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  1. Recently plated Future Tone DX, bumping me up to 6 plats and Rolling Girl rank, also giving me Miku's Hero
  2. The fact that there are so few of them is probably a big reason
  3. Finally got my legendary pattern today (the day I got back home too, lol)
  4. Kinda wish I wasn't away this weekend or I'd just be grinding out crowns 😅 At least I got some Friday and early Saturday
  5. Yeah
  6. I assume so, yeah
  7. This event is back now, and timeouts still work (at least they did a few hours ago), got 3 wins so far
  8. Just wanted to confirm that yes, it can - just got it through this along with the others in my party
  9. I got the 7 win trophy from here earlier, so 20 wins would presumably work too
  10. I'd assume so (already got it through the earlier custom rounds exploit but it should work with this too) I reached the 7 wins trophy through this, so it works for the round win trophies at least
  11. Just wanted to notify that the current "Hoverboarding Time" event is good for getting episode wins (if you're at least decent at Hoverboard Heroes). The final round lets everyone who reaches the goal win (you'll know it by it not showing the "qualified" counter), so it's a good opportunity to get the remaining wins for trophies, or just grind out some crowns
  12. I also try buying at least a few items every day, to get a better chance of getting them
  13. I'm also looking for one, according to an item list I read there's only 5 or so legendary patterns in the whole game so no wonder it takes a while
  14. edit: nevermind turns out I had gotten it earlier and just hadn't built the needed room yet
  15. Bumping this because I'm also wondering about the same sheet, it's one of two I'm still missing (and the other one is apparently won from a BuiBui Race challenge so I at least know how to get that)