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  1. Ok, i give an apology in antelation to this. Checked right now and efectively, servers send you an error when trying to search for matches.Dunno what's happening but considering this game has 11 year old servers, i don't expect that much of a "resurrection" (thank God i got all the online trophies completed, some years ago).
  2. Yes and no. The console is already 16 years old and it was my introduction to trophy hunting. I still renember the two games that our first PS3 (had to share it with my brothers) had: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Assassins Creed. The first game i buyed for it was Dante's Inferno (also, my first plat). Played so many good games there (and still do). Also, i'm planning on boosting the MP mode of those with alive servers and plan on getting the 100% of the trophy list or the most i can (in case it has unobtainable ones) of any game i have, and that means "a lot of incomplete/not started games". So, no retirement for this one (already have my second PS3).
  3. ¿Is that you, "My name is Mayo"?
  4. Right now: Diving in the AC PS3 games MP portion. Well, only in Brotherhood and Revelations (2nd installment doesn't have anything related to MP except 2 extra memory sequences for the campaign. Right now, that is my priority, if i get all of the MP (base and DLC) trophies out of the way before September 1st, i have 2 choices: 1.- Head back to the PS4 and get going with Genshin Impact, Multiversus and 2 other games i have left there. 2.- Continue with the PS3 trophy wiping and taking out the MP trophies of AC: Black Flag.
  5. With like 4 days of delay, here is my review of trophy hunting in July. I got trophies in 6 games and achieved 2 objectives. 1.- First one i tackled was "Jump Force". Because of the servers closure on August 24, i took care on getting all the online trophies. Achieved them all and also some miscelaneous ones (first objective of the month). 2.- Achieved the last trophy for "Yugioh: Master Duel" (The one for dishing 100,000 points or more of effect damage) thanks to a burning deck. With that, i add another 100% list to my bag. 3.- Got some trophies in "Nickelodeon All Stars Brawl" just for the sake of it. My God. A bad copy of "Super Smash Bros" but at least it has an easy trophy list. 4.- "Yugioh: Legacy of the Duelist". I took myself the objective of completing the Yugioh games trophy lists as a homage to mister Tahakashi so i dived myself on the Yugioh Zexal campaign with my Monarch deck and almost wiped out all of the reverse duels and achieved the "Chain Champion" trophy in the process. I'm just now searching for a good "Burn/Reflecting Damage" decklist to get another 2 trophies and, for last, getting all the avatars and all the challenges available. 5.- "Sponge Bob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated." Resumed some spatulla and sock hunting and got some trophies including the one for collecting half of the golden "spats". 6.- Assassins Creed Revelations: Got a trophy by sheer luck just for customizing a "persona" in the multiplayer mode. 7.- Assassins Creed: Brotherhood: Started the game and finished sequence 1. Objectives for August (in process right now): 1.- Achieving all the online trophies for Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Revelations (thank God for the free DLC in the HK store). This is my top priority. 2.- If i get objective 1, i'm retaking Genshin Impact in my PS4 to complete the main missions in the actual sub story in the beach. Also, i'm planning on spending an entire day on checking which characters i have, leveling them to a decent spot and equipping them with the best weapons/artifacts i have at their disposal. 3.- Don't know if i'm sinking my teeth on the "Multiversus" game OR keeping the online trophy hunting on my PS3 being AC: Black Flag my next objective.
  6. Interesting. I'm assuming the bear symbolizes Kratos. The wolf is Atreus (Loki), of course.
  8. Ok, then i pick "Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood" as my game and a USA PSN card will do.
  9. Very well. I'll join this. I choose "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". As for the prize, a Mexico NA PSN card will do.
  10. No matter the desire, no matter the proyect, no matter the impulse, no matter the ideas, it seems life, obligations and routine conspire to keep my trophy progression at a ridiculous level. This past June month was a "Nickelodeon" month (only got trophies in 2 games featuring Nickelodeon characters) for the "awesome" quantity of... 12 trophies. So, let's make a quick review of these. 1.- 11 of the 12 trophies obtained, were achieved in the game "Sponge Bob Square Pants: Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated". A fun mix of platform, adventure and some puzzles. Right now i'm in the "Sand Mountain Level" and i need one more spatula to open the "Krusty Crab" one. Reading some guides, i discovered there is a possible glitch involving some golden spatulas marked as "obtained" by the game but still missing to collect. I hope i don't have to struggle with this because it seems like an easy plat. 2,- Started the "Nickelodeon All Star Brawl" game and cleared arcade mode with Aang in the easiest difficulty. I won't lie. The game is a bad, bad, bad clone of Super Smash Bros but.. it is an easy plat (with the exception of the trophies involving the defeat of CPU enemies at 9 level of skill). The bad news is that, most probably, i have to put these two games in a temporary halt because of the shutdown of some game servers. This affects me in: Jump Force (PS4), Assassins Creed: Brotherhood (PS3) and Assassins Creed: Revelations (PS3). These 3 games and their multiplayer trophies will become my top priority until i get everything in MP mode before the shutdown of the servers. So, anybody willing to help me with these 3, is most welcome. Plans for July: 1.- Boosting the MP trophies of AC: Brotherhood, AC: Revelations and Jump Force. If i can get the plat for these 3 games, the better. 2.- Focus in "Battle for Bikini Bottom:" and "Nickelodeon All Star Brawl". 3.- Optional objective: Achieve the MP trophies for Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag (PS3) as, knowing Ubisoft, is the most probable target for shutdown after September 1 (even if this means spending money buying the DLC for the "extra" trophies).
  11. I don't think so. I have the game in his NA version and i downloaded the DLC from the HK store. Had no problem accesing all of the DLC content (characters, maps and the lost archive expansion. I even popped a trophy from "the lost archive" a few weeks ago.
  12. That's Cory Barlog and his team all right.
  13. This sucks. Ohh well, i still have some months left (ando some games i have to attend). I hope July gets better.
  14. I don't have any problem if the game gets pushed to the first months of 2023. In fact, i thank that. If this delay serves to polish the game, way better. I can wait without any problem. Besides, i have a HUGE PS3 and PS4 backlog to keep me entretained. As for the pictures sent to devs: ¿WTF with some individuals?
  15. ¿1 month? The game goes down on August 24. That gives us 2 complete months to achieve the online stuff.And it will be my top prioritiy since next week (when my vacation period starts). Between this game, "Nickelodeon Bros" (Nickelodeon Brawl) and Injustice 1 (complete edition), these days will be a "fighting scramble".
  16. Overall, it was very decent but 3 games caught my eye: 1.- The one with the cat (i don't renember the name right now). 2.- Final Famtasy XVI 3.- The Calisto Protocol. (aka Dead Space 4)
  17. I prefer to wait with some good exceptions such as "God of War". Out of that case (and Horizon 2), prefer to wait for a good discount or the situation where they launch all the additional content planned for the game.
  18. Will do. That is a big, ambitious goal.
  19. Ok, here we go with my May update (my worst in the year). Yeah, i have no excuse (except work) and having almost no energy some days to even start the console. 13 trophies. I promise next months will be better. My "trophy reaping" this month was distributed in 4 games: 1.- Yugioh Master Duel: The better progress i have. Managed to grab 4 trophies, including "To Greater Heights". Reaching this last trophy enables me to relax,play casually and not giving 2 cents for rank climbing, ascending or descending in the ladder. Now i only need to grab the trophy for accumulating 100,000 points of damage with card effects (Burn it all) and i will have a nice 100% in my collection. I hope my Trickstar, Red-Eyes and casual burning decks live to the task. 2.- TERA: I have contradicting feelings for this one. Yes, most probably with the closure of the PC servers in June 30, closure of the rest will come (eventually). Don't want to have it incomplete but the game does not attract me. I feel it lackluster in various aspects (especially combos and controls). Plus, i have 2 pending missions in the "Bastion of Lok", it seems i have them completed but the game doesn't mark my progress (don't know why). Will give it a try but i'm 50/50 with this one. Just got the trophy for ascending to level 20 and clearing the "Bastion of Lok" alone. 3.- Injustice: Gods Among Us (complete edition). Grabbed 3 trophies of the list of this game thanks to some boosting. Trying to establish more sessions to complete all the MP trophies. 4.- Sponge Bob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (Rehydrated). Grabbed this one in the April month courtesy of PS Plus. Seems like a nice easy platforming game. Already controlling Sandy Cheeks and in the roofs level. Altough i have some problems with the aerial sections (using the lasso to grab to the hat points without falling off). Will try to plat this as a stress reliever (the most complicated part is grabbing all collectables and that can be achieved with a guide). So, my plans for June are: 1.- Try to grab the last trophy for the 100% in Master Duel. Will come back to the game even after getting all trophies just for casual duels and events. 2.- Will decide what to do with TERA. If i abandon it, maybe i will start Jump Force to get the MP trophies out of the way before August 24 and then update my archive in Genshin Impact and focus there also. 3.- If the boosting goes smoothly, i hope i will get all the MP stuff for Injustice and also for MK X. Maybe i will start MK X because of the "Invasion" trophy. 4.- Plat "Batle for Bikini Bottom" and, if i can, the "Nickelodeon Brawl" game. Will put "the car running" this June month taking advantage i get vacation and will try to see what quick plat i can get out of the way in my PS3 backlog.
  20. Somebody touched my inner feelings. Yes, i was introduced to the PS3 era in 2012. Before that, i was only devoted to Xbox and Nintendo (mainly Nintendo consoles). Then, i watched some videos of people playing GOW 1 and 2 in a PS3 console and never looked behind. My first game in a PS3 was Dante's Inferno the last i buyed ( a few days ago) was Diablo III. Of course, things change. In 2012 i was still a college student. Ten years later, i have a job, a house, i live well but work absorbs a good chunk of my day and when i have free time, i'm all drained up and with 0% in the bar to play a videogame.
  21. The same situation as with Jim Ryan trying not to make a statement about certain situation a few weeks ago. I'm not coming back to this mud sea.
  22. Digital stuff first, on disc later. Then, i pick the 100% lists/platinums with more percentage of completion and lastly, going downwards. Easy stuff first, hard stuff at last. Altough i may take some "detours" and "shortcuts" and try to finish those games were i only need 1 or 2 trophies to pop the plat (currently trying that with the God of War games i have). Also, thinking about the "milestones" in my account. Because of having mexican origin, i'm planning on making "Mulaka" my 10th plat, the next step being "Guacamelee" or "Aztech: Forgotten Gods", being either my 20th platinum or the platinum being my 2000th trophy (whichever comes first). Of course: If a game i have sitting there would have his servers closed, it becomes top priority (TERA/Jump Force).
  23. So, i have a question: ¿Is it safe to start the road to the plat for this trophy or it is risky? Also: ¿Is there any notice/update about shutdown of the servers of this game?
  24. Here we go again (reloaded version): 1.- Yugioh: 5D's Decade Duels Plus-PS3 (2 trophies) 2.- Defiance-PS3 (8 trophies) 3.- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves-PS3 (7 trophies) 4.- Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception-PS3 (4 trophies) 5.- Knights of Valour-PS4 (3 trophies) 6.- Singularity-PS3 (14 trophies) 7.- Yugioh: Millenium Duels-PS3 (2 trophies) 8.-Injustice: Gods Among Us. Ultimate Edition-PS4 (1 trophy) 9.- The Last of Us-PS3 (6 trophies) 10.- El Shaddai.Ascension of the Metatron-PS3 (1 trophy) 11.- Yugioh: Master Duel-PS4 (1 trophy) 12.- Genshin Impact-PS4 (1 trophy)
  25. Updated and well but ohh God, what a kick in the jewels that was. For a damnable no good reason, i wasn't able to log in to my account on PC (some security issue) so i had to change the password for logging in. Then, i had to log to my associated account to fetch the code that Sony sent me to create another password AND THEN, after logging in to my ID's account, i was able to create the fu..rious device password (thanks to Heaven that PS4 has no changes and only had to do that with one single PS3 console). The other good part of this mumbo jumbo is that i avoided tech support from Sony.