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  1. A LOT of people are the same, I've been among them for years and years, thinking IV or Vice or (insert your fave here) is better. Redoing London would be odd. Not the least of which, because Watch Dogs 3 did London quite recently.
  2. If they just brought over the Android versions, I'd welcome it, and admittedly buy them again when they went on sale, but if they wanted anything more than like 7.50 or something a pop I'd laugh and leave. I don't think they need to be any easier either, I think they're both quite easy, same as SA, IV, V, and all the GTAs tbh, however, like let's be real, it's just so much more convenient to wake up at a hospital and carry on than to reload, redo whatever last couple missions you did because you haven't saved, and get yourself caught back up. As for the checkpoints, I was just breezing through VC on the PS5 and doing some taxi missions for the fuck of it, nothing else to do, and I kept getting North Point Mall to the hospital / docks area like 5 times in a row and it does take a minute or two, nothing compared to San An and V but still, but I meant more so checkpoints mid mission for some rather than to skip the drive, the drive is the least hard part. Like think the one where you have to rescue Lance and get him to the hospital, getting all the way there, getting in there, getting past everyone, getting him in the car, getting him out, that's quite annoying to do again because you got out of the lot and those assholes start chasing you and flipped your damn car two seconds from the hospital to drop him off. And I don't think you necessarily need a map, it just feels weird that 3 doesn't have it, and the GPS functionality, while useless for you and me who've played them to death, would likely be very much appreciated by any new comers. I did it without cheats (except the Godfather, I defo recall shoving a bunch of helicopters in the garage and destroy all cars cheating over and over. Would also love Liberty and Vice Stories to get re-released, the mobile port of LCS is excellent, still holding out hope some day a VCS port will just drop on there. Definitely worth picking up LCS if you have an Android TV machine / box / whatever, it's a fantastic port job. I really never got that, that helicoper mission is an absolute box of piss, grab bomb, fly over, drop bomb, fly back, repeat. It's not once given me a single issue in the 15+ years I've been playing Vice City. Fixing the spawn locations and shit would be VERY welcome though.
  3. I'm not sure you got what I was saying, don't use HDMI. Nah I feel that though, I quit my last office job about 2 months ago, I bought a TicWris, 2.86 inch smart watch with full SIM and phone all that built in, and spent most of my last couple weeks playing Peggle and Candy Crush on my wrist watch while no one was any the wiser.
  4. If you're just hiding the noise from someone, could you not just... put the thing on mute? Better yet, play it super safe, since it's an old school PS3, use the AV cables and rip the audio ones out so there's no fear at all, donezo. What a weird post, not what I expected, I was expecting to come in here and say hold the power button down for 10 seconds and reset the video/audio settings but nope.
  5. Everyone likes to rag on the mobile ports of the trilogy but you know what - I like being able to turn the camera in GTA 3 and Vice City freely, and without having to enter the awkward and honestly useless first person mode. - I like the option to play with the classic controls, or more modernized ones like R2 for forwards, and L2 for backwards, etc. - I *love* the autosave and checkpoint updates in all 3 games, as well as the inclusion of cloud saves via Social Club. - I like the slightly revised UI in 3 and VC, the new mission start screens are a nice touch up from the low res images of the PS2 original. - I like that you keep your guns after being wasted / busted, yes I know the new games are too fucking easy, but who cares, we've beat all 3 of these ones a million times, I can't be fucked finding and dating all the girls in San Andreas to unlock it all anyway. - I like the new lighting engines, sue me, I think it looks better. The draw distance in San Andreas when you're flying is absolute ass and I'll give you that, but otherwise, it's nice. And likely quite a bit more. I hope the new versions include all of that and then some, but because these games are so huge and the company behind them is still alive and kicking, you'll pretty well always be able to buy them again in their original form, the trilogy is available digital on PS3 and PS4 (which means and PS5), the mobile and PC ports can be played on a goddamn potato, hell they even ported it to the goddamn 3DS not too long ago and it runs surprisingly well. The Vita got homebrew ports too not too long ago. San Andreas is back compat on Xbox and while it sucks 3 and VC aren't, they may come in the future, they may not, either way, they'll have this version. If they manage to snap back up the licenses for the expired songs in Vice City (there's a few in San An I miss too, but mostly VC), add a map to GTA 3, GPS functionality like GTA 4 and beyond, some checkpoints and shit, and a goddamn moveable camera in 3/VC, I'll lap it up and delete the emulated versions of 3/VC I've had on my Series X since last year happily.
  6. Just like the original game, ironically.
  7. Stating the obvious...but you were surprised you could have an account be active on both a PS4 and PS5...which is the obvious I stated...? I think..? Feel like this whole thread is stating the obvious.
  8. Whitelist hack is bae...
  9. Bro, has it not been the same since the PS3 brought the PSN along with it? You can't be in two places on the same line of PlayStation (3, 4, 5, V), you can have your Vita on while you play on PS4 and whatnot, but you could never be on 2 PS3s at the same time, nor could you do 2 Vitas at the same time (which made self boosting Vita games a lot harder since there's no way to sign in as someone else and keep the games...without hacking anyway), same as the 4, and now the 5...we're surprised why? As someone else said, if it's a big issue, whichever console is set to be the home console, just fire it up offline.
  10. On the one hand: Damn, I'm bummed my save got lost when I sold my PS4. On the other hand: If I've rebought the game, I was probably looking to replay it anyway. On the third hand: I could just as easily pop a plat and fuck around in free roam indefinitely as I have since 2018.
  11. Duke Nukem Forever, while obviously flawed, and while it obviously should have been a lot better, is still a fun and mostly functional game. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, while obviously flawed, and while it obviously should have been a lot better, is still a fun and mostly functional game.
  12. Hi, Xbox Series X AND S preordered day one here, I love me some Xbox, so I'm not a Sony Pony. Buuuuuut, Microsoft doesn't support all the Xbox consoles. They shut down Xbox Live for the original in I wanna say 2009, which is about 8 years after it came out, the PS3 was 2006 and is still going strong 14 years later with regards to online and support. Not to mention the original Xbox didn't let you buy *full* games online either, so there was a shitload less to keep up and running. They have a handful of original Xbox games, 20 something I believe, and around five or six hundred 360 games, that work on Xbox One, that's it, that's not the same as actually supporting the console still, by that logic, Sony is still supporting the PS2 since you can buy a few dozen digital games on PS4, or even as far back as the PS1 since you can still buy PS1 classics on PSP/Vita/PS3. You can still download your 360 games via the website, so I guess that's one single thing Xbox has with regards to support of old consoles over PlayStation. I still play PS2 era games more than any other, I'm all for keeping things alive forever, but there's 2 main things 1. The PS3 hasn't been manufactured in years, keeping it alive on the PSN likely makes them piss all, but they still are anyway and 2. We're going onto the PS5 now, the fact a console from almost a decade and a half ago still has as much support as it does, is honestly impressive in itself PS. Where was this attitude when PSP got it's shit shutdown? You can't go onto the store on there anymore, you HAVE to download it to a PS3 and then copy it over, that's much worse if you ask me.
  13. For you, babe
  14. Welcome to the Collective of Us, the No Trophy Suckers, or C-U-N-T-S for short. Perks of membership: Now that you can play anywhere, and play entirely just for fun, you can shop the deals on 3 times as many consoles as you could before.
  15. I ditch PlayStation for a month or two and I'm level 550? What in the fuck has happened to trophies / count in the last couple months cobbas?

    1. Crusader_Fox
    2. NERVergoproxy


      You sure leveled a lot for not playing for a month or two...


    3. Super-Fly Spider-Guy