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  1. Shaq-Fu 2 was really really enjoyable for me, very underrated, I would advise you ignore critics and at least check out some gameplay on YouTube. It plays like a modern Streets of Rage in my opinion, with a bunch of powerups and a crazy ass absurd storyline. Though, Streets of Rage 4 is on the horizon and will likely shit all over Shaq, it's still worth picking up on a decent sale if you see it. Mind you, I got it for free so I'm pretty happy with the level of value I squeezed out of it.
  2. "The games will be much better quality when they dip down to 2 a month, they're not just being cheapskates upping the price of Plus, making Plus mandatory for online, taking away two thirds of the monthly games, and so on, the quality really will get better!" - Delusional morons. "Here's a game that's had a free version out for months now, and here's a spiritual sequel to a bunch of old 80s arcade racers that goes on sale for 10 bucks all the time" - Sony, to the delusional morons. ... Horizon is decently fun though, but don't go into it expecting OutRun 2019 like I did because you won't get it.
  3. I like your new ID. It sounds like the name of an I Hate Everything video...Oh wait, that does exist.

    1. Super-Fly Spider-Guy

      Super-Fly Spider-Guy

      Twas a tossup between a few things. A friend added this one to the list and it ended up winning.


      TBH I don't play PlayStation anymore though, so like, I couldn't care less if I was stuck with stoogebag forever anyway, I've come to enjoy the name almost, mostly did the swap to see what would happen when playing PS3 games online with the new name. A couple old shooters actually kept my progress (MW3 still has all my playtime) and other games would restart me at level 1 (though GTAIV isn't definitive, as the online profile is tied to a save file I believe and my saves are long gone on PS3).


      Anyway, fuck The Last Jedi.

  4. Edit: I might be misreading something. Carry on, never mind.
  5. Thanks OP. This won't be an issue for me on Switch, but tbh, I wouldn't have even thought of looking for cheats considering I barely played the original. Look forward to screwing around with them later. Edit: Actually, they look like pretty tame cheats, I might not bother. This is a remake of a 90s game, no? WHERE'S MY BIG HEAD MODE CODE!?!?
  6. With a controller, on a comfy ass couch chair.
  7. Yeah man. The *only* problem with the prequels is shoddy dialogue and stiff acting, both of which aren't a problem in a mute Lego game. Though you make a good point. Luke being a depressing old has-been, but in mute form, could be good for a laugh. I'll rephrase, A muted version of TLJ where the backstory and bullshit of Luke trying to kill his nephew will likely be glossed over or skipped entirely (hopefully in a similar fashion to how Vader told Luke he was his father in Lego SW2), might almost resemble Star Wars and be enjoyable.
  8. A mute Lego game in 2020? Fuck, this might be the only way to get any money out of me toward Last Jedi content.
  9. Oh believe me, I don't. PlayStation Plus used to actually be an additional thing like it's name implies but now it's required for countless games. But with the Xbox stuff, everything I said there, is just the logical continuation of what they're already doing. Game Pass already offers over 200 games, backward compatibility already lets me play 3 generations of Xbox on one console. All they have to do is continue that and not fuck it up, and we'll be fine. And I enjoyed No Man's Sky. If I gave a single shit about Fallout I'd have given 76 a go, but alas, I do not. But nah, I'm not swayed by the hype, I'm swayed by the beautiful idea of a Netflix for games. If I can shell out my monthly fee, get hundreds of games, and never have to actually quote unquote buy anything ever again, or at least very rarely, I'm happy. Like if they do a year's worth of Game Pass for 120 or so, I'm absolutely sold. That's 10 bucks a month, for a good couple hundred games with new ones constantly, (hopefully) many of which will be exclusives from all the studios they've recently eaten up. That's more than fine with me. The absolute cheapest you can find a game launch day in Australia is around 65 give or take a couple of dollars, so if I can get all that for a year, for the cost of two AAA games day one, I mean, that's a no brainer for me.
  10. Well knew it would be, but I was still so bummed when it was announced as Christmas next year. I had a liiiiiiittle bit of hope it would drop at the end of this year. I am feckin' ready for next gen already, and Xbox is doing everything they need to to pull me their side, even though I was already gonna choose the system with the most compatible old gen games, which was always likely to be them. Fancy pants super fast load times with an SSD, check. Fancy pants super good RAM and even using virtual RAM on top of it, check. Up to 120 FPS and 8K resolutions (even though it's likely fuck all games will actually hit that and I'm still fine with my 1080p TV), check. Backwards compatible with all three generations of Xbox consoles*, and obviously it's own new games, check. Still keeping Game Pass alive and well so that I don't need to buy fuck all in the way of games for this console and can just play all my current crap while I wait for the next big Game Pass game, check. Game Pass and back compat are the sole reasons I'll be buying Xbox next gen. I prefer the Xbox controller and menu currently but who cares about that shit really, all that matters is games, and while Sony have way more exclusives, Spider-Man is literally the only one I give a shit about now that Uncharted is done and inFamous is MIA. Xbox launching with a shitload of backward compatible games, and a service where I can pay X amount a month and get access to hundreds of games, including brand new games on launch day (thereby reducing my need to buy new shit to play) is ace for me. I wanna Netflix next gen. I'm sick of building up a backlog, I always do it, and it's too late for my 150+ downloads on Switch that I haven't got around to, but it's not for next gen. I look forward to not buying games next generation. All PlayStation needs to do to get me to buy their thing is be backward compatible with *ALL* my PS1, PS2, and PS4 discs and downloads. I'd like PS3 too but you know Sony isn't as good with their own system as the hackers for some reason. So we've outlined the two things Xbox has done to win me over, and we've got one thing Sony *could* do to win me back, but that leaves them one behind, they need one more, and I'll give it to them. Price. Sony need to be cheaper than Xbox, as they were last generation. If the PS5 could launch a good 150 bones less than the Scarlett, I'd consider it. I'm expecting Scarlett to be around the 700 mark AUD (the Xbone, and the Xbone X launched for 650 here), the PS4 dropped for 550 day one and all the word on the street about Sony wanting to stick to the 400USD tag would fit with it being 550AUD here at launch. If the PS4 dropped reasonably cheaper, that would help combat Game Pass for me, as Game Pass Ultimate is 15.95 here provided you don't wait for a deal, so I'd be stocking up on that when there's deals and shit on Xbox but another 150 off would cover more than 2 years of PS+ with (hopefully) games for PS4 & PS5 every month buying on sale (EB is 55 right now for a year, and they do that every E3) so that is a decent difference when talking about living off the subscriptions and not buying as many games this generation. *Backwards compatible with all three generations of Xbox consoles - Well Phil Spencer said in an interview this morning that they are working on getting every game to come over. We don't know that they actually will and surely they would after a while, but we all kind of assume everything they've got the licensing taken care of to sell on Xbox One, they would have had the foresight to also have for Xbox 2. Though it could also be technical / emulation issues rather than licensing, who knows. Point being, god I hope they don't launch with like 50 BC games and slowly roll out the rest of the already back compat games over the years, if the Xbox 2 can't play *EVERYTHING* the Xbox One can, then it can't instantly replace my Xbox One, and if it can't instantly replace it, I still need it. And if I still need it, I don't need an Xbox 2 day one, so that would be a major get for Sony if Xbox can't get all their back compat shit out there day one.
  11. Be grateful we don't charge you another 30 dollar Tassie Tax. Petrol and piss costs more due to shipping and whatnot, may as well pay more for digital stuff too.
  12. The Sly Trilogy is fantastic if you've not already checked it out on PS2 or Vita, for some reason they're still not on PS4. Also Sly 4 is a good romp too. The Amazing Spider-Man movie games are fun. I mean, they're nowhere near Spider-Man PS4 or Spider-Man 2 on PS2, but they're cheap, fun, and a quick plat. Grand Theft Auto IV is a fantastic game and easy single player 100%, multiplayer is an absolute grind but I mean, if you enjoy it, go for it. A lot of other games I'd recommend like Duke Nukem 3D (never mind, that's on PS4), Simpsons Arcade, OutRun Online, or Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD are all delisted unfortunately.
  13. Buying a PS4 over an Xbox One at launch. Nah, I don't have a big one, I have a few little trivial ones, listed in no order. . Getting into trophies AT ALL. . Signing up to a Brazilian PSN account to get Rachet Gladiator and QForce for free, but then forgetting the login details. . Making an American account and going through the hassle of buying American currency to buy Shadow Warrior 2 on sale, only for it to come to Australia like a month later at that point (though I did also get Hotline Miami 2, and use that account for all the Humble Bundles not available in Australia, so it's okay) . Buying Rock Band on iOS like 7 or 8 years ago because you can't redownload it at all and it sucks, it was a real hassle to sideload onto an iPhone in 2019. . Buying Rock Band 4 right before the massive price drops started. . Buying Guitar Hero Live because it was cheaper than Rock Band 4, only to realize it's a piece of shit, and then caving and buying RB4 anyways. . Bricking one of my PSP Go consoles when learning how to CFW for the first time. . Trading in all my old Game Boy / Advance stuff for (relatively) piss all, trading all my shit in general tbh. Cliche I know, but damn I regret it. . Preordering Battlefront 2 digitally as a birthday present for a friend, only for it to tank and be 20 dollars in weeks after release, when I paid 100 for a digital copy.
  14. Nah. Platinum'd all 3 on PS3 and Vita multiple times + in game 100% on all 3. The mini games set was a bonus thing with the original PS3 disc version of the trilogy, not available at all on Vita and AFAIK it's not available in the digital version of the PS3 set in any way either.
  15. I'd delete literally every single trophy I've earned ever.