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  1. I partly agree with you. It is indeed a very bad save design but in this particular case I was far away from the stronghold, could make it back to the car and escaped bit by bit by making saves every time I got a bit further but for some reason they just kept throwing grenades even when I was 100s of meters away. The glitch in my opinion is that I have triggered a point I could not trigger because of the story line but this should not allow to occur in an “open world” game where you try to explore. Secondly it is impossible to still hit me with grenades even when I made it 100s of meter away from the place. Just making sure the door could not open before I triggered the right moment of the story line would have had solved it. Nevertheless, good you can restart the chapter and do not have to start the game all over again.
  2. Thanks for sharing. From a game design perspective I think it is always better to have various saves instead of one single one. There is always a chance that somethings goes wrong and with a single save slot you are kinda screwed
  3. Where did you encounter that other glitch. Agreed with you to save once in while on the cloud. Though you can restart a chapter it is still annoying to run into a glitch after 5-6 hours of exploring a map and then to have start over.
  4. Currently on the Caspian Sea chapter and by free exploring I reached the north top of the map where is a kind of a stronghold. For some reason they keep throwing grenades and it becomes impossible to get away as they keep killing you even from very far away. If your last save is at around the point where they keep throwing grenades at you you cannot do more that restating the chapter from scratch as you will never be able to make it out alive.
  5. Anybody encountered a glitched collectible like me. On chapter 5 there is a note which is almost invincible where I can only see slightly the outlines. Furthermore it does not let me pick it up, is not on my collectible inventory and keep glitched even after chapter select.
  6. Does anybody know how to reach the ? above the Unenlightened?
  7. I had issues with the god killer trophy just like you but got it now solved. Only problem which I still encounter is that I can not unlock Gadiel as a playable character. I have done all endings, got all other trophies but each time when I complete the secret area and after that complete the game I keep returning to the main screen without having the option to select Gadiel as a playable character. I had.no issues at all on the PS4 but on the vita I have no success. What did you exactly do to get the trophy to unlock after you reinstalled the game? Thanks.
  8. You are spot on. R* has only one goal and that is making as much money as they can and to accomplish that they put RDRO full with Micro-transactions. They need an as big as possible online audience and thus they have to please players who like PvP, PvE and Coop.
  9. Every time I try to enter a race it keep throwing me in spectating mode. Anybody knows how I actually can start a race?
  10. Totally agree with you. Trophy wise this game is a nightmare and unfortunately of the 200+ hours you have to put in the game to get 100% at least 50% (100+ hours) is complete nonsense. I am just working on the animals and the perfect pelts and was wondering why they did not call this game National Geographic. I would have preferred to see more and complicated challenges which actually have something to do with the game (robberies, heists, killing, etc. etc.) than just sitting outside and waiting for hour to get the animal you need and the perfect kill. I think the popularity of this game will drop significantly over the next weeks once people have completed the story and have to start working on the immense grind of this game. Personally (after I have finished the story) I think I will keep playing it once in a while for a few hours to get some stuff out of the way.
  11. Nope. once you catch them you have directly 100% on that animal
  12. I think you are still ok. On the IGN wiki for RDR2 they mention that you can hunt the legendary cougar west of tumbleweed. I suspect the one you mention from the LS mission does not count and therefore it does not show up on compendium.
  13. Hi - I just caught my first Legendary fish but now I am unable to send him by mail to Jeremy Gill. Anybody has the same issue/solutions?
  14. I have the same issue. I guess it is a glitch. I did the money lending V and it ending up as completed in the log. Every time I become wanted those money collect icons appear on the map again but I cannot access them. Jup. Got the same one but only when I am wanted.
  15. Got the trophy correctly popped after the 4th homestead. Did Chez Porter, Aberdeen Pig, Lonnie Shark and Catfish Jackson and it popped directly after I looted the last stash (without looting the whole house at the last location)