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  1. Is funny because is true.
  2. The three Yu-Gi-Oh games (5D's and Millenium Duels for the PS3 and Legacy of the Duelist for the PS4). A plat for each.
  3. A satisfactory sense of accomplishment each time i unlock a new trophy. It feels good.
  4. Vampirehunter145 "Slaughter at Acre" Dante's Inferno Fitting trophy to start my "trophy hunter carrer".
  5. If i want a quick death, i'll choose Defiance's plainum (PS3 version). The 11 trophies i have left to get it require completing missions killing other players, winning PvP matches in certain scenarios or scoring kills in "Shadow wars". Unless i get in a consistent boosting team, i'm not getting all of that in less than 24 hours. Other options would be killing any of the Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance bosses in "Hard" or above without getting hit or getting "My kung-fu is strong/stronger" in MK9.
  6. I was like that. My main reason was getting good games ASAP at good prices until having, practically, everything i wanted. Now i am only searching for 2 specific games on the PS3 (J-Stars and Odin Sphere) and i don't have any pressure to buy what i want for PS4 (mostly because of wallet issues), that is until i plat what i have for the PS4.
  7. I will think about getting in this contest.
  8. Only in 3 scenarios: 1.- Death 2.- Removing trophies entirely/stopping the sync system of all consoles (incluiding PS3). 3.- Charging money for earning trophies.
  9. At this moment, no one but i suspect that the Mortal Kombat platinum (PS3) is going to be a massive headache even achieving the online stuff.
  10. Other thing than Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of the duelist and Odin Sphere: Leftraiser, nothing appeals to me right now. Let me check my wallet tomorrow and we will see.
  11. That would be nice. It would help someone to make a decision about a game (pursue the online trophies section, get only certain stuff or completely ignore the game in it's online portion).
  12. Ex-fucking-actly. I find absurd and hillarious this insane collective desire of pleasing EVERYONE in society. I mean: ?Why do we have to do that? ?Why, as a society, we are pursuing this crazy goal of pleasing each and every individual? Is an utopia, is impossible and is a waste of time.
  13. If you educate the children about sexuality, the lesser they will act irresponsibly in their future sexual life. Just teach them contents according to their age. Of course that will be (and has to be) a responsability of their parents, not of "daddy" goverment or "mommy" school. About murdering and sexual violence: Both can be taught and both can be used by practically any person (incluiding you and me), you just have to push the right buttons and/or give the right reasons.
  14. First world's double moral standard and a legion of SJW crybabies. The same reason why i get my nephews out of my room when playing something crude and bloody like Mortal Kombat, GTA or God of War. The labels in the front of the games are there for a reason. Laughable. They are scared of a half naked body in a digital screen but they don't bat an eye about the daily violence in the country or the rest of the planet. I wonder about their opinion if they see the daily news in any major Mexico city.
  15. I'm imagining just right now a big sketchy mental picture of Harrison Ford in a wheelchair if this movie ever sees the light.