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  1. Just chiming in, this took me many tries as well but I eventually got it by just touching literally nothing except the flag pole and photo light. No kills, no distractions. Just let the timer run down. No idea where I kept breaking their pathing, but in a run where I touched nothing except the flag and light, it worked exactly as intended.
  2. Wasn't Marseille part of the GOTY DLC? not from Aftermath?
  3. I assume the new class and stuff means people starting from scratch just got the grind extended because they need to max out those perks too. (and if there's any new weapons?)
  4. At least the relevant trophies import to H3 I think.
  5. Trigger discipline might not be that bad, since it says Intense difficulty which isn't even the hardest one. That means you can probably get by with a bot game, and since you probably don't have to worry about friendly fire from bots... you just need to practice your own careful shooting. Also I noticed the wording on some of these trophies say "Mission". I assume campaigns are comprised of multiple missions (aka levels) so it's actually not too grueling. Just figure out the mission you're best or fastest at and grind away.
  6. August update: I just platinumed the game today and can confirm that yes, multiplayer is still alive. It's not the most bustling but 4v4 games happen quite often. I've been able to play every game mode via quickmatch, I think Domination is the most popular, but I've been inserted into games of Scavenge and Deathmatch. A few games of King of the Hill. Once even got a vaccine hunt. The matchmaking is ass though. I've on rare occasions been the only player in a game for half the match, but usually the game has players. You'll also probably come to recognize a few player names while grinding out the pvp matches. Some of them recognized me and would shoot me a hello or kudos message on psn. Personally I think the fastest game modes are Domination or King of the Hill. Scavenge Raid always ended by timeout and Deathmatch requires too much bumbling around, even if a team is steamrolling. edit: I should add that I played throughout the day with no issues in finding games. I've played at noon, afternoon, and even midnight. I've noticed some >180 pings on some players before, so it's probably grabbing players from different regions to fill.
  7. New trailer: most notably it seems to include the original WWZ stages. I'm not sure yet if this is an expansion or a standalone with it's own trophy list. If it's a whole new trophy list, I kinda hope I don't have to play the original five episodes again. I mean, I get it, fun game and all, but like... Re-grinding stages on Hitman 1 and 2 sucked all the fun out of it for me.
  8. Just chiming in for anyone else: it was my last trophy to platinum. I basically deleted the game, got a fresh install, new save file, and just completed the first level 60 times. If you make it all the way to the end and this is your last trophy, you might be glitched. Luckily this is the kind of trophy you can do on a fresh save with minimal progress loss. (You'll see it took me 6+ years to platinum this on my profile. I basically beat the whole thing on Vita six years ago but recently I had some time on my hands and went back to clean up some plats, so I did a fresh install on another system and got 60 to Car.)
  9. I'm on the verge of finishing the plat for this game and it's pretty bad. I played with chinese voice-overs (since I understand a bit) and it's actually a redeeming factor for me. If I play any future titles, I would hope that they continue to include chinese voice-over work. I don't think Dynasty Warriors should be open-world. There's so much dead space between areas and visual fidelity is pretty poor. Makes the barren areas feel like a dead MMO game from 15 years ago. It needs more to do in this open world, more things to look at, more things to interact. Make peasant/civilians more dynamic; breathe some life into the lifeless world. If the future games want to pursue the open-world, it needs a lot of work. The only saving grace in the road to platinum this game is that speedrunning is fairly easy since you can beeline for main objectives pretty fast. My other Musou platinums are DW7 and DWG3... and the only part I liked more about DW9 is that you can finish the relationships trophy by spamming letters instead of grinding stages. Still kind of mind numbing, but you get it over with faster. EDIT: although thinking about it, future titles will heavily benefit from new gen systems. DW9's hassle and grind would have been dramatically decreased if there were a lack of loading screens. With all the fast travel and cutscene loading there is... imagine if that stuff was instantaneous. Would streamline the experience so much more, especially if you want to do multiple characters/runs.
  10. It would be tedious for sure, but it might not be thaaat bad since we now have a fully localized version on xbox/windows. I played the NA version on PC and iirc like 90% of the trophies were just "Kill the boss once" for every main boss. You'd just need to mash through the story mainly. Play on Easy to trivialize all the fights (you don't get the Hard mode rewards but we're just aiming for trophies here) If you could find some way to get power leveled through Advance Quests or Tokyo Keys, that would probably trivialize most of the content required for the trophies.
  11. #79 - Ergophobia It took me six years to earn this platinum. SIX YEARS. There was this one boss I just couldn't beat, and I would try again every year, but get frustrated and move onto something else... And yet, finally... here I am. Ponce de Freon can suck it!!! I normally don't post my plats in here very often but I just had to share this achievement. I feel like a weight has been lifted.
  12. If memorization is a problem, you can pause the run and watch a video guide. The timer/combo doesn't tick down while paused. Anyways, the latter 4 do require some semblance of skill since you need to take down the enemies with pistol spam to maintain combo. It's certainly not very fun, but just requires some persistence for you to do it correctly.
  13. the machine gun on the vehicle in the Heisenberg fight and Dragoon/WCX feel freaking awesome with adaptive triggers on. I felt like I had power in my hands.
  14. Oh this would have been good to know for the knives out trophy haha. That Chris boss took ages.
  15. That sounds about right, although in my successful playthrough I was able to further spread out my magnum ammo by make two optional changes: - the first armored lycan I did with a pistol. I reasoned that since it was so close to the start, I didn't feel bad about restarting the level if I f'd up there - the two armored lycans in room next to relief mold room: if you get there fast enough, you can wait for the first lycan to approach you, and the second lycan will actually run in behind him. The Magnum will pierce the first one and kill or heavily wound the second one. I was able to do this while maintaining combo easily. This is optional of course, but with two extra magnum rounds you have a backup shot for increased margin of error or another soldat.