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  1. Dam I want a Job what the hell is wrong with the economy.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Zoushi


      Good luck for you!

    3. quietlilangel


      I'm the same way. I want a job so bad but the economy sucks so bad.

    4. Lucsean99


      @Zoushi Thx I might as well continue my job searching since eburkulosis temp ban me for nothing serious.

  2. How so is it because of how easy the leveling up is now. I've try almost all MMOs out there, the only MMO that comes close to Maplestory is AuraKingdom, besides that I play lol.
  3. Bacon&Egg McMuffin
  4. 1 Gmail personal 1 Yahoo for Yahoo Answers! 2 Hotmail for Mapelstory + 2 keeping track of my friends e-mails
  5. Old name anyways. I rememebr my PM'S to you, but it seems you couldn't handle my tone @ that time which is understandable. I didn't care if you had mutiple accounts in Lol it doesn't hurt me in anyway, but We adults need to spend our money more wisely than throwing it @ game Getting paid to help other users with Lol is how your getting your money back tactically speaking. Correct I'm lv27 i play different games so i don't get to sucked in.
  6. Bravo you can't admit to anything can you. I accept responsibility of what I post. I wanted genuine advice from UD177 with a little bit of sarcasm, which he/she handle it calmy. Props to you UD177. Now lets get back on track with lol stuff.
  7. First of of all you already planted the seeds of destruction aka so you obviously wanted a reaction when I replied. i dislike playing the age card, but you were itching for attention to make this thread spin out of control, who's childish now huh? If i was You I wouldn't have reply @ all.
  8. It's ok if you don't understand your young. I got 3years on you so your just a kid to me + my sister is older than you as well .
  9. For what i didn't do anything Why would you be proud of someone older than you that's news to me these days it's usually the other way around. I can understand looking up to, but that's not the case here. You should be like BAD you should know better by now .

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    2. SirNikolai


      So true, but @ least olli jokinen is happier I bet.

    3. RedEye420


      I don't know much about the Blackhawks two new players. I know Timonen hasn't played all year but that's about it.

    4. SirNikolai


      blood clots a pain in the rear @Timonen.

  11. I know i'm just pulling your leg . Ok thx btw for the advice so i don't waste IP on useless runes.
  12. UD177 Your officially my young teacher on lol (I look @ your gamertag) We got pretty much the same setup when doing rune pages even tho I'm far behind only lv27. The only thing that's has been bugging me is the ADC mobility on esacpe is weak so why not focus directly on just MR or just ARMOR depending on what champs you face.? - Which is better usually but it differs from each stat. HR @ lv18 or - +50health - HR .93secs. Armor +1 - Armor Lv 18.
  13. Is it sad that I own all 3 hard copies
  14. First time starting on Zero's storyline. Not bad Lv119 19lvs in 1 day.
  15. Possibly a Maplestory Week.