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  1. Here we go with mine: Homefront: Closed MP servers. MK9: Closed MP servers (only have 2 online trophies). Mortal Kombat vs DC: Closed servers The Last of Us: Got whatever i could before shutdown date except the trophies for completing both journeys. Wolfenstein 2009: MP closed (all the online stuff locked). Various Smackdown vs Raw games (closed servers). Bioshock: Don't have the patience for those mini puzzles consisting on uniting the circuits and unlocking doors/hacing machines. DIshonored: I'm a complete noob in stealthy games and i don't see myself grinding various playthroughs with specific requisites to get the plat (curse you playthrough without killing anyone except key targets and curse the other one avoiding you of using powers except "Blink" let alone another one remaining undetected). Knights Contract: Nope. Won't torture myself with 6/7 more playthroughs to get all the difficulty trophies. And add unfair QTE's, difficult bosses early on, glitches and a character with a regeneration slower than a turtle. Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance: Just thinking on completing the game on "Revengeance" difficulty is hard, now add getting "S" ranking on each chapter makes it a kick in the nuts.
  2. A first day buy for me.
  3. ¿Bloodborne, Nioh 2, Shadow Warrior, GOW 4? Come on. For these 4 you just need concentration, patience and a good chunk of free time.
  4. My humble advise is that you concentrate on single-player offline-only trophies to avoid risking your 100% stat on your account.
  5. Castlevania games are/where in ale in the Easter Egg promotions, not in this particular sale.
  6. Already downloading it on my PS4. Serves as a distraction for my nephews and plus, i get an easy platinum to boot.
  7. So, people: ¿It is advisable to play and try to platinum the game or it is a cash-grab machine and has glitch, bug and performance issues that will break my brain in 3 parts?
  8. "Knocking down Kingpin" Defeat Fisk Bronze Marvel's Spiderman. 16/01/2019.
  9. Mejor consiguete la versión de PS4 si quieres ese trofeo. En PS3 ya es imposible como te acaban de escribir.
  10. And there goes another one.
  11. Yes, saw the leaks. Yes, i didn't like what i saw. No, i won't buy it day one. Yes, i will watch a full playthrough on Youtube and then will decide if what i see convinces me.
  12. I wish we could reactivate the servers by paying a monthly/anual fee and keep playing not worrying about any shut down date.
  13. My first PS3 got whacked so i lost all my saved data. I got a new one and i'm slowly rebuilding the data i lost on previous games starting with the games i already have platinumed (but not at 100%) or at 1 or 2 trophies of getting the plat (starting right now with the GOW series and Dante's Inferno, then Uncharted trilogy and Singularity). So, right now: PS3: GOW 1 and Dante's Inferno PS4: GOW 4 (making good progress and i'm one favor away of knocking 3 trophies down with a single mission, already beated Baldur, now focusing on collectables, then i'll think on the winged and Knights of Valour (Currently on stage 3 and trying to knock down what i can before they shut it down for good).
  14. Guacamelee is appealing to me. Have to decide between the Castlevania bundle or the Guacamelee games.
  15. ¿So i only need to complete the first mission on Ultra Nightmare difficulty, make this glitch and the trophy for that difficulty pops? If so, God bless this glitch. Thanks for the clarification, man. And, of course, i will enjoy hunting demons in space. May the Force be with you.