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  1. Substory God Defeat Amon. (This fight, specifically Kiryu vs. Jo Amon, was a pain... but now I at least have the Golden Pistol for my Legend playthrough!) Gourmet Dragon Order food at all eateries. Thank You! Clear the Finale. No Easy Way Out Clear Normal Mode without changing difficulty to Easy. Benevolent Dragon Send a total of 5 million yen to Morning Glory via ATM. Thrilling First Date Take a hostess on an after-hours date for the first time.
  2. Well, it doesn't have to be a literal "song" as in something with lyrics if that's what you're asking. But to answer your question, yeah, it's made originally for that game
  3. ^^ Yes The game: * is current-gen
  4. (While I found an old thread with a similar name while searching, this one works differently) This is a game shamelessly stolen from another forum, where you think of a song/track from any video game (doesn't have to be a Playstation game) and others try to guess by asking yes/no questions, first about the game and then the song itself! (well, you CAN ask about the music first too but it's generally recommended to find the game first) Whoever guesses right gets to choose a new song. Rules: Yes/no questions only (if an answer is unclear, feel free to clarify/specify a bit) One question at a time for each poster - wait until the host has replied before asking a new question! The host is highly recommended to keep track of answered questions in a list, for example: Just keep editing the list as you get new questions, and repost it when you get to a new page If it's your turn, please check the list of past rounds before choosing a song, and avoid choosing a song that's already been used in a past round. A game that hasn't been used is also preferable. Alright, I got a song, so let's start!
  5. Yeah, think I'll just wait for this to be fixed... I have the physical version but considering I'm already at the finale and started working on some of the 100% progress... don't wanna redo everything
  6. Yeah, just had this happen to me, hoping this is fixed soon
  7. If the game has a preset character with an official/default name who you can name (like Link), I usually go with their actual name. If it has a "make your own"-type character or a character meant to be a player avatar, I'll go with Zanreo (or sometimes Zan, especially if it doesn't accept 6-letter names). I'm also more likely to go with Zan than Zanreo for male-only characters (despite "Zanreo" sounding gender-neutral enough) since I'm a girl and would prefer using my username for female characters
  8. Tackler Defeat 50 enemies with My Meteor Tackle. Major Revelation Complete all Revelations. Found Them All Find all the hidden MuiMui.
  9. World 4 LocoList Get 20 LocoRoco in each stage of World 4. Only World 5 left now as far as 20-runs go...
  10. Yakuza 5 and LocoRoco... now that's a weird combo
  11. I'd be on the way to destruction
  12. Parappa guide submitted for review!
  13. For me, I don't really care about what percentage my profile is at, though of course having a high one is nice. I consider myself a "casual trophy hunter/completionist" (and it kinda comes and goes in waves, I sometimes go for months without really getting trophies) - I like going for trophies but I don't want it to be more of a chore than fun. I'm not gonna avoid hard-to-plat games just because I likely will never plat them, or buy DLC I'm not interested in just for that 100%... Have lately been going back to plat/100% some of my unfinished old games though. Currently at 1,376 unearned trophies across 109 games (Plus, one of the games I played once has a glitched trophy that I'm pretty sure was never fixed so...)
  14. You Must Be a Pro Cleared 30 missions. (finally cleared a 30th mission? Not sure I can even do an entire 20 more out of all of those ahaha) Maximum Firepower Achieved maximum damage of 100,000. Treasure Hunter Found all of the hidden Treasure Boxes. Megadimension Master Completed Neptunia VII! (trophy cleanup for games I never plated/100%ed yay!) You're the Princess Win against T-Set in the Princess League Finals. Launch Striker Defeat 50 enemies with Launch Strike. Japan Dome Awaits Clear Part 3 of the story.
  15. Alright, I should post an updated card soon, just a question to be sure: do remasters count as "retro rerelease"?