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  1. how am i wrong this time?
  2. um REmake is in real time the main plain you walk on is 3D, things like doors, or far away trees are 2D,tight walled rooms, for most part its a 3D space but its not as 3D as RE4/5/6/R but its still 3D style (the Aqua Ring in REmake most 3D space in the whole game, also water and gameplay/cutscenes are in real time), RE4 most everything in any post ps2 verisons and even GC version (cause they changed it to run on the hardware and didn't change it for later ports till Steam version) have very heavy pre rendered backgrounds, walls, and far way places that you can see if you look at them and RE4 isn't in real time in most verison (it is in the GC verison and steam port), i should also add the main title screen of RE4 is real time in the GC wheres other verison its photo background, the point i was trying make with pre-rendered background/3d style thing is that no matter what REmake is beautiful, and a OTS could work as mod which could let you view everything in good detail, REmake was masterfully made and has most beautiful pre-rendereds background and environments of any game (the orginal doesn't even come close to it or hold a candle to it), everytime I went back to REmake pre HD port news/stuff, I was shocked how beautiful and how better looking it is then most games of today and its time. I should add CV and CVX both have non real time pre-rendered backgrounds they are just better then most of them (it was closing into REmake and Zero level). You can't move the camera cause they hadn't came up with yet at that time RE4 was still useing fix cameras and wasn't even the RE4 we know today. Also if CV/X has real time rendered 3D backgrounds then REmake (2002) and Zero (2002) would have real time rendered 3D backgrounds cause they came out after CV (2000) and CVX (2001)
  3. dude RE 4 does use pre-rendered backgrounds and they look bad in all verison it its play in 3d space just like REmake (most every RE game has some pre-render backgrounds) its just more open then REmake. you say that you can't make a over-the shoudler thats load of BS they said RE4 or RE5 can't have fix cameras yet they can (thanks to modeders and gameshark/code breaker codes), so back and replay RE4 and look at the backgrounds a lot of the backgrounds are pre-rendered (mostly because the every verison after GC is based off the ps2 port which had to be downgraded to run and play on ps2). its not something thats hard to do it something thats pointless in grand theme of everything, also this isn't the original RE1 on ps1 being port in HD this is REmake so yeah its not as 2D as you think, in fact REmake is very 3D then 2D the controls make it seem 2D (the only 2D stuff in REmake you barely see cause its normaly far from the camera), you make seem like if it had over-the shoilder camera that it would look like shit when it wouldn't, REmake has beautiful backgrounds some are very pre-render some are not are more so then RE4. also you can't tell modders what they can and can't do they can do whatever they want and show that it does work, at worst you could see there is no roof at best you could look at REmakes beautiful backgrounds very easyly and clearly.
  4. pre-rendered or not, they would look very damn beautiful and even more so hopefully in REmake HD, i wouldn't think that everything would have to be rebuild cause its already played in 3D space just background are pre-rendered,i would like to note is RE4 also has pre-render backgrounds and stuff mind you it came later (REmake came out in 02 and 4 came out in 05 and was being made even before RE3 and RECVX was made and finished) and has been ported into HD two times on pc and one time on consoles, all of them look just as ugly and bad as before so yeah, just cause its pre-rendered doesn't really stop it from having a over-the-shoulder camera, its just it doesn't work or fit with the style of REmake (also it would be harder to aim due to not having a lazer sight or crosshair), also i am pretty sure when REmake HD comes out, the pc modders will most likely make a mod for an over-the-shoulder camera (so people that want something like that may at best just get the pc verison)
  5. theres still bugs and it may sometimes freeze but a lot of it seems to be random or you getting very unlucky and get a lot of bugs/glitches/freezings, Silent Hill 3 as SH3HD got the worst of it is has more glitch/bugs then SH2HD and is more likely to freeze, SH2HD is fixed more or less, i personally i have only had SH2HD freeze on me once or twice but thats it, without any major bugs/glitches but i have heard and seen glitches/bugs happen on it, but i haven't had it happen to me, so its mostly just random or luck for you to have it freeze or bug/glitch out.
  6. they can't change REmake to over-the-shoulder camera cause well one it would change the whole gameplay,and two it would take way a lot of horror of the game, also i am pretty sure what you meant was they changed the fixed cameras to a moving panning camera not a over the shoulder, that you can choose to use or not. also RE4 HD has all the unlockables as RE4 on ps2/wii/pc just not a plat trophy.
  7. I find it funny people are saying it seems hard or anonnying, in all honestly it is very easy yet tricky, the fact that theres very easy/easy mode for new game/once again and even RS/IE (Real Survival and Invisible Enemy, I know for sure IE has modes not sure about RS but i think does.), knife only can most likely be done on very easy (most likely the reason i even added that to the game), if you play smart and do normal mode for speed running for unlockables/trophies (under five hours get to better and infinte handgun and under three hours you get infinte rocket launcher that can kill the final boss in one shot if you're lucky if your not just shot him again) very easy for knife only, then you can run though hard mode with a rocket also mind you the unlockables will most likely be like GC/Wii Version where both Jill and Chris will get them if you unlock them, so then when you play as one you haven't played as they will have unlockables and it be easy to run though. also i can say for a fact when i get REmake HD i will it.
  8. chapter 2-3 it was so hard that i ended up having to do it in co-op to beat it after i had ran every other chapter solo with the ai only.