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  1. Hey king thank you so much for the coins I got the invisible trophy thank you so much I appreciate the coins once again bro
  2. Is the platinum still available to get on this game?
  3. No servers are still up
  4. When i try to go on 2014 fifa world cup online it says loading and nothing happens i have to quit game as it wont load up the fifa world cup online can anyone help me please thanks in advance
  5. Just trying to find this game on disc can anybody say where to buy it from please thanks in advance
  6. Who is with me in doing a petition to get all the nba online servers back up so we can get the platinum come on guys lets try and get the servers back up
  7. Who wants to set up a petition to get the major league baseball 2k servers back up so we can get the games platinumed who is with me?
  8. hey I deleted the game data it seems ok so far hope it won't freeze again
  9. hey Parker if I do that won't I lose my saved data for the game?
  10. I'm on last chapter on evil within and every time I go to play it about 2 mins into the game it freezes and help I don't want to start over again thanks in advance for any help
  11. i'm not sure the one more match is free to get hope it helps you
  12. good news guys i got my wrestling heritage trophy i download one more match and finished all 9 showcases then the trophy popped
  13. what is best way to get this trophy popping?
  14. is wrestling heritage now popping with the new update? thanks in advance
  15. which way did you do it for wrestling heritage to unlock ive deleted game data and completed all the objectives and still no trophy please help