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  1. I actually have 100% achievements on Steam for this game. It's pretty fun. Despite being an RNG influenced deckbuilder, the achievements are actually pretty easy.
  2. nooo, I see the duffle bag glitch has been fixed that one was so funny lol
  3. If you're scooping up most of the treasures, you should totally have the 2 mil you need by the end of the playthrough. You can find up to two elegant crowns in one playthrough and both of them with the right gems is 100k each, on top of all the other treasures and pesetas you find. I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. I'm surprised you risked the Novistador strat. WIthout a nearby save I'd be so sad about messing it up lol. also congrats!
  5. For what it's worth, if you're rocking the infinite Sweeper, I'd estimate maybe 15-ish minutes if you dash through Chapter 14 without the door skip. (using Heavy Grenades to speed up the crane section) If you have the resources, you can make up for lost time in Chapter 15 by just using a liberal amount of flashbangs, running past as much as you can and mowing dudes down when you have a safe chance.
  6. As someone who dreaded the shooting range, it's much easier than it seems. Even the bolt thrower one was easy. I thought I'd have to be super precise, but it turns out you can just spam bolts until all your targets are down.
  7. The Sweeper's best characteristic is that it is bullet vomit. 1. Your aim skill is mostly irrelevant. As long as you push the stick in the direction of the enemy, it'll start hitting them, and then probably put them in hitstun and then it's game over for the enemy. 2. It stunlocks most enemies that you lay fire upon. It may not kill them in one shot, but they aren't coming any closer to you. I'm sure the handcannon has that stopping power, but it does require you to actually aim and hit your targets. The sweeper does have a problem with accuracy over range, but... either you get closer or just bullet vomit in a direction until it lands hits.
  8. Did you wait too long? They have a small timer on them (like 30 or 40 seconds?) You can also technically throw a grenade too, you can just reach the lever with a grenade before triggering the cutscene and that'll work too. Bolt thrower is easier though. If nothing else, you can always shoot another mine to be extra safe if the first one pops too early.
  9. I believe in you! Just remember you don't need perfect scores, you don't need the skull coins, you just need access bonus stage to get enough points for S rank! (Except for the last stage, where you only need ~85% to S rank!) If you really need help remembering how each target course goes, you can pause the game between targets popping up and watch a video to know where to aim next!
  10. I've seen some people suggest putting a save before the jetski... but I think that's kind of a waste. For starters, it's not that difficult of a section with a little bit of caution, and the saddler fight prior is meaningless because you just buy a rocket launcher before it. (If you're out of money... it's the end of the game. Just sell all your stuff, even upgraded weapons if you have to. You don't need it anymore for Saddler, and there's nothing to shoot during the jetski stage.) My 15th save in my S+ run was right before the final gauntlet of enemies (the last place where you can access the shooting gallery)... Plus, by making a save here, you can freely either attempt the turret skip or do it the normal way, however you feel confident. In my own S+ run, I wasted two saves early on because I got random Spinel drops and I would save to at the next opportunity to secure those drops. The reason for that is because I wanted to skip Savage Mutt merchant request. It was too much effort and resources to manage. (Savage Mutt is tanky AF on Pro, plus if you didn't clear out the village then you got ganados and a bullman to deal with too) Instead, I needed 2 spinel drops and completed the blue medallion request at the catapults section. If you have Knight Ashley, this section is pretty easy without the sweeper. You just juke everything and blow up the catapults with gunfire or cannon at your earliest convenience. Anyways, I really spaced out my saves as much as I could after the catapults section, but honestly it was pretty easy all things considered once you have the sweeper. I even risked the minecart section without saving by using the Gas Mask for auto aim and I was confident in fighting Krauser with the abundant heals I had saved up by mowing everything down with the Sweeper. I did take a small time-loss detour to go get a second golden egg from the throne room though, because I had sold my previous one to get enough spinels. It's worth it though just to basically skip Salazar with it. Also having saved my S+ Pro run for basically last, I was pretty confident in each upcoming section. I knew what was coming up and made sure I was never in 1-shot kill range.
  11. I played on Default settings and haven't found it to be any different from other PS5 games.
  12. I was already in the middle of my S+ Pro run so I just went ahead and finished it. Now I have the handcannon *and* cat ears lol. I needed Frugalist anyways so I'll just mess around with my weapons.
  13. Also, I just want to clarify a quick thing about Chapter 5 Ashley Skip- it doesn't need a scope to execute. The rifle iron sights is fine. It's a minor detail, but I forgot to bring my scope on chapter 5 (inventory space reasons) and this "skip" in particular still works. edit: I've tested this numerous times because I made my Chapter 5 Pro save right at the start lol
  14. lol there's something funny about watching Hunk just neck breaker everybody, including the cow dudes.
  15. We'll see if they patch any skips, but most of these skips are like, very specific. I think they would only prioritize things that casual players might accidentally encounter, instead of glitches that you have to do on purpose. They want regular joe who bought a survival horror game to play a... survival horror game. For example, I think they respect the speedrun community, that's why there's a few speedrun easter eggs in the game like the movement speed charm or the dynamite RPG skip. So I think speedrun glitches are *probably* safe.