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  1. Just beat BioShock Infinite :D. Gotta say that was a damn good wicked story!!!

    1. Kuzagi_PT
    2. USATheBigMan1991


      its an ok game and scarey

  2. BioShock Infinite Blood in the Streets Completed Emporia.
  3. Holy hell the story in BioShock Infinite is getting crazy!!!!! :D

  4. Dies, Die, Will Die. Those two are getting Freaky lol x).

  5. Started BioShock Infinite last night, gotta say it's wicked hella CRAzY!!!!! :D

    1. itzzh3lixx


      Is that good or bad?

    2. SinisterChucky


      Good stuff ^.^ !!!!

  6. I'll luv to sign up to one of these lol, but to many rpg take up my time x) lol.
  7. Plat# 17 THPS HD finally got it done :D.

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    2. SinisterChucky


      Theres just one online for just winning a match.

    3. SinisterChucky


      Ty @ Marvel & Beyond :D. Thinking about starting Bioshock Infinite

    4. Beyondthegrave07


      Do it! BioShock infinite is amazing.

  8. @Create, easy plat The Walking Dead, fun kinda boring plat DMC 2
  9. Finally gotten back into playing Xillia, I have no clue why I waited this long to play it lol. The story has me blown the hell away right now haha, seems like im almost done with Judes story though. Should I finish up most of the skits before starting Millias story?

  10. Lets try and finish Yaiba NG Z lol.!!

  11. Looking towards The Evil Within game, Drakenguard 3 both seem fun lol Im ready !!!!! In the mean time working on Xillia. :)

    1. ClaireFarronXVII


      Why not add Xillia 2 to that list as well? It comes out in August ;)

    2. DarkPirate2007


      lol Already on my list. :)

    3. SinisterChucky


      That works to 3 games on my list so far now lol. Thanks for the heads up Snow I wasnt sure when the release date was lol. :D

  12. Finally plated Motor Storm RC, such fun expect for those super car timed trails lol. Just need to finish 3 Dlc trophies for 100%.

    1. WuTangJase-
    2. redcar200


      The dlc shouldn't give u any trouble. Good luck bro!

  13. Lunatics Unite Obtain every other trophy in the game. 19.59% RARE
  14. Couple more trophies on MotorStorm RC that platinum will be mine!!! :D

  15. 6 yrs ago today my lil girl was born. Happy B-Day to my Claire Bear <3 !!!

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    2. VetoShizuko


      Happy Birthday to your daughter! ^^

    3. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      Happy birthday to her!

    4. SinisterChucky


      Thanks everyone ^.^ !! I hear u there grimydawg lol I have 2 girls to do it for lol. :D