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  1. My "white whale" would be right now the rest of unplatted GOW games, the Uncharted trilogy and the Singularity game. All for the PS3. Problem is not that is hard to accomplish but that i have TO PLAY AGAIN the mentioned games. Had a PS3 with files for these games but went defunct and i had to purchase another one 50 dollars. I feel specially dragged with the Uncharted games because i have to play them on "hard" (except the 3rd one) and playing them again on "Crushing" to unlock the plat. Fortunately for me, i ejoy replaying the GOW franchise and i have everything of the online stuff needed for the plat on "Singularity". Only have to go for some misc. trophies, the one for getting all the upgrades and another one for finishing the game on "Hard" mode.
  2. "Ragnarok is coming". And as Dwayne Johnson said on WWE shows: "JUST BRING IT".
  4. Well, that explains a lot. They fix one issue and screw up 2 more.
  5. Just prepared. Tomorrow my journey begins. Right now i am installing whatever games i need.
  6. Question: ¿Do i have to complete all 5 games of my list to add more or i can add more games after i finish one?
  7. ¿Where i can change my game list if i have to?
  8. Toss me in. Here are my 5 games (all for the PS3 system) Edition: Changes of last minute since my little brother failed me to retrieve some borrowed games i counted in. So, i will start with this: 1.- Assasins Creed II 2.- Blades of Time 3.- Borderlands 4.- Rage 5.- Tomb Raider
  9. When fantasy confuses herself with reality.
  10. At this very moment, i concentrate on PS3 games with online trophies. After getting these out of the way, i will go for the games where i have a a good percentage of trophy completion. Better get what is about to get removed.
  11. Time to snatch those Castlevania titles. "Never, never again."
  12. ¿So is reccomended to start TERA right away?
  13. I usually check if there is a bugged/glitched trophie/s. If not and i like the game, i wil still play it; if yes, i search for a solution for the bug/glitch before playing it. Normally i play the game, explore it, get the hang of the story mode, then i will start the trophy hunt.
  14. Shadowman. Indeed. A pleasant, pleasant surprise. Loved it in the N64. "Now we are hunting."
  15. I think that award belongs to 2 games in my collection: 1.- Bayonetta (good luck finding it, specially here in Mexico). I had to resort to weekend informal places and found this relic in like 16 dollars. 2.- El-Shaddai. Even if i don't have it in an original box, i got it in a Facebook trade for 80 pesos (4 dollars).