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  1. Reccomended gems i have or that i have seen plahthroughs of: 1.- Renember Me. Futuristic graphics, a decent combo system, well hidden collectibles and a decent story with a few twists. 2.- El-Shaddai: Ascension of the Metraton: Hebrew lore,the sense that you are fighting corrupted angels that feel they are doing good to the human race, good platforming, decent and difficult challenges and also you can use 3 different weapons and get your own fighting style. 3.- Singularity: Very decent FPS with a good variety of weapons, the well handed detail to add the TM accesory to aid you while traversing the stages OR helping you fight your enemies, the fact that you can travel in time and a dark sinister story with multiple endings. 4.- Alice: Madness Returns. The original Alice tale darker than my own nightmares, stages with a lot to explore and collect, very good lore and creative weapons that can be upgraded.Not for kids (and i like that). 5.- Asura's Wrath: A Capcom masterpiece. A very good game bad treated by reviews. Altough it is very limited in exploration, in combo usage and even in using the characters at your disposal, it compensates with superb graphics and an excellent story with the cherry on the top of having to kill the supreme being in hindu religion. P.D: One of the few games that got some tears from me with his ending. 6.- Shadows of the Damned: A mix of FPS with some adventure and platforming, a badass protagonist and a funny sarcastic sidekick. Plus, you get to kill demons. I can buy that with no problem.
  2. This is the reason why i prefer to wait some more time and buy the "ultimate edition" with all the DLC packs (just as i did with the previous games and snatched a copy of the version with the 3 and all of their DLC's and patches).
  3. Well i can accept the game being delayed until 2022 if it gets to PS4. That reminds me i need to finish off GOW 4.
  4. Of course.
  5. One example that comes to my head: Darksiders II. In a franchise with 4 games heavily depending on hack'n slash and a single-player adventure/history/narrative, they had to stone 1 miserable online trophy on Darksiders II. ONE ("Pay it forward"). The year i decide to hammer away at the game (because i love the character of Death being one wise badass MF and also the older of four siblings just as i am in my family), i discover the online servers of this game were shut in 2016 stripping me away of one nice plat. Just because of this, i am considering buying the "Deathinitive"Edition on the PS4.
  6. Here are mine: 1.- Do not start a game you don't want to. 2.-Avoid digital content the most possible. 3.- Avoid multiplayer trophies the most. 4.- Always go for the plat or the 100% (including DLC). 5.- If the game "burns" you out, play a second or even a third option to avoid mental burning.
  7. "Clipped wings" Bronze type Game: Odin's Sphere: Liefthraisir
  8. Just confirming: Both Defiance and Defiance 2050 are dead as of this moment.
  9. I'll resume my opinion in one single link: Also, i thank him for giving us the PS Now service for the LATAM region (and also 2 gallons of milk and a bag of cookies). If he doesn't understand, i can translate that to spanish.
  10. !Thank God! Now i have some window of opportunity to plan my DLC purchases and see what to priorize and what not. P.D: F... you Jim Ryan.
  11. As priority, i have DLC associated with trophies. The first part of my "massive" spending will have to do with Lords of Shadow DLC (and maybe some avatars). Next, it wil be a"buffet" (VR missions for Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance, the DLC content for Enslaved: Odysssey from the West, the DLC content and missions for Ninja Gaiden 2 and 3, DLC content for AC Brotherhood, Revelations and Black Flag and then, we will see).
  12. I appreciate the hard work and dedication to make this list. Well, time to spend money and the first target will be those DLC for the Lords of Shadow franchise.
  13. Excellent. Just doing that on this very moment. Edit: Succesfully updated. Now i can breathe and prepare to buy those DLC chapters. Thank God this is fixed.
  14. ¿And if nothing related to the game appears on Game Date Utility, only on Saved Data Utility?
  15. ¿Where do i check that?