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  1. Have any of the updates since launch made the Insane playthroughs any easier or harder?
  2. What if I have the xp requirements for the weapon unlocks but not the credits? Will they still be purchaseable in 1.03? Got the weapon xp going but the credits will take longer.
  3. I had a blast playing Operation Raccoon City, hopefully this delivers a similar but polished experience.
  4. I don't know why you quoted me. I wasn't talking about the original. I've never played the original. I was just talking about how it's weird that A and B routes still fight the same bosses sometimes and stuff like that. Like "hey shouldn't someone have been through here by now?"
  5. Continuity doesn't care how ridiculous your fictional world is. The point is for a story to continue from point A to point B without any discrepancies or accidental retcons. Anyways, the recurring boss fights thing is pretty weird, but at least the game was well made.
  6. Oh my god why didn't I think of this.
  7. In Resident Evil 7, Ethan wears a Pebble Time Steel lol Also what determines S ranking? Completion Time?
  8. Yeah so I realized that's the accurate description in-game of the medal. However if you go into performance evaluations, Cloud Hermit and Cloud Assassin do not exist, and Hide and Seeker is destroying enemies. I think that was a mistake on the devs part.
  9. Are you sure those are the correct performance evaluation names? I thought it's Cloud Seeker, not Cloud Hermit. Also I don't see Cloud Assassin anywhere on the performance eval list Ok I just got that medal to pop. It's Cloud Seeker (Longest time in clouds), Hide and Seeker (Destroyed most enemies hiding in clouds) and Escape Artist (Escape most missiles in clouds). Earn 3 of each. Should get these naturally while playing Yinshi (night) or Anchorhead map.
  10. haha I'm picturing a bunch of jets that start with no weapons, and then you need to uh.... fly.... into... a weapon or something. I don't know. Maybe just ram each other.
  11. I found VLR to be significantly harder than 999. Not impossible or anything, but noticeably harder than the first game.
  12. Depending on how the trophy is programmed to keep track... Example: Helldivers has a trophy for fully upgrading every 'non-DLC' weapon. What it actually ended up meaning was that every paid non-DLC weapon needed to be upgraded.So when they celebrated some milestone by introducing some new weapons (or just one) to the game for free, those ended up counting as well and increasing the grind for players who didn't have the trophy yet.
  13. Okay I got a mini Kulu and Diablos on my 3rd try. It's definitely increased chances for crowns, but it feels like lower odds than the first event.
  14. Has anyone gotten any gold trophies off this quest yet? I haven't gotten a single trophy from this quest yet.
  15. The 5 monster event is a new mission added to the Event Section of the quest board. You fight a Great Jagras, Pukei Pukei, Rathalos, Anjarath, and Tobi Kadachi. They appear to be randomized crowns, but you always fight those 5.