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  1. Just wait until there is a huge discount. The price for this season pass or standalone missions is just out of proportion. For €35 I can get a full AAA game 2-3 months after release. I have noticed similar actions with this developer with sniper elite 3 where they had at launch already dlc for which you had to pay separately. Back then nobody complained about the fact that it was not directly included in the main game, which still surprises me. Vote with your wallet and don’t buy it at full price. If the players bass drops the game becomes dead and sales will go down which enforces them to rethink their overprice dlc garbage.
  2. Does anybody know how to enter the location on the bottom left corner of the map. There is a small grey house icon on the map but haven’t figured out how to enter it yet.
  3. Not sure if needed but did you also get the billy and jean (two headed goat) and the cyber chicken? I got all the animals you mention above plus the two I indicate above and the trophy popped for me at the bison.
  4. So how does this trophy work after the patch. It does not auto-pop for me so do I need to create a new character or can I "bargain" again when I meet him on my current character?
  5. I agree, gameplay is fine. It is hard for normal mode as you would expect that normal mode is normal but it isn’t. Once people are getting better, share items (and are not greedy) and communicate plus a little bit luck on the bosses you can eventually make it. One thing in the PC though, you can not compare PC with consoles as it much easier on PC due to aiming accuracy.
  6. Finally got the “A better World” trophy. The reason I did it got it the first time despite having everybody friendly was because I did not finish the side mission “In the name of sciences - trail”. Apparently you need to do all fraction side missions plus having all of them friendly (or nice might be enough) in order to get the trophy. Thanks for all the input Velmenni
  7. Does anybody know how I can complete the side mission “in the name of science” and then the last section “the trail”. I have done all requirements but I cannot find on the map how to complete it.
  8. I almost gave up on this but finely got the trophy as well. Took me way more than 200, I picked at least 300 times and got a total of 952 in my inventory. Took me 2 hours but well, the trophy for the traps I got without ever using a trap so that sets off the effort for this trophy. Thanks for sharing guys.
  9. I am playing a digital version of the game with patch 1.02 and it does not pop for me so I guess it is glitched. If you have the disc version I would suggest to delete the patch to obtain the trophy. For the ones (like me) who have the digital version of the game with the patch already installed we have to wait until the devs. fix this.
  10. This is really helpful so much appreciated for you reply and detailed description. So as you already expected I indeed made Dunncas the King. At the moment I made him the King I had everybody friendly except the Coin Guards. Actually, for the alliance against Constantin 5/5, l also had everybody except the Coin Guards Friendly. The Coin guards were suspicious during my whole game. It was not until the end of the game, where I noticed that I missed doing 3 side missions for the Coin Guards which made them Friendly. This makes me think: - You can still get the alliance without having every alliance “friendly” or at least “nice” as I was able to get it with the coin Guards being “Suspicious”. I interacted as last with them as I thought that it would been helpful to convince them if I already had the others as alliances. - But, having one or more alliances “Suspicious” at the moment you form the Alliance will already set the requirements for the difference between obtaining the “A better world” or “A big step towards peace” as I otherwise would not know why I got “A big step towards peace”. I have a save before I search for the crown so I am trying out different scenarios. Especially will try to get everybody Friendly before I form an alliance this time as I think that will impact my endings. When you did the three Trophies related to the Kings did you have all your Alliances “Friendly” or at least “Nice” all 3 times?
  11. Another Glitched trophy, at least for me. I got my 10th Armor in a friends game and the trophy did not pop. I actually have 11 armor now including the Adventurer 2 piece I started of with.
  12. If you are not fast enough try another controller. On some older controllers the game is not registering full throttle and you lose out seconds on a full run. I have tested this with 4 controllers and keep getting the same result.
  13. Good that it worked for you. I did one yesterday and finished it as well. My last arena will be tonight. I have to say that I am still a bit nervous from wave 18 onward there is always a change of the game crashing. As you point out, even by using fire weapons there are still bits and pieces scattered around.