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  1. Revival Ending Achieved Revival Ending in [Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Into Legend]. Godly Game Creator Produced 10 "Godly Games" within Disc Dev. Sucky Game Creator Produced 10 "Sucky Games" within Disc Dev. Card Master Collected all cards from CPU Chips. (yeah, pretty happy to finally be done with the RNG Hell cards...)
  2. Scavenger Novice Acquired 50 items from dungeon objects. Quiz King Answered all "Quiz! Millionep" questions correctly. Lovey-Dovey Maxed a Lily Rank.
  3. Recently got a much rarer one, Musynx: Only 8 achievers for my version (I have the Limited Run physical copy but I assume this is the same list as the one from the eshop) and 29 after adding all the Vita versions together (counting from list of actual achievers since it seems to show one more/less plat on top bar for some reason) which is still very rare
  4. #27: Almighty Collect All Available Trophies. Fun rhythm game... even if the Vita version crashed a lot and even wiped my save data once (luckily I did backups after being warned of this by others)
  5. Achievements system has always been one of my biggest wishes for Switch and Nintendo consoles in general! I've been a huge Nintendo fan for years but after getting into Playstation consoles and trophies I just think trophies/achievements often adds something more to the game. Sure, games are fun just by themselves too and some games have in-game achievements which are also just as fun, but having them on your profile would be even better (and minor complaint, not a fan of the system in some games where you have to talk to a character over and over and get awarded one achievement/medal/ect. at a time - why not just get them right away without having to talk to someone?) Anyway, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed
  6. Yeah, I'll just mention that I too recently lost my save out of nowhere, it didn't even crash last time but I just started it again and then... save wiped and came back to a game with no high scores. Luckily I did do some backups in case of this, been a while since my last one though...
  7. Heart-Sync All Songs Average Sync to 115% Try harder one? Complete HD mode once WHAT IS THIS? Select Exit when you play a Lv.? song Just so-so Get one B rank
  8. #26: YAKUZA KIWAMI 2 Obtained all trophies. Second Yakuza game I platinumed after Y6. Really enjoyed the game, and though the completion list and some other grindy parts were a bit of a pain it still felt great when I was finally done with it all x3
  9. So... since I don't see a guide for it yet and no one seems to have mentioned it, I might consider making a guide for Yakuza Kiwami 2 now that I'm very close to the plat (just need to beat Legend Mode)
  10. Miracle Girls Festival to Yakuza 6 x3
  11. Cool, I'm just happy that even more people can play and enjoy the game now x3 ...might get the PS4 version for the trophies...
  12. Working towards Yakuza Kiwami 2... that's right, I'm going for this, and right now the 100% completion list... Only things left on the completion list now: * Finish mahjong requirements (just need to go out with ron/tsumo 20 more times and win at one of the tables, for some reason I've had the most bullshit luck at that specific table) and that's it for minigames * Finish Clan Creator and Cabaret Club storylines * Clear all substories (only the remaining hostess substories + Amon left) * Clear all bouncer missions (which mostly seemed easy enough... up until the Amon missions) * Get all abilities (only a few remaining, some unlocked along with other stuff above with the last one being from a book bought with baseball points... not looking forwards to grinding 2000 points just for that) and after THAT... only legend mode left (also still need the "defeat 100 enemies with weapons" trophy which I'm also slowly working towards)
  13. MUSYNC All Songs Average Sync to 110% ...and actually got this from the bug described in the guide, it popped when I still had a few songs left x3
  14. For me... that gotta be LittleBigPlanet Vita for SEVERAL types of annoying trophies: * Having 50 unique players play a level you made (though you CAN link levels to each other, so when you finish one level you go to the next one - I made several "new" levels just to lead to the first one for this. No wonder online levels are full of levels with the goal at the very start where the only point is boosting playcount for trophies) * Collecting 100% collectibles... with several of these only being unlockable in multiplayer, since some areas can only be accessed with 2 or more players. Even with a game like this encouraging multiplayer and community, 2-player only collectibles really aren't the way to go * 24 active hours in Create mode, meaning you can't just leave your console on for hours. Unless you really love making levels, you probably won't get this naturally, so most players just keep either tapping buttons or find a few to touch the screen to keep it from going into sleep mode (I just kept it facedown in my lap for hours) So yeah... no wonder the plat is only at 2.04% Only ones I actually struggled with purely difficulty-wise were the "beat 10 different levels in a row without dying" (and this can be cheated by turning off the game right after dying before it autosaves to keep your streak) and some of the arcade games. Otherwise... Neptunia's "Millionaire" trophies are usually a huge pain, so much grind...
  15. Technically, Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls with 240 achievers: HOWEVER, this is just for the European version since it has different trophy lists for each region, so the actual amount of plats are split between versions. If adding all versions together it would be 1418 Otherwise, IA/VT Colorful at 1175 current achievers