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  1. The writing was too much cringe for me so I had to put the volume to 0 for dialogue because it eventually went from dieing of cringe to being really pissed off with it. The shooting was horrible and boring it’s a shame because if they made cooler wacky weapons and shooting enemies more fun then this would’ve been great because I enjoyed the story missions themselves. Game looked and ran great at 4k/UHD.
  2. Yea the players who have already platted this game will have abused this double xp glitch too. You can message them what time/day they put their time too but I’d imagine any egg mission double XP with 4 competent players will be close enough as good as that specific mission anyway.
  3. Haha well if you want that specific mission you’ll have to reverse your time back to when you were doing that mission… because double XP missions change everyday by a small variation.
  4. Change the time on your PlayStation. I messaged the host that was doing it when I joined the lobby and that’s the answer he gave me.
  5. Based on what? Not much games or trophies… nah games and trophies anyone can have but the OG named name only one can have. If anyone was to buy viper off him they’d pay good amount of money. People who buy accounts dont care about what trophies or how much plats you have there’s no value in that because account buyers aren’t interested in that stuff in general unless it was a modded 999 trophy account some take interest in.
  6. Most of the value would be in the PSN name itself you hold I’d say 80%… so not the OG “consumed” the value of my account drops. I’d say 10k for my name add my 100+ accolades and online stats plus trophies id sell for 13k.
  7. It doesn't come close to being as good as black ops 1 and black ops 3 campaign, but way better than black ops 2 campaign. It's fun but that's about it.
  8. For me that feature is the best, seeing my mates doing crazy stuff in their game they would be talking about and now being able to see it whilst i game is next level. Could be used in so many ways too.
  9. mahhhh birthday today :3

    1. Horizon6077


      Have a great one!

    2. Condemned09


      Happy birthday :D 

    3. ihadalifeb4this



      Lmao, sorry i ment happy birthday!

  10. Atleast you haven't purchased lifetime premium like I did 😂 feel like I've gotten kinda ripped off rn haha I wanna update my account like normal 😥
  11. Yea this has happened to me too on my laptop, but when I update my PSN on this site on my phone it works.
  12. Most of the campaign and side missions are boring and the games just showing off how beautiful it is rather than focusing on a better campaign. The online is so toxic and there's literally no point in doing anything legit when all everyone does is hack, glitch, mod, exploit, boost and anything to cheat their way through to getting stuff so it ruins the fun for legit players like myself. The trophy list for this game is so bad with how buggy it is it's a joke for such a big game to not even get the trophies working properly and not caring to fix it.
  13. I'm not looking forward to all the bugs in single player trophies. Yea i disagree with the both of you. GTA IV is better
  14. I didn't know 80 is under 20. i've done them all 4 times. i just got the trophy by doing them all again with a face mask on..