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  1. Need high level players for leveling up characters and high level gears ;-) psn: chrismad1976
  2. You can use the co-op glitch to play prologue with a team of 2 or 4 person. I personally confirm that it's still working. Look at some video online. Ciao
  3. Tried today. It's not working for me. I stayed alive, I win the match but I was not MVP :-(
  4. The same for me. the problem is there are no improvement in my times, after more than 300 tries. :-(
  5. I did 1vs1 with another guy yesterday. Trophy did not pop for me!!!
  6. Finally got it!!
  7. I changed different Maps every time
  8. I played around 20 featured matches. Not popping for me. I went to Solo&coop missions then in the filter I put featured then I've chosen especially Journey since they are the fastest ones. At the end of every match I came back to arcade menu. I did this around 20/25 times. Any suggestions?
  9. I will glad to help!! PM me
  10. I confirm this method is working.
  11. Hello I just need lvl 70 Legendary shoulders, gloves, boots and pants for Up All Night To Get Lucky trophy. Someone would be so kind to borrow them just to catch the trophy?? My ID is chrismad1976 Thanks in advance
  12. UPDATE. I've got no rest for the living today... Can't get Shareware
  13. Hi everybody, between me and Platinum there are only 2 trophies: Shareware and No rest for the living, the easiest trophies. i tried as mentioned in trophy guide but the 2 trophies did not pop Any advise?