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  1. My missing word and 1 movie was; DAVEY
  2. When you're in a freeplay sometimes on the screen a ANSWER CALL or PHONE in capital letters is shown. These are SURVIVAL CALLS, you need 26 of them but in my case a few, around 4-5 didn't count.
  3. Try replaying those missions given after answering phone call from time to time. In my case 4-5 five didn't count. Keep trying.
  4. Is there a site where there is a complete list of japanese trophy names with icons. I wanted to plat this after years but I'm confused which trophy is which.
  5. As far as I read a while ago on pstrophies the survival mode trophies are practically impossible to achieve without experienced fellow online gamer because having one with apropriate skill to play locally could be not possible.
  6. This is the reason I think there should be no online trophies in any game which in it's basic construction is completely online.
  7. Why not worth? All the online trophies (VERUS) can be done in about 6-8 hours as @Smashero wrote today and this special and ridiculous one can be done in a while. Hope EA servers will be able to process all the players wanting to do the online trophies in next 48 hours or less. The whole game is old but very satisifing. If you can - go for it!
  8. I'll be 44 on August 21st. I'm addicted to gaming since 8bit Atari and it's about 38 years from now. Atari 65XE, Amiga 500, Amiga 2000, PC 486DX40, some next PC machines, PSX, PS2, PS3, PSV, PS4 Won't stop until I'm alive. A friend from my gaming group is over 50 and he's doing plat after plat everyday! So keep on rolling!
  9. Yes, I was afraid of chest too. While playing story mode I've found one in a story mission in SE of the map (some sort of fortified village) just after mission in the forest where u have to deal with lots of tribal guardsemn hiding in the bushes. So don't worry, you'll encounter one too. Just remember to stay logged in and if you don't see any of the social collectables in an hour or two, just restart the game completely so you'll be connected to another server.
  10. Just found Royal Convoy (921,475) , remaining time: 6h20.
  11. We got both online trophies a few minutes ago. It's P2P so no server closure is happening. You need 4 copies of game to get both trophies and about hour to complete them. Thx Navigate82 & WidgetPL.
  12. Wonder if now in 2022 those two online trophies are possible? Anyone?
  13. Still online (P2P) and both regions are compatible for multiplayer. I'm just helping with this Online Acrobat trophy friend of mine right now.
  14. The last song took me around 4-5 hours to complete (with natural interruptions like breakfast, a walk with my dog, some phonecalls), but now sincerely speaking it's not that difficult as people say, just ridiculously absurd (camera movement and so on). In my case a guy's from gamefaqs walkthrough helped me a lot. He described how sisters one by one spoil the camera angle. The last song is not as difficult as in Drakengard2 (as far as i can remember) - you just need to be patient, accurate and CALM. In my case afrer several tries I took my doggie for a long walk, turned off my cell and doorbell to have a "soundfree" environment. Then, after about 5 another tries made it. Now it's time for DLC grind. Wish me luck. Yoko Taro - I'm going for NIER soon!
  15. Online mode still works if someone want's to 100% this game.