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  1. Since EA got the license I've got Jedi Starfighter, Bounty Hunter, Racer Revenge, and Super Star Wars on PS4 Battlefront (2004) and Battlefront II (2005) on Xbox One Lego Complete Saga, Lego 3, Force Unleashed, Force Unleashed 2, on 360 when they hit BC Force Unleashed, Battlefront 2 (2005), Lego 3, BF: Elite Squadron on PSP to toss my physical copies (God I wish Lego SW 2 was digi) Battlefront (2015) and Battlefront 2 (2017) on PS4. Oh, I forgot, I also bought a copy of Disney Infinity 3 (and the ANH and TFA sets) for both myself and a friend They're just the digital ones, so 16 there. I also bought Lego TFA on PS4 AND Vita, so 18 "sales" so far, all of which would be contributing to overall sales and income, this is to say nothing of all the other Star Wars games I've picked up preowned here and there, got a copy of Clone Wars on 360 a few months back, picked up Lego 2 on 360 for 3 bucks a while back was stoked to see it hit BC and popped another 1000GS, all 3 Legos on original DS, Lego 2 on PSP digitally, a non platinum copy of Ep 3 on PS2, TFU on PS2, Lethal Alliance on DS and so fucking on, there's a tonne more, that's not the point, the point is I'm still buying and enjoying the recently released Star Wars games. Oh, I forgot, I also bought a copy of Disney Infinity 3 (and the ANH and TFA sets) for both myself and a friend Well, enjoying most of them. Both of the rebooted Battlefront games are so average and mediocre it's not even funny, and you know what, I could actually forgive Battlefront 2 for being just another shooter in a Star Wars skin if I could at least play *ALL* the content offline, but I can't, I can play dick all of it, and online just does not fucking interest me at all, but whatever. 2 out of 20 is by no means bad, that's a 90% success / enjoyment rate, everyone makes mistakes, it's all good man, 2 out of 20 is absolutely nothing, that's a great record. Wait. Wait, there's a pattern. It seems that I will enjoy just about any Star Wars game I can get my hands on, it seems that most of them are unique enough from their predecessors or well made enough that I can have a right good time playing through them. Those two though, the pattern, maybe it's that series, maybe shooters aren't for me? Nope, wait, BFII 2005 is my equal second favorite game of all time, can't be that. Maybe the new ones are shit then? What's different about these two games to every other Star Wars game I've ever played? Oh right, they're the only ones made by EA out of all of them. They're also really generic, have nothing unique going for them, lock a tonne of their content behind multiplayer, forced you to buy a ridiculously priced season pass the first time if you wanted to overall have even half a game's worth of content, had that whole thing with microtransactions where they straight out lied and shit all over their userbase, and also come from the company that cancelled multiple promising SW games, is the reason 1313 won't ever happen, and still hasn't given me a new Simpsons game in over a decade. I love a good rant. Though shout out to Disney Infinity, and Lego, for ignoring EA's deal and just making their own fucking Star Wars game anyway, really weird, but they are by fucking far the best Star Wars games to come out since Force Unleashed 2. Also Disney Infinity 2 is genuinely great and deserved better. Addendum: I actually bought Battlefront 2015 on PS4 on disc, for both myself and a friend. I later bought the digital complete version when it was on super sale, so add 2 more sales for that game. Battlefront 2 2017 I bought on PS4 digitally (preordered actually, as a birthday gift for the previous friend) and that game dropped so low so quick I couldn't have regretted it more, could have bought us both a copy for the same price and had some change but fuck, at least I didn't give them 2 sales. What I did give them though, was me counting as a player on BF 2015 and BF 2017 through EA Access so that's like another half sale as I'd be counted in the overall player base. Those new Battlefront games are just so disappointing it's not even funny. Like when that reboot was announced at EA, I was watching live and I swear, if I wasn't the limp dick piece of shit I am, my erection would have made a hole in my roof. Addendum II: While watching the Kinda Funny interview with Witta they mentioned The Old Republic, I also bought KOTOR on Android, and on Xbox digitally (and also picked up a disc copy for cheap as well). Funny how that game isn't too bad either, and also isn't an EA one. Also, mini extra, I'll be grabbing Republic Commando and the other BC Xbox games if they ever go on sale too, but right now, I'm happy with my disc copies of most of them.
  2. To be logged as a user on Sony's end, you need to have a trophy unlocked, AFAIK. Considering the vast, vast, vaaaast, majority of Fortnite players, including myself, have never touched or owned Save the World, the trophies will never be something we'll get. Well, that and when I was into it, I was only playing on Switch anyways.
  3. Ridge Racer Vita, the only game I wanna play on Vita that I never bothered to buy, because honestly it didn't look like it was worth 25 bucks and I figured it might hit Plus anyway sometime. PS3? idk. It'd have to be pretty bloody good to get my interest. Amplitude would have been just about the best game to go out on, but then I remembered it's cross buy and odds are the PS4 version will run better so I'll be playing it there. Fuck, actually, I know something, give me Harry Potter 7 Part 1 and 2. I'm playing through the first one on Game Cube again and I'm thinking I might run through the lot of them sometime, only ever finished the first one, but played 1-5 at least for an hour or so in the day, but 7A&B are the only ones I can't download to the NVIDIA Shield (1-4 on GC, 5 on PSP is basically the same as the main consoles, and there's a shitty version of 6 I could play through PPSSPP, I guess).
  4. Good. They shouldn't be incentivised to keep releasing the same game over and over. BC should be baked into the system out the gate for every game, then you don't have people holding out from allowing their old game to join BC because they wanna do a quick cash grab and re-release it themselves. If PS5 doesn't have significantly more BC than PS4, not only will I be waiting on a sale before buying it (I'll be day one Xboning, assuming it keeps it's BC stride going), I probably just won't buy it at all, unless Spider-Man 2 does end up being exclusive. I want to put out counter points, but really you're absolutely right. I think we could both spin our angles endlessly with no clear victor. I miss shoving in my old discs and just playing. Even the 360 wasn't too bad with it's stack of OG games, it was like a 2MB patch and you're good. Each 360 game on Xbox One has minimum half a gig or so (presumably, the emulator wrapper) added to it's total size, stuff like Ms. Pac-Man is 20 odd MB on 360, same downlaod through BC is around 570 or so. Sucks for the smaller games in particular.
  5. Not saying it didn't happen, but I've finished literally every version of this game, and am even playing through it at the moment on Android TV, and I can say without a doubt, I didn't have a single issue when platinuming it on PS4, and that that version worked flawlessly for me. Don't really have much in the way of advice, maybe reinstall it? idk
  6. First off, the Wii U is. Second, it can be defined in any number of ways, but backward compatibility traditionally means putting your old thing into your new thing, and it works. By that standard, Xbox has limited, but ever growing, backward compatibility, if through emulation. PlayStation has no backward compatibility in that sense, since PS1 discs don't work, PS2 discs don't work, PS3 discs don't work, and no PS1 / PS2 classics digitally purchased can transfer to PS4. Remasters are great. They highlight how much people really like some of their older games. If we had true backward compatibility, we wouldn't need anywhere near as many of these remasters, as a majority of them are just upscaled / upres'd versions of the originals, which you can get perfectly fine 9/10 times by playing the games through emulation and upscaling them there, as the Xbox currently does. I keep hearing good things about Amalur, I think it's back compat now, I should check it out sometime. Gimmick - "a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or trade", AKA pretty well every consumer product ever released ever. Remote Play was a gimmick that died out, PS VR is currently not much more than a gimmick with no real killer app... Back compat has a much brighter future than either of Sony's gimmicks, and it doesn't require me to spend a few hundred on a new device to take the chance on it either.
  7. Outside of the odd exclusive due to ridiculous digital pricing, like 95% of every game I've bought on Switch is digital. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but games going all digital is the way of the future. Just like how barely anyone buys CDs anymore, how barely anyone buys DVDs anymore, etc. Console games are just the last major hold out of major adoption due to their size / internet requirements, and ludicrously unfair pricing in comparison to many in store deals. Steam has already shown that all digital isn't the end of the world. It's only a matter of time, really.
  8. You say you want a re-release or a remaster. Well. If you had an Xbox, you'd need neither, and could just shove in your old discs and play them again, even keeping your old saves and story choices, if you so choose, entirely in tact. Backward compatibility /is/ important. Ain't a remaster, but every single game you said there can be played on the Xbone, and most are upscaled up the arse. Not to mention you don't have to buy the game twice, like home boy Sony would have you do. Mass Effect 1-3, Dragon Age Origins, Dead Space 1-3, hell, Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 even run at 4K, and outside of a full on ground up remake that's about as good as you could ask for a remaster to be.
  9. The game is huge and has a tonne of content. Let's be real, if it didn't have trophies at all you wouldn't care, you'd just write the game off anyway. You just don't like that you can't get some free trophies. Might I recommend Blacklight Retribution? Great little shooter, free, and has trophies.
  10. Literally every trophy from every game that isn't 100%'d. Like I just don't care at all about trophies anymore, but that being said, a 100% profile would be nice.
  11. tbh he was probs like Fuck, Nintendo coming after me now. What can I rip off, where the people who made it don't give a single shit? Vita? Great, looks like Sony got blackout drunk one night and forgot they ever made the thing, I'll be fine!
  12. I know it's early, but this is currently in the lead for comment of the year from me.
  13. First off, this is old news. True or otherwise, the rumour itself is old hat. Second, I'd jump on it in a heartbeat. Given Xbox's commitment to backward compatibility, it's not crazy to think the next Xbox will out the gate play all the games the Xbox One currently can, yeah? Well if they let me ditch all my old ass 360 discs and shit and upgrade to a digital code, 1: I won't need to rummage for discs anymore, 2: Since I GameShare with a mate it means he gets all my games too, and 3: They can all be nice and easily downloaded to my shiny new Xbox 2 or Xbox 4 or whatever the fuck they call it. Third. I think it's a great idea, but the Xbox One S is cheap enough already. We've had multiple sales over the last year, in store and online at places like Amazon, where the S, a shiny new one, with 500 OR 1TB of storage, goes for 199, sometimes with a game or two chucked in as well. Unless you GENUINELY think you can sell this disc less console for 150 RRP MAXIMUM, it's just not worth it, and even then, it would only be worth it in the event it goes on sale and knocks another 50 off because for 50 more you'd do much better to wait on a sale and get a CD player, DVD player, Blu Ray player, 4K Blu Ray player, and the ability to buy significantly cheaper physical copies of games. Forth and final word, if a disc less, but proper digital downloading option comes out for their next Xbox, I would get it. I'd pick up Game Pass and Gold when on super sale, and just play those games, wouldn't bother really buying many digital games, outside the odd thing that really grabs me. Like I have probably a couple hundred games on Xbox, but that's over several years, in the first year of Switch I bought over a hundred games and that was me going slow. So I'm not opposed to buying digital, it's just that Game Pass makes it not worth it for me to buy digital on Xbox anymore. So many games, Just Cause 3 is a recent example, that I've bought are now on the service. It's like when PS+ USED to be good, and I would be scared of buying certain games for fear of them hitting that service. Fifth and actual final word, talking about Game Pass got me thinking. I think if you sold that new console for 150 (remember it's all relative, so take whatever the lowest sale price of an Xbox One S console is for you, and knock a quarter off, that's where I'm at right now), and threw in a year of Gold and Game Pass, it would be a veeeeery tempting deal. Even for me, with the disc trade in shit, if they actually do that here, I'd think about jumping on it. My old original Xbox One is hella slow on the menus if I leave rest mode on, I have to full on and off it or else the menu will chug along slower than a retarded Thomas the Tank Engine. I'm not opposed to upgrading if the price is right, but like, I'll be buying the next Xbox day one, so the price HAS to be right, otherwise I can sit on my Xbox One until it's entirely redundant happily.
  14. Holy shit, I feel bad for you dude. Read an article about this happening to a dude not too long ago, he got told he'll never get his account back (by Sony), account ended up on some auction site, a guy bought it for the article, ended up getting in touch with the original owner, thing got a shitload of upvotes on Reddit and after all the bad press Sony finally let him back on his own shit. Is there no way you could, when talking to Sony, demand they don't give your information out? Whether it's you after the mark, the other guy, anyone, just say that you guys aren't to give out a single bit of information for anything less than a walk in visit to a Sony shop with valid ID. Either way. If you are jumping ship to PC, I STRONGLY recommend you pick up an NVIDIA Shield TV if you find a good sale. I've had mine for a couple weeks and the thing is amazing. It's like a little micro console / set top box thing, running Android. You can play most cool Android games (I've got 5 GTAs on mine for example), and it's also got fantastic support for emulation. Right now I'm playing Simpsons Hit and Run, on GameCube, through Dolphin (the GameCube emulator) on the thing, and it runs absolutely flawlessly at full speed. I've got Dreamcast, PSP, PS1, N64, Game Cube, Mega Drive, NES, SNES, and many more on my thing all loading without a single problem. The thing is a beast. But if you're doing PC gaming (I don't have a PC at all, so this is lost on me), you can stream a shiiiitload of games from your computer to the Shield, so if you got a beast of a gaming PC setup, but also wanna use it on the tele, this little guy's got you covered. Also comes with Geforce Now, which is their streaming service where you stream games from their own computers, it's got about 50 odd games for free included like Tomb Raider and the Arkham Trilogy, and it runs pretty bloody well too. In short, if you're about to be spending a bunch of money on gaming outside of the big boy consoles (assuming you don't already have a PC anyway), the Shield TV is well worth it if you find a good deal.
  15. Can't believe I'm saying this in 2019, but, No Vita port, no interest from me. I already can play Catherine on a current gen system in Xbox One, through BC. I picked up a copy at a pawn shop for 4 dollars like a year and a half ago on 360, works fine on my Xbone. Put the thing on Switch and I'll be interested, just give me portable Catherine in some form and I'm happy.