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  1. Buy this game if your only goal is easy, yet a few hours long and boring platinum.
  2. This time trophy guide isn't required at all. Just play through world 1, collect 250 coins (cannot be missed), die once while playing and then go to main menu, play minigame, collect 25 tickets, press TRIANGLE and buy first item. That's all. 10-13 minutes platinum....
  3. You can use almost all cheat codes from PS2. But if you use 100% complete or mission complete cheat you're totally SCREWED on current save, because two last missions in Coney Island wil not show on map thus making 100% completion impossible. Beware.
  4. I assure all of you saying this exo-piece-of-s**t easy - they are not. Zombie mode, those wave-related trophies are only things to keep my CoD games out of platinums. I just hate them, and I think I'm not the lamest shooter player. The same was with Bulletstorm anarachy master trophy which required 4 coop competent players and almost two hours of uninterrupted play to have a chance to get. Exo/zombie in CoD:AW I've done just because they were not patched, and with real and big help from fellow gamers. These modes are the only reason my only platinum in CoD series is CoD Classic - difficult and demanding, but without stupid trophies like meant above. And lastly - tips like: play the game unpatched are really not seriuos, because they concern only players with physical copies, because digital players on ps4 download all the games with all patches realeased so far and there is no way to delete updates.