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  1. Not really. Altough i usually compare my position to that person that i can inmediatly surpass if i get another trophy or two.
  2. Maybe that will go to both of the Yugioh games in the PS3 (Decade Duels Plus and Millenium Duels) and Marvel's Spiderman for the PS4 (so much to do and unlock in the game that you don't even care when the trophies pop).
  3. Every thing you do for your own personal enjoyment is a waste of time (maybe even working and getting degrees for you to have a better financial position in your last years), it is your life and your time and you decide what to do with them.
  4. I sometimes look at my national and worldwide rank, i see how much i advance when i get some trophies and how much i get down because i don't have time to play (thank you job and academic degree) and i don't care that much. I see each trophy i unlock as a personal little success and i feel happy for it.
  5. Not that boring (and i don't have so much platinums) but GOW; Ascension desperated me lightly farming for that "Hold Still Please" trophy, the last one i needed for the plat (i got the MP one first because i have a fresh new buyed copy). At first i feared it glitched on me but i was relieved after it popped in the Delos port level and the plat a few seconds later.
  6. In those cases it is sufficient for me to change the game or taking a break. Of course i take pride on getting rare trophies but i get more concerned about the number of trophies i have achieved rather than their rarity. Just to make my point, i am 4 trophies away of getting 1000, work and other chores get my full time these days and also i am planning on choosing the trophy to be my 1000.
  7. Go for it, get a cheap PS3 system in good shape, some good games and off you go. There's games in the system for all type of gamers and all categories.
  8. If i recall correctly, the trophy popped on me after i completed some arkfalls though i don't renember the number nor the races i faced (i think i tried an arkfall of every race that exists in the game). Also happened with the trophy awarded for completing 10 arkfalls. Good luck with earning the platinum, almost no one playing matches nor shadow war and completing those contracts for Echellion is a pain in the ass.
  9. Definetely not. The world at first attacked and marginalized these people because they saw them as abominations in human societies. They where gradually accepted as human beings and now human society (and first world countries do it more) is over sensitive about just anything. They are so desperate to please everyone in any circumstances that they are slowly slipping on intolerance, arrogance and lack of maturity. Here living in Mexico we have the big influence of the U.S, not always beneficial and not always healthy.
  10. ?People in the West first world countries don't have anything better to do than whining about a single scene incluiding an specific video game character? ?You don't like it?: Don't buy the game but making this niusance look like an urgent social emergency makes you look like a poor excuse of a buffoon. I won't ask you about your emtional maturity to overcome mental issues because i think daddy and mommy did a terrible job on you.
  11. 1.- Mirror Edge: I got infuriated by the control layout. I feeled it unresponsive and difficult so i uninstalled the game. 2.- Dishonored: Got discouraged after i checked the trophy list. One list that includes a trophy for completing the game killing nobody, another one for completing the game only purchasing one particular upgrade, a 3rd one for clearing the game only killing vital targets, a 4th one for clearing it on "Low Chaos" and a 5th one for doing it on "High Caos". Too much playthroughs, too much stealth for my mind. The worst: I am not a stealth gamer, i prefer non stopping action type "You alone against the world/a race/ an entire army".
  12. Multiplayer gets the cake for me. Is like having a delicious dish in your refrigerator BUT with an expiration date. Another thing that gets in my nerves is playing the game multiple times, sepcially if the single player mode is nowhere near of attractive. And for, last, it irkes me having to replay sections and/or chapters just of missable trophies.
  13. I think no one of the games that i buyed falls in that category BUT i borrowed Terminator Salvation from 2 cousins because it has only 12 trophies, 11 of them are gold (which gives you a lot of points to help you increase your PSN level) and a "Platinum" and the only thing to do is getting through the game 2 times (1 in "Hard" if you feel confident). Thought it was going to be a walk in the park and it was a nightmare with those controls, bugs and cheap AI. Sent the game back after suffering like 3 or 4 missions.
  14. It depends on my mood and what's hyping me in the moment. For example: I hyped by the GOW PS4 game so i tried to plat the saga on PS3 (no success at the moment), then got struck by Stan Lee's death and tried to plat all the games i have about Marvel characters (currently 3 only) but failed miserably and now i got excited by Darkisiders III so i started playing the second installment, slowly chipping away at the story. Don't know if i get in the train for Kingdom Hearts right now or i get hooked by Darkisiders 1 and 2 in the PS3 and getting all the trophies for both games first. P.D: Currently having like 80 games (between PS3 and PS4), it's like fighting against a massive hydra.
  15. The Assasins Creed series altough i am not a fan of stealthy games but i like this fact of a war in the shadows between two factions, one for dominating Earth and enslavering humanity, the other to mantain her free with the conflict spanning in all of world history.