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  1. Me: *signs in for first time in months to see if I can deactivate my forum account*


    PSNP: Nope, but you can delete everything ever off the site.


    Me: But, but I like looking at my list every now and then, it's pretty.


    PSNP: Well, guess we've got you then, hey?

  2. Spider-Man PS4 - 3/10 Spider-Man PS4 with the Maguire Attire - 13/10
  3. I'm not saying I forgive them for everything, but fuck me, I'd be lying if I said this game didn't deserve a second chance. I'm very glad it got that chance, I'm very glad it came out on Xbox as well, and so long as it's still kicking along and gone multiplat... put it on Switch next please? I remember not too long after launch when I played it wishing it would come to Vita, perfect on the go game for pick up and play seshes, Vita has long since died but like, I still wouldn't mind playing No Man's Sky on the train or something, yo.
  4. If you can think, you would be sick of these by the numbers cookie cutter movies a good while back. But no. "Wow, I really wanna impress Mr. Stark. Mr. Stark, Mr. Stark, Mr. Stark. What if Mr. Stark needs me?" What if you were your own fucking person like you've always been, Pete? And not just some moron idolizing a war profiteer, who has literally put the entire world *this* close to extinction, who basically kidnapped you and blackmailed you with the threat of outing you to your aunt, who is gross around said aunt too, who left you on your own completely until he was like "well fuck, maybe I can use this kid again" when all his other friends were in jail because he god damn had a guilty conscience *over shit that would NOT have been possible without him, Ultron* and wanted government authority to step in and dictate when he and his "friends" could and could not do hero shit, like no Peter, I'd have thought by your second movie you'd have half a brain and wise up to old man Stark's bullshit but I guess you really can't speak ill of the dead. Tony is a bad guy. Iron Man 1-3 were dope and his part in Avengers 1 was also great. But after that, he's proved time and time again, even with good intentions that he is more trouble than he's worth. My boi Spidey does not need to idolize such a shit person. Cap should have been Pete's mentor, they are so fucking similar and *actual decent human beings* that it sucks Spidey's been twisted into Tony's bullshit and IF the Sony deal doesn't work out (they will likely reneg on it tbh), the only shame is that Peter never got to outgrow the shadow of that guy.
  5. I'm *incredibly* glad. Spider-Verse was fantastic, Venom was better than it should have been, meanwhile (though I think Tom is great in the role) Spider-Man has been utter trash in the MCU, like I like his movies fine, and even enjoyed Far From Home, but they pale to the near-perfect Holy Trilogy of the 00s. I think Tom is fine in the role but fuck, they NEED to get rid of this Iron Boy Jr. bullshit already. Whatever it takes to get Sony one step closer to greenlighting Spider-Man 4 with Tobey (or a live action Spider-Verse, I'm down), is the right thing to do.
  6. One hour? It's been over a year now, you could have got that promotion and bought a nice new car by now if not for this game.
  7. BRING ME A CURRENT GEN VERSION OF QUAKE 3. I don't care if it's only on PS4, Xbox, or Switch, I have the lot, don't care if it's just the 360 version made back compat, just give me a god damn current gen version of Quake 3. id, Bethesda, get the fuck on it. Hell, I'll even make a account for it!
  8. Fuck yeah, gonna give it a whirl tomorrow when the kiddo's got kinder.
  9. Is this the update with VR? That's enough to get me to dig up the game, but I haven't played pretty much since v1.0.
  10. I think mine was the plat for NFS Most Wanted on PS3, "None More Wanted" Had it been one further up, it would have been #UniteInSpeed from DriveClub, so I mean, I guess a quick game's a good game, first to finish is the only winner. Sex in a nutshell right there, kiddies. Edit: I recounted and it actually is Unite In Speed. So that's actually pretty fitting. Unity, being the joining of two or more things. Speed, being something that is fast Uniting in speed would be two things coming together in a fast manor. I have the absolute perfect 69th trophy, fucking top that, kiddies.
  11. GTA V trophies have always been a bit weird, I know that doesn't help you, but you're not alone. I remember when I did mine, I had a few that didn't work (mind you this was pretty bloody close to launch, you'd think they'd have fixed it by now) like the cab trophy and whatnot, a few of the online ones wouldn't autopop properly when transferred from PS3 either. What I did was just kind of hang around an open lobby and just run around aimlessly, so my recommendation, which very well may not work anyway, is to just jump into an open online lobby and tape your remote down while you go to work or go see a movie or something, just let the sucker run around for a good while, and hopefully it will pop.
  12. lmao, Borderlands THC is now on sale for 8 bucks digitally. Damn.
  13. The games are fine this month, except I bought Omega for 20 bucks new a year and a half ago (and it's just a remake of some games, going back as far as 2004 on a portable), and Sniper Elite has been on Game Pass for ages and is also pretty cheap. PlayStation Plus is 12 bucks a month. 12 x 12 = 144. 24 goes into 144 six times. So six bucks a game. Now, figure that you only care about half the games on offer (which, lets be real, you probably don't even care about half) that number becomes 12. Let's run through the games we've got since March, and also, bare in mind that they launched with relative "heavy hitters" back then and the quality will likely dip further as time goes on. March The Witness - Lowest price according to PS Prices, 12.55 Modern Warfare Remastered - 23.98, though it is a remaster of a game that's been in the $5 bargain bin for a decade but whatever April Conan Exiles - 27.45 The Surge - 13.45 May What Remains of Edith Finch - 11.95 Overcooked - 5.95 June Sonic Mania - 14.95 Borderlands THC - 13.95 July Detroit - 24.95 Horizon Chase - 14.95 August Sniper Elite 4 - 17.95 Wipeout Omega - 17.75 Now, if you were to buy the cheapest game every month, half of them, that so far would be $78.60 over the 5 months. At 12 bucks a month, you'd have paid 60 bucks so far for PS+. Now, factor in that you don't actually own any of these games. Factor in that these are the lowest digital prices, and that any of them in store have and will continue to be cheaper (Borderlands and COD are both 10 at Target right now, normal price for example), and PS+ is looking *objectively* like shit. I'm only showing comparable digital prices. If you shop the sales in actual retail stores, I guarantee you could find them for less, and easily. Outside of digital only games (obviously), retail is almost always much cheaper, and then, you have the benefit of being able to lend it to a friend or trade it in for more money toward your next game or just straight up return it if you don't like it. PlayStation Plus, is 1. Not an actual addition as the name implies, since it's required to access the MP part of the full priced game you just bought 2. *Objectively* bad value, when you consider the developers have to pay to keep their games online, not Sony, and that the money you give Sony, doesn't pay for your online anyway, and it was always free on PS3 to play online...and PS4 online runs like a bag of shit, but that's a different complaint. 3. A load of horse shit games wise because the games you get are usually cheap and or old shit, that you could have already bought for less and *actually* owned Thank you for your time.
  14. It's a forum, on a gaming website. That's fair game. Heh, game. I mean, first off, I barely pop up lately and haven't for a good while until recently, on account of being in a Whatsapp group with the two or three people on here I actually talked to for more than five minutes who had more than five brain cells (shout out to @The Shopkeeper and @MosesRockefeller, sorry I keep upgrading phones and shit, Imma shoot you a message in like two weeks when I have everything sorted), because there's too many people like you who rip into everything everyone says that they don't agree with. Which, admittedly I used to do a lot too, and still do sometimes, but like, you're a pretty constant doer of these things. If you're not having fun, then you can just leave. Second, it is an open forum on the internet. Anyone can and will pop up and that's how it's designed to be, if you have a problem with someone disagreeing with you, then *you* can just leave. Sorry to break the hive mind you think you've got going on here, but a boatload of boatloads of people don't give a shit about trophies, and there's plenty of them on this site. Third, I usually just hang out in the Switch thread or the anything and everything else section, so it's not like I'm *usually* in your face about the Switch being superior to PS4, and again, see point 2, it's an internet forum, people will say shit. It happens funnily enough. If you don't like someone talking about the Switch in the Switch section, then uh, you can just leave. Also bonus points, PSNP having a Switch section is pretty obvious proof that you can pop up on here and talk about shit, while not giving a single fuck about trophies. Anyway. End of the day, I don't understand why you'd be baffled as to my being here. Whenever I would pop up, I wasn't usually sitting there sucking on that trophy dick, I was usually bopping about doing what you do in a forum, talking about shit. But more than anything, "does the trophy system need an overhaul" is a question, and it's a question open to everyone at that, so I threw in my opinion. I think it's a pretty fair opinion that a lot of people share, just as there's a lot of people who share yours, and there's nothing wrong with either opinion, it's just quite funny that you should be the person to have a problem with that. Always having a go at something, it's crazy, it's almost like you're the one not having fun, maybe you should try turning off trophies, but do remember kiddies, if you're not having fun, Then you can just leave. ...also, while I'm having my first long post in a good while, @MosesRockefeller and @The Shopkeeper, I don't like Last Jedi. I am surrounded by people who hate it and I can only see people everywhere else hating it too. It made less money than the last one and the toys aren't selling. You guys can have your reasons you believe that is and I can not believe them and that's fine. But holy shit, I am sorry for arguing about it so much. Y'all are good dudes and I'm not one for just letting something go if it annoys you, like I know my blind dislike of the movie surely annoys you guys as much as your blind love of it annoys me, but we're not going to change either of our minds and it's just a movie. Since I don't have access to Whatsapp at the moment and I'm already dragging it off topic and rambling, now seems as good a spot as any to drop this. Plus it's been so long I don't have any warning points anymore and I'm kinda missing them. Point is anyway, I'm pretty fucking keen for Episode 9 and bought the kiddo a Rey costume the other day and she's so fucking cute in it holy shit, I just want my girl Rey and my boi Finn to kick some ass and I'll be happy. Anyway, I'm sorry for arguing so much about it. I 100% believe what I've said and ain't sorry for that, but I'm sorry for going on about it so much that it's one of like three things I remember from the chat. Also, I low key also just put it here to waste Spaz's time a bit more to make up for his wasting of mine.
  15. Yeah. I do. Know what the last two games I played were? Doom 1 and 2 on Switch (yes, I have them on a million other things, just like everyone else). I finished them both on easy (still got most of the Master Levels admittedly, but the main games), had an absolute blast, and left. I played Doom 1 on 360 a year or two back and clocked the first three episodes on the middle difficulty and then got halfway through the forth and left it for a good while. To get any achievements on that version, you have to beat each episode on at least the third difficulty level. Now, I'm not the worst at these games, but I'm far from the best. I got stuck in the forth episode, put it down for a bit, and forgot about it for a couple of years. I never bothered to play easy mode, and by extension, never bothered to even finish the game, because I refused to let that achievement get away from me (I went back the other day and finished it in like 10 minutes, just with a lot of save scumming). The achievement system there actively fucked with my sense of fun and enjoyment. Sure, it's up to the individual to determine how much the achievements mean to them, blah blah blah, but it's also up to smokers to stop smoking, it's also up to alcoholics to quit drinking, it's not as easy as just saying "Well play on easy then, loser". Take the damn trophies and that away, and the playing habits of a lot of you guys would certainly change, maybe for the better, maybe for the worse in some instances, but it would change the way you play, and if that leads to playing more games in more of the ways you want and not letting some silly lil digital medal dictate the experience, that's pretty bloody good to me.