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  1. Good that it worked for you. I did one yesterday and finished it as well. My last arena will be tonight. I have to say that I am still a bit nervous from wave 18 onward there is always a change of the game crashing. As you point out, even by using fire weapons there are still bits and pieces scattered around.
  2. Yes, it is still tricky as there is always a chance that there are still too many body parts on the field. I guess it is partly having luck and partly trying to get at least body parts. I played in coop and my coop partner used a lot of his ability (the bird) which also gets rid of a lot of bodies. Additionally we picked as much up from the floor as possible to reduce the amount of trash on the ground. The last waves we actually did not even run anymore as we were afraid that the game could not handle all the movement. In the end I think it is a combination of several factors but I can only share how we were able to finish the 20 rounds. I think for now it is the best guess and I do not think Gearbox is going to fix this as this game is nothing more than a quick cash cow for them.
  3. I think I have found the reason why the game keeps crashing on the 20 round Arenas. I have had several crashes until now and tried everything to understand what might have caused these crashes. I played solo, coop and split screen and in all cases the game crashed between round 17 and 20. The duration of the sessions did not impact the crash as I had one run which took me 7 hours (with breaks) and it did not crash on me. The issue most probably comes from the body parts scattered around the arena. The higher the round the more enemies you already have killed and thus the more body parts there are on the field. The game simply cannot process this good enough and therefore it crashes at higher rounds. Our workaround was that we used the Volcano Sniper rifle (there might be other weapons with the same results) because that weapons has a high chance to burn the enemies completely down which results is much less body parts on the field. If you for instance use an explosive weapon the result will be the opposite and the game has a higher chance to crash.
  4. I can confirm - you can get the good ending by only having 2 of the 3 people. I did not have Duke with me but got Damir and Alysha though. After I finished the game I restarted from the TAIGA chapter and killed everybody to assure Alyosha got wounded. Finished the game and got the bad ending trophy. That said, of course better to have all three for the Full Strength trophy
  5. Very good warning. I wish I would have know that before. I actually watched a guide and where they indicated that it was easier on the lowest difficulty settings and that you could always change the difficulty if you wanted. Wish I had not listened to that since it is not the case. Nevertheless, should indeed not take too long to get to Taiga on easy. Only the cutscenes already take 2 hours
  6. Right, but my last run was on RH so how do you chapter select and change the difficulty. It is not possible.
  7. I am not worried about Alyosha not getting wounded but the Forest Child Trophy. The last parts on RH after opening the gate is all doable but actually getting past the last three enemies with the boat is nearly impossible or just having luck they are in the right position. Even when distracting with cans I somehow always get spotted at the end. As I said above, replaying the whole game on easy is quicker than keep trying my luck on RH
  8. Tried for over 4 hours on Ranger Hardcore but simply cannot make it out with the boat on the last part. Quicker to restart the game from scratch on easy and speedrun through it. Kinda stupid that after beating the game and playing on Ranger Hardcore you cannot change back the difficulty. Bad design in my opinion.
  9. I have this issue over and over. Once I reach the location with the boat where the switch is there is a guard on a bridge which leave but keeps glitching back on the bridge as soon as you advance a bit. So annoying and especially on Ranger Hardcore.
  10. Is it just me or are you not able to change the difficulty back to a lower one once selected Ranger Hardcore?
  11. Anybody knows what to do to get the eternal voyage trophy? I finished the game but have no clue how to unlock this trophy. Thank
  12. I partly agree with you. It is indeed a very bad save design but in this particular case I was far away from the stronghold, could make it back to the car and escaped bit by bit by making saves every time I got a bit further but for some reason they just kept throwing grenades even when I was 100s of meters away. The glitch in my opinion is that I have triggered a point I could not trigger because of the story line but this should not allow to occur in an “open world” game where you try to explore. Secondly it is impossible to still hit me with grenades even when I made it 100s of meter away from the place. Just making sure the door could not open before I triggered the right moment of the story line would have had solved it. Nevertheless, good you can restart the chapter and do not have to start the game all over again.
  13. Thanks for sharing. From a game design perspective I think it is always better to have various saves instead of one single one. There is always a chance that somethings goes wrong and with a single save slot you are kinda screwed
  14. Where did you encounter that other glitch. Agreed with you to save once in while on the cloud. Though you can restart a chapter it is still annoying to run into a glitch after 5-6 hours of exploring a map and then to have start over.
  15. Currently on the Caspian Sea chapter and by free exploring I reached the north top of the map where is a kind of a stronghold. For some reason they keep throwing grenades and it becomes impossible to get away as they keep killing you even from very far away. If your last save is at around the point where they keep throwing grenades at you you cannot do more that restating the chapter from scratch as you will never be able to make it out alive.