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  1. I'm on the verge of finishing the plat for this game and it's pretty bad. I played with chinese voice-overs (since I understand a bit) and it's actually a redeeming factor for me. If I play any future titles, I would hope that they continue to include chinese voice-over work. I don't think Dynasty Warriors should be open-world. There's so much dead space between areas and visual fidelity is pretty poor. Makes the barren areas feel like a dead MMO game from 15 years ago. It needs more to do in this open world, more things to look at, more things to interact. Make peasant/civilians more dynamic; breathe some life into the lifeless world. If the future games want to pursue the open-world, it needs a lot of work. The only saving grace in the road to platinum this game is that speedrunning is fairly easy since you can beeline for main objectives pretty fast. My other Musou platinums are DW7 and DWG3... and the only part I liked more about DW9 is that you can finish the relationships trophy by spamming letters instead of grinding stages. Still kind of mind numbing, but you get it over with faster. EDIT: although thinking about it, future titles will heavily benefit from new gen systems. DW9's hassle and grind would have been dramatically decreased if there were a lack of loading screens. With all the fast travel and cutscene loading there is... imagine if that stuff was instantaneous. Would streamline the experience so much more, especially if you want to do multiple characters/runs.
  2. It would be tedious for sure, but it might not be thaaat bad since we now have a fully localized version on xbox/windows. I played the NA version on PC and iirc like 90% of the trophies were just "Kill the boss once" for every main boss. You'd just need to mash through the story mainly. Play on Easy to trivialize all the fights (you don't get the Hard mode rewards but we're just aiming for trophies here) If you could find some way to get power leveled through Advance Quests or Tokyo Keys, that would probably trivialize most of the content required for the trophies.
  3. #79 - Ergophobia It took me six years to earn this platinum. SIX YEARS. There was this one boss I just couldn't beat, and I would try again every year, but get frustrated and move onto something else... And yet, finally... here I am. Ponce de Freon can suck it!!! I normally don't post my plats in here very often but I just had to share this achievement. I feel like a weight has been lifted.
  4. If memorization is a problem, you can pause the run and watch a video guide. The timer/combo doesn't tick down while paused. Anyways, the latter 4 do require some semblance of skill since you need to take down the enemies with pistol spam to maintain combo. It's certainly not very fun, but just requires some persistence for you to do it correctly.
  5. the machine gun on the vehicle in the Heisenberg fight and Dragoon/WCX feel freaking awesome with adaptive triggers on. I felt like I had power in my hands.
  6. Oh this would have been good to know for the knives out trophy haha. That Chris boss took ages.
  7. That sounds about right, although in my successful playthrough I was able to further spread out my magnum ammo by make two optional changes: - the first armored lycan I did with a pistol. I reasoned that since it was so close to the start, I didn't feel bad about restarting the level if I f'd up there - the two armored lycans in room next to relief mold room: if you get there fast enough, you can wait for the first lycan to approach you, and the second lycan will actually run in behind him. The Magnum will pierce the first one and kill or heavily wound the second one. I was able to do this while maintaining combo easily. This is optional of course, but with two extra magnum rounds you have a backup shot for increased margin of error or another soldat.
  8. Haha okay got the platinum. what a relief. Executioner is such an MVP skill. If you fail to kill a soldat or anything but manage to bring him low, you can just blast him in the kneecaps for 700-800 damage. Also unplanned but I had accidentally A ranked Mad Village 1 my first time through, but I saved it for last because I didn't want Masamune in my powerup pool (I didn't wanna do the knife strat). Anyways, after struggling through Castle II and Factory II, Mad Village 1 was such a cake walk with a fully upgraded machine gun pistol. It was cathartic almost, effortlessly murdering all the lycans and soldats that got in my way.
  9. Can you even knife faster without adaptives? I don't think knife can slash as fast as pistol spam.
  10. Oh fo sho those are probably harder, I didn't play the RE7 DLCs (but I watched them) and I did play No Way Out. However I think there's gonna be more bitching and moaning here because unlike those three you pointed out... this one is a non-DLC trophy blocking the plat. I managed Castle II, but Factory II is killing me. Routing is no problem for me with the plentiful guides online, but as a primarily M+KB gamer, I can't take down those drill dudes fast enough to maintain combo. I might luck out with enough persistence but goddamn, this is not fun. Wish they had put more time into this mode to at least make it fun and varied. LEMI spam is just not my idea of a good time.
  11. Okay damn, this does help quite a bit for pistol spam. I love the immersion adaptive triggers bring, so I leave them on for the campaign, but if Mercenaries is gonna go try-hard on me with pistol only..... Guess I'll turn it off for Mercenaries.
  12. This is probably the least fun I've had with a Mercenaries game mode. Not really fond of this style where you have to memorize a route. I liked maintaining combos with staggers and melee strikes, and a big assortment of weapons. Every character even had their own melee finisher animations to ooze style! RE8's first 4 is just buy the machine pistol. And then there's the latter 4 stages. "Here's your dinky pistol, yeah you can upgrade it, but there's not much else!" Or the knife strat, but have fun re-rolling masamune!
  13. Man I wish I could enable aim assist for mercenaries. I'm primarily a PC gamer, but Playstation trophies are my hobby (I know, weird right?) Normally I don't have a problem playing 3rd person games like the other RE games but I'm a terrible shot for console FPS games. I almost want to invest in one of those M+KB adapters just for fps game trophies. (Don't worry, I have no interest in online pvp for FPS games as I normally play those on PC) I'll probably manage to get these anyways with enough trial and error but it doesn't feel good when I can't nail a target in time to keep the combo going.
  14. I freakin loved it. I was incredibly impressed and look forward to future implementation of dualsense haptics/adaptives. edit1: Using the Assault Rifle or the Machine Gun on the vehicle thing feels so awesome. edit2: Haha I just started using the STAKE gun in NG+ and I can feel the adaptive trigger setting back into place between shots so I can perfect my rate of fire this way.
  15. 1 Gold Medal won, 86 to go...