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  1. ¿What happened with Borderlands 3? ¿It has unobtainable trophies for the PS4 system or only in the PS5?
  2. ¿Why this doesn't surprise me?
  3. Challenge update: 1.- Borderlands: 74% 2.- Borderlands: The Pre Sequel: 16% 3.- Rage: 1% 4.- Borderlands 2: 0% 5.- Tomb Raider: 0% Will try to make an effort to do as possible as i can but i doubt i can finish this in the allotted time.
  4. Been chipping away at various PS3 games. Progressing in Borderlands the presequel and sitting at 16% (currently stuck in the "Veins of Helios" mission) and started "Odin's Sphere". Also trying to snatch the last trophies of the "Clap Trap Robolution" in Borderlands so i can move on to the general Knoxx DLC, Moxxi's arena and the 2nd playthrough so i can finally get that plat.Curse the developers. No game in count for the fish, oil cans, bobbleheads, pizza and panties and the dropping rate is ridculously low.
  5. First trophy of 2020: !Ha ha ha ha ha! "Complete the Mother Lode co-op map." Type: Bronze Game: Defiance Date: January 2 at 5:14 PM (Pacific Zone) Last one: "Brain Drain" "Complete the mission Science and Violence." Type: Bronze Game: Borderlands the pre sequel Date: December 14 at 9:25 PM (Pacific Zone)
  6. So, ¿you are not the only one? The same issue applies in my house. I am right now hunting online PS3 trophies and it is becoming a hard chore. Everything can connect in my house: TV, my nephew's Nintendo Switch, cellphones. The only 2 electronical devices with consistent issues when connecting are my PS3 and my PS4 systems. Yes, replaced the modem, yes, i changed the microfilters, yes, i tweaked everything in the network settings, both in the systems and the PC (incluiding ports and DNS) so i am suspecting is something on Sony's side.(nothing unusual in this case).
  7. Iin a few words: Platinum is unreachable at this very moment and invasion mode got under the sewers.
  8. Playing recently Borderlands and Borderlands Pre Sequel. The first i have it at 74% and only i need reaching level 50 with a character to grab the platinum. With Pre Sequel, i'm chipping away at some missions and the last trophy i got was "I shot the Meriff" like 6 days ago (Job got me these days but hopefully my schedule releases a bit and i have more time to spare here in the console).
  9. Unfortunatelly, job got the best of me these last days and i did not get any progress. Just chipping away at missions in Borderlands Pre Sequel and that's it. So the thing goes like this: 1.- Borderlands: 74% 2.- Borderlands: The Presequel: 7% 3.- Borderlands 2: 0% (Will commence when i finish the main story of Pre Sequel). 4.- Rage: 1% 5.- Tomb Raider: 0%
  10. So, this wil be my weekly update altough i have a bad internet connection as we speak. Made a little progress in both Borderlands and Borderlands The Presequel. Chipping at the ridiculous requirements for the trophies on "Clap Traps Robot Revolution" and still farming oil cans, fish, panties (¿who the hell came with this when developing the game?), bobbleheads and pizza (as well as levels to climb to 50 and grab the plat) but i'm done with the clap parts of Tannis request. For The Pre Sequel, i am advancing with the main story while grabbing money and better gear. Currently about to exit Concordia. Will try to resume Rage's playthrough (and try to get a better weapon because pistols suck in this game). 1.- Borderlands: 74% 2.- Borderlands The Presequel: 5% 3.- Borderlands 2: 0% 4.- Rage: 1% 5.- Tomb Raider: 0%
  11. This is my first update overall. I promise to do this on a weekly regular basis from now on. For starters, i'm gonna make 2 swaps I am going to drop both Assassins Creed II and Blades of Time for Borderlands: The Pre Sequel and Borderlands 2. So the list goes like this: Borderlands (72%) Borderlands: The Pre Sequel (0%) Borderlands 2 (0%) Rage (1%) Tomb Raider (0%)
  12. Ok, finally i had time to enlist my pending PS3 backlog. So, here is an easy color code and the list Unobatinable platinum because of closed servers Unobtainable platinum/ 100% because of glitches Obtainable platinum but unobtainable 100% because of delisted DLC Obtainable platinum but unobtainable 100% because of both closed servers and delisted DLC Obtainable 100% with no platinum Normal games with both obtainable platinum and 100% So, there it is. I am currently working on Borderlands, Borderlands the presequel and Rage and my top priority are those games with online trophies associated.
  13. Well, if that's true, then i will download it today ASAP.
  14. Interesting. If i get the PS Plus for 1 year, i may give this a try.
  15. Ok, will defintely get in. Will post my list a few hours later (gotta sleep) and see what i have available for getting the 100% or the plat or not.