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  1. 😂 Roasted 😂 There's no real suitable comeback for this. I can't even decipher what you're talking about. Dude just called ya out for claiming a trophy set is "too easy", while stacking mountains of easy Platinums on your own profile. It ain't that deep.
  2. #100 Yakuza 0 - Where It All Began I very deliberately picked this as my 100th Platinum, since it's a game that holds a very special significance for me, and one that I credit with reinvigorating my passion for the hobby as a whole. One of the best games I've ever played, and for me, it kickstarted a journey through the rest of the (fantastic) Yakuza series. "Where It All Began" indeed.
  3. I see! It's as I thought, then. Makes sense. Thank you for the quick response. I guess if you then un-hide everything, the milestones fix themselves to accurately reflect everything again?
  4. How does PSNP handle hidden trophies, as far as milestones go? Example: your 10th Platinum is hidden. Does it just not show the milestone, replace your 10th Platinum with what is actually your 11th, or what? Just curious.
  5. I'm on his channel, but I primarily see videos of his streams.
  6. Nah lol I just wanted to poke at you for that, but it's not super serious. I figured you meant something like that.
  7. Why do you insult cheaters in your profile quote, but you, in a sense, cheated to get this trophy?
  8. Hate to lose out on a 100% thanks to such a rigid trophy requirement, but it's whatever. Devs made their choice, and we're not entitled to 100%. It is what it is. I think if anything, this trophy has demonstrated the unhealthy obsession some have with the trophy system in general. I've seen talks of starting a petition, seen others asking people not to play the game at all (just over a trophy?), seen people go out of control, lose it, and make some seriously cringe posts over it. I think that's going too far.
  9. Jim Bob!