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  1. Kill The Giant Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
  2. Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns. I was so pissed all the way throughout and at the endings just because of the story.
  3. It's not crazy hard, but you have to be careful and look at the layout of the combat areas before you jump in. There are spots where if you use the cover system, you're still left wide open. Look at where the enemies are, and watch their idle patrols. Stealth takedowns and grenades are your best friends in the Crushing difficulty. Most of the time, though, you'll only be able to get so many stealth takedowns until you have to go into combat. Again, BE CAUTIOUS.
  4. I'm always wary of F2P games. But, this one of the very few that has grabbed my attention for me to have 16 hours clocked on Steam (I know that's only about a 10th of the actual trophy, but for it being F2P that's huge). There's a lot of content always being added, and you have to play a LOT to get the upgrades you want.
  5. Black Veil Brides - "Beautiful Remains"
  6. This is Rocko. When I saw him, I immediately knew that he was the dog for me. He's a jokester and does his best to be the "tough guy", but in his rough exterior hides a warm loveable pup. Playing games and taking care of him was always a treat. And when we discovered the Kings Journal and our mission to recover the treasure, we knew that we had a grand adventure ahead of us! I got to see who he really was on our travels as we solved puzzles and learned the story of the King, his faithful dog Cosmos, and the rise and fall of their kingdom. When Rocko and I fulfilled the King's request, through our trials and times together, we became... Best Friends Forever Recommendation: I wanted this to be the alternative to Nintendogs. And the personality I received from Rocko made this game a very cute adventure. Unfortunately... The game has glitches. It crashed on me a handful of times before I got my Platinum, and the game also kept erasing my map when I would close the game. Which meant it took longer than I wanted to to travel to specific places. And training the dogs skills were a little tedious, but they were necessary to gain access to parts of the actual story. This I liked, because otherwise you didn't feel like you were actually playing with a virtual pet. YES! Mind the glitches, though.
  7. #58: Advent of the Akiba God I went in knowing that this was going to be a goofy game just from the stripping combat. The fact that they put a reason in the story as to why stripping is a mechanic in the game makes it more goofy, even if it makes partial sense. But, nonetheless, it is a Japanese title with a lot more dialogue than I anticipated. After going through the one heroine route that I wanted in the end, I skipped most of the dialogue for the other routes. When a game follows the same anime formula for character's and general plot/character relation, I already knew what was going on from just the visuals when skipping the dialogue (unfortunately, I would have liked to have went through every dialogue if I wasn't looking to return the game in under a week for store credit for Destiny). The English voice acting, though, did a VERY good job. Especially when it came to each heroine's love interest lines. I actually felt touched in those endings for each heroine. Recommendation: Yes, if you like goofy Japanese material. Also, an easy Platinum if you're so inclined.
  8. #57: Legendary Zombie Hunter Lollipop Chainsaw Suda51 has done it again with his quirky sense of comedy, going to the strange again. It wasn't that much of a chore of a platinum, and I was looking for more plot and gameplay in the end. Wish he had a bigger budget for this game. This is a game I recommend for someone who likes crazy plot or dialogue.
  9. #56: Welcome to the Garden of Madness No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Suda51 always makes very enjoyable games, and this one holds up to his reputation. I'd say this was more of a starting point for him, but it was fun nonetheless.
  10. 54: Remember you soon Remember Me The story was worse than I thought it was going to be. I was pretty disappointed.
  11. Great Shot Kid!
  12. I wouldn't change mine at all. Because of reasons. Reasons that span beyond it being just a "username". >.>
  13. My first platinum for PS4 will be inFamous: Second Son. I know I'll get back to it eventually
  14. At the moment, I'm finding Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed to be difficult. Although it is slightly repetitive, it's taking some serious skill for it. But, there's enough variety for it to not be boring, and it's a short enough platinum to keep me going for it. I know you're looking for something over the top difficult, but, to me, this is a starting point.
  15. I just don't want to spend my $5 on it for 5 minutes, when I could put it towards a better game. One that I'll actually enjoy playing and get use out of.