangers and eating shit food. After about an hour of waiting on the download we gave up. The damn patch for that game, even then, took too damn long and we just went to bed. Shit's only got worse since. I understand and am actually in support of patches, but 9 times out of 10 EVERY day one patch is a load of horse shit. Ship a game that is ready. Fuck.
  4. Doritos Crash Course on 360 was kinda like this, and it was quite fun. was free though, so.
  5. Got Jak 1 on PS3 FINALLY finished, now I have all 3 plats. Was playing Go Diego Go on PS2 with the kiddo through the fat PS3, and when she got bored, I saw I still had Jak downloaded, every time I play this damn game, every time, I always forget to return the sculpter's muse. I was sitting here with 100 orbs wondering what the hell I did wrong until I went through the list. Dumb dumb Dylan.
  6. Wait until you get to the airplane bonus level.
  7. Equality for all: Show me dem titties, and show me dem pecs!
  8. I don't. I like having stuff just there for me. Fired up Jedi Outcast (or Academy, I forget with the names of that series) and it has this cool little customization thing, and I just pick a blue Twi'lek because it looked cool. Outside of like Tony Hawk, when I was like 10, and would make myself, I never get into the customization stuff. Even on like GTA, San Andreas I usually just make my IRL kinda look, GTA V I've gone far enough that I've got Trevor dressed up as Tommy from Vice City. I just don't care. And *most* of the time, when it comes to skill trees and choices and shit, I'd rather just have a list of upgrades and grab them as I go. The more basic, the better, most of the time. It really does feel like a chore to me most of the time. We have it BIG time here in Australia. LA Noire on PS4/Xbone, 20 anywhere, Switch, cheapest is about 45. Lego anything is at least 20 bucks more usually as they rarely go on special on Switch. NBA Playgrounds 2 was in a bundle a couple months back with 2K18 for 49 bucks at EB, no bundle for Switch, 48 for Playgrounds and 80 odd for 2K. Digital games are similarly more 9 times out of 10. Even Starlink that is being CLEEEEARED at most stores, it's hit 30 on PS4/Xbone (120 RRP), and the lowest it's gone on Switch is 47 once. Sucks. Buuut, on the flip side, the day and date games usually have a discounted price day one and if you buy then like I do, you usually end up coming out alright, the Switch games hold their trade value MUCH better than PS4/Xbone games, which is good.
  9. I got them both in one run.
  10. I don't know, maybe stuff is different in [insert region here], but if I saw ANYTHING from ANY company that starts with <ATTENTION> I would already know it's fake. Typical fake Apple or PayPal email bullshit that only the most amateur of conjobs use. Source: The 5-10 emails of that nature I receive every day.
  11. Gimme the MW trilogy in HD on Switch and I will dump a dollar into Activision's account every month for the next ten years.
  12. Oh my God! It's just what I said!* An indie that's not worth the asking price, and an old ass game that anyone who wants has already bought. *I say this every month though.
  13. lmao don't care unsubbed.jpeg
  14. If a movie / game featuring time travel has a part where they go back in time and see a character younger / older, is the game ageist too? I was holding out for a Switch port to double dip, but if Atlus do a statement or something, saying these people need to get over themselves and they won't be changing a thing in the game, I'll pick up a copy on PS4 just for the shit of it.
  15. Perfect Dark. People didn't like Zero. I didn't mind it, but like, another shooter in that style, yes I'm aware there's a million indie shooters that are similar for various reasons and I own a boat load of them, but I would absolutely love a current gen, cross platform, shooter with a compelling campaign and that beautiful, glorious style of 90s shooter that is sorely lacking in pretty well all AAA shooters the last 10 years or so, sans Doom 2016. There's very little more satisfying than just walking into a room and shooting the everloving shit out of everything without even aiming down the sights, like you're just blind firing at everything and feeling like a badass while doing it. Throw in a decent story and cross platform multiplayer (solely to ensure the largest player base possible), along with the down right gorgeous graphics we're capable of this generation, and you've likely got something I'll be hooked to for ages. Speaking of, I'm gonna go play some Doom 2016. Addendum: I also wouldn't mind a new Conker, could give or take a Banjo game too, we are getting a new Battletoads but since the thread is PS4 designed I'll throw that in too. Basically, I'd enjoy of Xbox got Rare off their ass and back into making decent ass games. They can all go and say no one made them make Kinect games, but you know what, even if that's 100% true, you still have no excuse to have only really made Sea of Thieves in well over 10 years outside of Kinect. If you're not gonna utilize them, all you did was waste money and piss off their existing fans.