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  1. I had no problems unlocking it. Just unlocked "Feeling Old Yet?" without problems.
  2. Hi all I made a map with the 5 Collectibles and the wedding location. You can find it at the bottom of my review (Dutch). Or watch on YouTube, only the collectibles:
  3. I think it's a bit more than 30 hours. Or I'm playing it wrong
  4. That's great news! Now I only need the wander the map again to complete Hermes's Homie or is that bugged too?
  5. You can use the drone and drop that vehicle in a owned shed. But true, there are a lot of bugs. This game adds a new experience to farming simulators. there is a great game hidden in it, but it hasn't come out yet. Farming Simulator 15 was my first farming experience and I loved it. Made a little detour to professional farmer 2017 but the Farming Simulator games from Giants are atm the beste ones out there. Looking forward for FS19 I compare this game with the bad stuff from FS and the good from professional farmer. But for a first attempt to create a farming game, this one is pretty good. They just have to put that extra touch to it.
  6. Yes, it's bugged. And it's now weeks I'm trying to get any response of them for a fix. But they don't replay on any of mine mails or tweets.
  7. Just have to get one, I think it's on the roof opposite of the Spinnery. But I can't find a way up.
  8. Could it be this trophy is glitched?
  9. So how do you earn this trophy? I thought you had to buy a field, plant some seeds and harvest them when done, but I didn't get it. Could it be because I hired a farmhand to cultivate the field?
  10. I did that, but very time it"s 100% I got the message that the server is down. It's just weird. That it happens every time at 100%. Als the other stats on the site don't update. Not that I mind that. But maybe that's the same problem.
  11. So I have Galaxy at War, you know the galaxy readiness at 100% via the website; The updates to the PS3 went great. When I had 61% next 74% it updated nicely in game. Yesterday I got 100% via the site when I went to the war room to check I got the message that the server was offline. Ok, that happens so I waited. I checked again the game sync and I had 99%. Weird, so back online to check and the status was 99,10% I lost 0,80% that never synced with my game. I'm trying to get the 100% for the PS3 trophy, but at this rate it ain't helping. Any tips? I see people still get it and the multiplayer is dead so this must be the way I think.
  12. Hi I know this is a stupid question. But I just want to be sure. I started to develop a Nuke 3 days ago and when I check with resources today it still has 12h to go. Should you stay online for 24 h so that this get developed?
  13. I had the feeling that when you trigger the Skulls battle at the airport the driver vanished.
  14. Wait for the skulls in an ambush on the route. You can find it in a intel file. When the tanks and the Skulls arrive you only have the skulls and the driver. Lure the Skulls away defeat them and when it's over the driver is stunned next to the truck. You can then extract him without any problem.