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  1. Metal Gera: Rising Revengeance. An excellent game but just to think you have to clear the game like 6 or 7 times plus finishing the boss battles in Hard without a scratch, makes me shiver.
  2. As of right now, i'm tackling everything i can get from Uncharted 2, 3 and The Last of Us before getting closed. Other games i have in my sights with online components (and that i want to do) are: 1.- Red Dead Redemption 2.- Mortal Kombat 9 (both of these are my next target after September 3rd). 3.- Injustice: Gods Among Us. Later i can get rid of the rest which includes: 1.- GTA IV and V 2.- Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 and 2. 3.- The online trophies for Blades of Time and Lollipop Chainsaw 4.- The special missions for Infamous 2 5.- Wolfenstein online portion (2009 game) 6.- The online trophies associated with the pass in Ninja Gaiden 3 7.- DLC content for Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance That does not include the recent bunch of PS3 games i got as a gift from two nephews recently. I think i have games like AC IV and Rage there, gotta check the closet.
  3. The first God of War.
  4. 2 suggestions no one has writed down as of now: Darksiders and Wolfenstein.
  5. Last i checked i have the NA physical version, i still require to pay 10 dollars for the season pass to access the multiplayer. Also i need other 10 dollars to fetch the "Left Behind" DLC. Since i want that plat before the show finishes on September 3rd, i'm buying a PSN card on Monday.
  6. Seeing the few incomplete games you have on your list, i can suggest you to focus on TLOU (The Last of Us). Very good and solid game with some few MP trophies to achieve the platinum. You can get advantage of the multiple groups formed to boost the MP portion of the game. Also you can consider completing "Batman: Arkham City" altough i suggest you to get a good dose of mental sanity and make sure you like that type of games before you attempt the task.
  7. Maybe this is not the place to ask this but: ?It is possible that the season pass of "The Last of Us" is included on the huge download free DLC mess that Naughty Dog delivered a few days ago. P.S: I already downloaded everything that is free for TLOU.
  8. Dante's Inferno. Altough my brothers got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Assasin's Creed when we bought the console.
  9. I'm getting this baby.
  10. I'll try to topple the three. I'm sure i can achieve both 100% U2 and the Last of US MP portion (i need to buy that season pass) BUT i don't think i can do it in U3, i only have 1 trophy done and 49 to go there.
  11. About the few i got and enjoyed i think i will nominate Asura's Wrath bonus episodes and of course, that sweet part named "Nirvana" where you practicaly destroy your own creator with your own fists.
  12. Smash Bros Mortal Kombat King of Fighters
  13. I'm sitting right now at 1995 unearned trophies incluiding DLC's and unobtainable ones. Considering i have a whole good bunch of games as backlog (specially on the PS3 system), this is gonna be a long, long journey.
  14. In that case, i play what i want at my own pace. Plus, between studies and the job i have little time to dedicate to videogaming. Good for me that vacations are near and then i can get a good batch of trophies.
  15. Depends if it is straightfoward to obtain the trophies or not. If it is an easy game, i play it untl i get 100% and then proceed to other one. If i like the game but it needs various requisites to fulfill to get every trophy, i take some free time and focus on another one.
  16. A good NES console at my 6 years of existance. I renember my dad bringing it as a Christmas present incluiding the zapper and the cartridges of both Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros 3. Later i borrowed some gooddies like Contra, Castlevania and Super Mario Bros 2. Sadly, my parents didn't want to buy me a Super NES console so i waited till the N64 when i was 13 years old. Got it with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Mario N64. Later i got hooked with games like Banjo-Kazooie and Mortal Kombat 4. Lastly, at my 17th birthday, the got me a Game Cube console. Also i had a Wii and a DS. I actualy keep a GBA, a 3DS, a PS3 and a PS4.
  17. Dude, they are going to be in the crew working for Star Wars Episode 9: Brace yourself. This is gonna hurt badly.
  18. My two cents on the finale: On with the good things: 1.- Danaerys "the crazy Targaeryan bitch" is dead. Don't start it on me asking the motives why is justified. That genocide with Drogon is reason enough even by Middle Age moral standards. 2.- Tyrion survives and gets a sweet revenge on the woman that killed his brother and sister (let him finish the tale with the donkey, the brothel and the beehive). Also, my favorite character in all of the show. 3.- Sansa gets the North for herself and fullfills the long awaited dream of Ned and Robb: An independent North kingdom. 4.- People gets democracy. 5.- Jon meets and travels with his pet again. Bad things: 1.- ?WHY BRAN? 2.- ?Why did they resurrect Jon? One will never know the true motives. 3.- ?What was the point on killing Missandrei? Greyworm is alone and with no purpose in life. 4.- ?Where in the blue hell is Drogon and where did he took Danaery's body? 5.- ?What did Jon Snow did to get sent again with the Night guard? 6.- ?Why is a Night Guard existing IF there is not a threat anymore? 7.- Overall this season is rushed, with so many plot holes (like a swiss cheese) and some things get no answers. I fear what might happen with Star Wars: Episode 9.
  19. ?Why in hell is Brock Lesnar recieving the MITB briefcase? He DOES NOT need it. HIs name is sufficient argument to demand a championship match in RAW or Smackdown.
  20. Is funny because is true.
  21. The three Yu-Gi-Oh games (5D's and Millenium Duels for the PS3 and Legacy of the Duelist for the PS4). A plat for each.
  22. A satisfactory sense of accomplishment each time i unlock a new trophy. It feels good.
  23. Vampirehunter145 "Slaughter at Acre" Dante's Inferno Fitting trophy to start my "trophy hunter carrer".
  24. If i want a quick death, i'll choose Defiance's plainum (PS3 version). The 11 trophies i have left to get it require completing missions killing other players, winning PvP matches in certain scenarios or scoring kills in "Shadow wars". Unless i get in a consistent boosting team, i'm not getting all of that in less than 24 hours. Other options would be killing any of the Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance bosses in "Hard" or above without getting hit or getting "My kung-fu is strong/stronger" in MK9.
  25. I was like that. My main reason was getting good games ASAP at good prices until having, practically, everything i wanted. Now i am only searching for 2 specific games on the PS3 (J-Stars and Odin Sphere) and i don't have any pressure to buy what i want for PS4 (mostly because of wallet issues), that is until i plat what i have for the PS4.