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  1. I have a question concerning this type of games and the "resurrection" of their MP mode: ¿This allows you to win trophies playing the multiplayer mode or no? I already assume that doing this gets you banned in the leaderboards of sites like this.
  2. Well, as Jitters (a character from the "Bonkers" animated TV show) said: "I hate this". Ok, i have a question: ¿Do both character passes include all of the DLC characters or no?
  3. Time to search for a used physical copy (with all DLC included, of course. I don't want to spend the double of the value of the game on DLC chars and cosmetic stuff).
  4. I'm actually paying a ticket and watching this in the cinema. Come on, this doesn't look like SF, MK II or the absolute garbage that KOF is.
  5. So, if anyone can clarify this to me. I am at the very start of the game. Replaying it after months of download and starting it. I am about to complete the prelude of story quests in Monstadt which means i haven't even discovered these islands. The question is: ¿I have to "farm" the tree levels to 50 after the update and the trophy will pop without any problems? Providing there is not other update on the subject.
  6. Ok, my games to start with this will be: "The Wolf Among Us" (PS3) "Subnautica" (PS4) "Ratchet and Clank" (PS4) All, "orange" games.
  7. Understood. Just one more (i forgot it until now): ¿I have to obligatorily choose at leat a pink or orange game or i can go with one color only?
  8. I'm definetely in. Just 2 questions: 1.- ¿I can choose any number of pink/orange games to start with? 2.- (The most important one): ¿I can complete "pink" games in November and/or "orange" games in October or the game has to match the month? Will post my games later and i suppose there is no problem if i choose games that other people are playing.
  9. My apologies. I failed. Visiting the parents on the weekend trashed my plans. Yes, my cousins have a PS4 system but i already have my account linked to 2 consoles (my own PS3 and my own PS4) so i wasn't capable of doing anything for the cause.
  10. A good question in my opinion. If playing (and completing) "Magician Mode" in COM unlocks the trophy, we can avoid the headache of dealing with the Battle Arena.
  11. I see many people struggling with the golden trophy for getting all the cards. Defeating the Battle Arena in Circle of the Moon is a pain in the crotch, even with the quck save and quick load features (trust me, i played this on a PC emulator). Thank God there is no trophy for getting the 100% of the map on each game.
  12. A few years since i played it and zero issues. By the way, i have a NA disc.
  13. Three words: We are screwed. Seriously considering buying LBP games for the PS4.
  14. No adivce, no message, just an abrupt closing of the servers. ¿Why i would complaint? Sony usually behaves this way. I have the LBP2 game on my backlog. Yes, i will try to get the most of trophies i can of it. But this kind of attitude and sudden decisions, dissapoint me.
  15. As a gamer that grow in the 90's and has played since the NES days, i only have one thing to say to the author of that article: