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  1. Definetely getting Odin's Sphere (was one of the games i was searching for desperately). The only reason i'm note getting Mortal Kombat XL at 6 dollars is because my nephews have the game and i can borrow it from them the amoun of time i desire. P.D: ¿Where is Yugioh: Legacy of the Duelist? Hoped for that one to show up.
  2. Ohh well. Time to play this until there is no tomorrow. Gonna check first if i have a trophy unlocked for it. If i have it, will go for the grind; if not, i'll just delete it from my list and save some stressful hours. Update: Ok, i have the game installed but not started. ¿Is it reccomended to pursue the platinum?
  3. PS3: Alice: Madness Returns (Bayonetta mixed with some horror details and some platforming sections). P.D: I hate those eyed teapots. They have better accuracy than a soldier throwing a grenade. PS4: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Currently at chapter 2. A masterpiece. ¿Only downside?: Having to pay PS Plus to play MP mode (curse you, Sony).
  4. Crossing fingers for those 20 bucks. I already have an idea on how to spend them.
  5. Entry 4: This was a close contest but i choose the Void Sword (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2). Freezing on contact or a distance and also free healing for each hit.
  6. Maybe i will get Castlevania: Anniversary Collection. Also was planning on getting Uncharted: The Lost Legacy but i think i can get a pyshycal copy in the local pawn shops.
  7. PSN: ¿What can i say? I absolutely love the "God of War" franchise. Main reason why i have lord Kratos as my avatar. PSNP: I like the animated versions of Knights of the Zodiac. This avatar in particular is the representation of the Taurus golden saint of the spinoff: "The Lost Canvas" (plus, Taurus is my sign).
  8. Entry 3: The TMD from "Singularity". The abilities of aging or rejuvenating anything at my will and also travel in time. All of it in the palm of my hand. Is tempting and delicious.
  9. Right now, i'm revisiting some old PS3 games i forgot i posess. RIght now i'm rushing with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, trying to play Heavenly Sword and Ninja Gaiden: Sigma. Also giving a try to Mortal Kombat vs DC (altough is an average to bad game).
  10. Entry 2: The legendary "Dragon" blade from the Hayabusa clan (Ninja Gaiden). That thing can slice and dice meat like butter and also you have the ability to seal demons.
  11. The blades of exile without thinking any further.
  12. Yugioh: Legacy of the Duelist for the PS4 and maybe a good delicious DLC for an old PS3 goodie.
  13. ¿So it is safe to tackle the online portion of the game in his PS3 version or is still risky because of hackers popping trophies like popcorn in an oven? I don't want a flag because of something i didn't had the intention to obtain in the first place.
  14. Hey, at least Amibos are in a pyshycal state (stay with you until you destroy/lose them), Nintendo doesn't mill you any further with them except when purchasing them and i don't think any videogame where you can use the Amibos to play is as bugged, glitched and in a disastrous state as Fallout 76. If the "Fallout 76" scandals scale, this case can be compared with the E.T game fiasco on the Atari system.
  15. Damn. I do not own the game, i have no intentions of paying for it but for what i readed here up to this moment; this company can just get ouf the videogame business. I feel sorry for the "Rage" and "Doom" franchises. It is sad, just plainly sad. Just pull off the cord already.