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  1. Hey guys im stuck at 99.90% map Here is my map: Hope you guys can help me out
  2. I had t the same problem as you and MidnightMoth is right unfortunately the game wants you to do it on your "first" try. meaning that if you die it resets what you have tried. So you either have to go out and in every try or die and try again
  3. you are a voice of clairvoyance in this messy messy thread
  4. I use the D-pad, the analogue stick really feels wobbly in these games (and now I understand why ppl where talking about input lag while I didn't notice anything of the likes) The only place I used the analogue stick was the "Rings of Power" level in Warped, because f that level.
  5. Just wait for Rexto's arcade in W4 I hated that more then the boss in that world which I oddly found fun
  6. From what I have read on some forums this trophy glitches if you buy the moves off of Trowzer but dont wait for the save icon the trophy glitches sometimes. I'm afraid that if you did not back up your save file you have to go trough it again.