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  1. Now i am in fear. I have this game on the shelves and i'm fearing that after sweating tears and blood and finishing the game in "Crushing" mode, the trophy won't unlock. Will find out after the servers on U2/U3/TLOU shut down.
  2. Mortal Kombat vs DC (servers closure). Darksiders II (Can't get "Pay it Forward in the PS3 version). COD: Black Ops II. (Big Leagues). GTA V: "Run like the wind". That's it if i ever try to hunt down the trophies for the game (in which case it will be after i tackle down GTA IV). Probably Uncharted 3 (too much grinding and the servers are about to close in a few weeks). Plus a good bunch of games i have there and never inserted on my PS3 system as of this moment such as Homefront.
  3. Likely, never. I have a good bunch of unplayed PS3 games (like between 30 and 35). Enough to keep me going for years, specially now that life begins to collect her toll on me (obligations, house, payments).
  4. Come on, don't cry. People can't handle even words today. ¿You want a short answer?: NO. There won't be an extended "grace" time for the servers of these games. You have three options: 1.- Cry about it and get only the stuff you need to access the platinum later. 2.- Hop on the "whacko" wagon and tackle as much stuff as you need (just like in the eating food contests). 3.- Don't do anything about it and let time run his course.
  5. Indeed. That would be the cherry for the cake (if anyone is crazy enough to attempt 100%ing this monster of a MP mode).
  6. ¿Personal advice?: No. It's not worh it. Just go for the 2 basic MP trophies for the main game to avoid getting out from earning the platinum. BUT starting the DLC from scratch is only advisable in two situations: 1.- Have a ton of free time and no job. 2.- Have a good number of PS3 systems and controllers ready to boost this solo (and that is not incluiding the coop stuff and getting those damnable treasures).
  7. Four words for this post:
  8. Of what i have almost complete i will say is Dante's Inferno. There are two single-player trials that keep me out of getting all 25 single-player ones. No matter how hard i try, i don't get them cleared (and using Lucia is not a big help anyways). I will get them out once i finish the "Naughty Dog journey" and getting whatever i can before server closure on September 3rd. I feel your pain. I'm, in these days, dealing with U2 multiplayer DLC"s portion and Cold Blooded is like a middle finger in front of me permanentely. I'm currently 298 kills away from snatching that silver bastard to my trophy collection but it gets in your brain. Everytime i sleep in the night i still can renember pulldown kill after pulldown kill. I'm having the same problems with Defiance in his PS3 version. Glitched trophies (some ones, not all), dead servers, repetitive missions and almost no one available to help you get the Echeleon contracts and the trophies requiring you of winning MP competitive matches, running over opposing players or getting "shadow war" wins.
  9. If we talk about years i can put the Belmonts (Castlevania), some 1st generation pokemon (i grew up with the first game boy versions and watching the animated show in 1998) and the super Mario brothers. If we talk about connection, this will be definetely Kratos (God of War).
  10. My personal recomendations would be: 1.- God of War. An absolute masterpiece. Too much to do and you can invest hours getting some collectables or doing secondary quests. 2.- Sleeping Dogs. Is like GTA but more friendly and the better part is that you don't need to do something online. Everything is doable in single player mode. But it all depends on your personal tastes.
  11. Of course, ¿why not? The more trophies i get, the better.
  12. Thank God we have an exit to this nightmare.
  13. 5.- Unchared 2: Among thieves. Thinking that Elena got dead/Jeff getting killed by Lazarevic (i thought he was gonna last more than 5 minutes). 4.- Uncharted 3: Drake's deception. The djinn ilusion making Drake think that Sully got killed. 3.- Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The ending. Finally, peace achieved. 2.- Metal Gear: RIsing Revengeance. The moment Wolf delivers Sam's blade to Raiden and gets more punishment from senator Armstrong. I have 2 dogs as mascots and i would rip the spine off the person that harms them (while they stay alive). I trully loved the moment when you make the final sequence and rip Armstrong's heart off his chest and crush him like a soft peach. 1.- God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Thanatos killing Deimos/ Kratos having to kill his own mother because of Zeus curse. I got enraged with Kratos and enjoyed every moment of ripping the god of death himself in two. Truly Olympus complete deserved to die the way it did in GOW 3.
  14. The Last of Us (PS3) Uncharted 2 (PS3) Uncharted 3 (PS3) In the sake of getting whatever i can before this goes down on September 3rd.
  15. I have Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag sitting on my closet. Please, don't confirm my deepest fears that the game is a multiplayer grinding fest.