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  1. Wonder if it'll auto pop trophies that I earned while playing on PC? When I transferred from Microsoft Store to Steam later on, it auto popped everything on Steam.
  2. Save a recording in training mode. So like, in training mode I think it was L3 or R3, but it lets you take control of the dummy and then record your actions. Yeah I got from 1 to 80 just spamming neutral C (the basic bazooka thing). If they get close, I double tap A which cancels into C They are significantly more aggressive after 70+, and enchantress got that small hitbox. I was wondering if someone else had some cheese for Survival 100 besides Launcher spam.
  3. Any tips for Survival 100?
  4. Yeah I looked at Striker 8's move list and it just seems really simple and straight forward. It's just the running that gets me.
  5. I've gotten to combo trial 8 on a few characters but I'm kind of just stuck. Grappler seems like the easiest, but the timing on linking together his charged attacks is really strict. I keep practicing but I don't feel like I'm "getting" it (the timing). It'll visually look right but it'll just completely whiff. Troubleshooter 8 and Striker 8 require running in the middle of the combo and I'm having trouble doing that correctly. What do you guys think are the easiest 8th combo trials?
  6. As long as there's no more Mercenaries S ranking trophies, I'll be very happy to play all of it.
  7. Don't worry about this part. As the other guy said, there's only one thing you really need to land which is winning a single free-for-all. Thing is, the game can be pretty chaotic, and sometimes you might just accidentally bumble your way to the top once you get the hang of things. If you use QAAM missiles, you'll usually get kills/points for fairly low effort. Honestly multiplayer sometimes feels a bit like playing singleplayer because it's just a bunch of jets in the big blue sky doing donuts and pressing the missile button when they hear the beeping noise. As the previous guy said, most of the multiplayer stuff is grinding- play x games in FFA, play x games in TDM and uh... earn 150 performance evaluations... which you get some by basically literally existing. Heck, there's even a performance evaluation for earning no other performance evaluations lol.
  8. Man that was a grind, some of the takedowns look really similar, and sometimes it seems to be multiple takedowns for a single position/weapon/situation. Still, my last one ended up being the staff, probably because there's not as many staffs in the game as other weapons. (And also ground takedowns are a bit more rare.)
  9. Just popping by to say that there is a Bethesda Ghostwire FAQ out there that confirms the hyakko parade appears on a cooldown. So give it a little time before you start looking for the next one. My own anecdote is that I think it tracks real time too, so if you turn off your Playstation and go do something else, come back, the cooldown timer may have already reset. Don't burn yourself out looking for the parade. (but do it whenever you see it)
  10. Did you ever find out why? (I'm wondering this as well)
  11. I wonder of Hyakko spawn rate is tied to some cooldown timer. Anecdotally, two times I've gotten it to show up were just me leaving the game to go do something else, and then coming back later and bam it shows up down the next big street I travel. Also got the platinum just now. Very simple straightforward trophy list. Just a bit of RNG re-rolling elements that extend the trophy hunt a little bit. I feel like the game got cut short or something. There's a lot of unused space on the left side of the map that you can move your cursor around, and like previously mentioned, everything after Chapter 4 seems kind of rushed along plot-wise. I was really digging it and wanting to keep moving forward and then it sort of just ends. I really hope they don't abandon the franchise. There's a lot of potential here that could be further developed. Kinda like how TE2 was just an improvement on TE1 in most ways.
  12. I didn't realize this but you can add relics to your map tracker from the nekomata stalls. I didn't really want to open a guide if the collectibles had a built-in tracking feature so this was nice for me. EDIT: Also, to each their own, but I've played a number of open world games and so far I've been relatively happy with the collectibles in this game. Would I have preferred less collectibles? Yes. But as far as open world games with collecting trophies go, I'm pretty okay with this one. I'm not sure why yet, but I just am.
  13. Don't forget to buy food from the nekomata stalls. There are special ones that sell stuff like Taiyaki or Bubble Tea or Onomiyaki (pancake thing) that I've never seen out of a food bag.
  14. Got it after about maybe 30-40 pulls. Honestly I didn't concern myself with this, I just would reload and try maybe like 4-5 times and then go collecting in the area. If the RNG is gonna be bad to you, try mixing it into your schedule of things to do (your quest to get all the collectibles) so it's not mind numbing 100 reloads in a row. That being said, it is unfortunately not a good trophy lol.
  15. ah I remember this trophy. I was able to get this really early on when the game came out because I was really good at Slime Climb. I play a lot of different video games, and I'm pretty decent I think. But I could never compare with all the top elites of FPS games, Rhythm games, Puzzle games, etc... But I could ace Slime Climb like 90% of the time. Good times.