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  1. Has anyone gotten this yet? I'm interested in a fellow gamers opinion before I buy it. I already know he's limited to the challenge maps so I'm not sure if I should spend the $7 bucks on him.
  2. Thursday 12th June Brazil 3-0 Croatia Friday 13th June Mexico 1-0 Cameroon Friday 13th June Spain 2-1 Netherlands Chile 1-0 Australia Saturday 14th June Colombia 0-1 Greece Sunday 15th June Uruguay 2-0 Costa Rica England 1-1 Italy
  3. *appears from the ashes * I'm in for it
  4. The Predator challenges were one of the reason I kept going back to Arkham Asylum. I'm just wondering how you guys handled the challenges, especially the Extreme variants. My personal attack plan was to confuse the hell out of the guards. My favourite plan of attack was to use the sonic batarang, get a guard to go to it and let it explode. As the other guards are running to him, I pick of the one furthest from the rest and set a trap of explosive gels around him. If not, hide in the grates/vents until I can grapple up to the gargoyles or another area. How did you guys handle the Predator?
  5. Update from E3 press conferences. Updated through out and each conference is done live. June 4 schedule - Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony. June 5 - Nintendo News from the Microsoft Conference: Halo 4 --- Cinematic and Gameplay footage --- New enemies, Forerunner based weaponry. source --- Connectivity with smartphones, tablets and devices, via XBOX SmartGlass --- Spartan Ops (Multiplayer) Reveal --- Infinity Multiplayer trailer --- Concept art for the game: source --- Article on Slayer Multiplayer. source --- IGN Article on the changes to the Multiplayer --- Novemeber 6, 2012 release date. source Splinter Cell: Blacklist --- Story takes place at the Iran/iraq Border. --- Kinect Voice Support --- Co-op Multiplayer Features --- Spring 2013 release, for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 --- Game Play Footage: link --- Sam Fisher's Gear trailer --- Release Trailer --- Co-op Interview Fifa 13 (Multiplatform) --- Kinect Voice Support for tactics and player substitutions --- Football Club gets access to new items in the catalogue --- XP and levels will carry over from Fifa 12 --- Connectivity with iPhone and Android --- New attacking possibilities and new first touch control --- iOS information here --- Fifa 13 gameplay footage: link Madden NFL 13 (Multiplatform) --- Kinect Voice Support for tactics and player substitutions --- New Engine called "Infinity". --- Connected Careers Mode, with new social integration and deep game play progression --- Aims to be the "first true sports RPG" & also for the PSVita source --- Madden 13 gameplay footage: link Fable: The Journey --- Kinect enabled game play --- Peter Molyneux Interview with Gary Car --- Trailer Gears of War: Judgment --- 14 years before Gears of War --- "Less scripted cinematics, more over the top fun" --- OverRun mode for Multiplayer: link ----- Class-based Horde mode "Even better" source --- 2013 release date --- Forza Horizon --- October 23 2012 release date --- Voice Activated GPS via Kinect source --- Kotaku information on the game here --- Trailer Nike+ Kinect Training --- Special Partnership with Nike for a fitness, using the XBOX Kinect --- Trailer Tomb Raider (Multiplatform) --- Multiplatform (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) --- New Gameplay footage: link, link --- DLC first coming to XBOX --- Behind the Game Interview Ascend: New Gods --- Turn based Strategy game from Signal Studios: link --- Trailer LocoCycle --- Developed by Twisted Pixel --- --- Spring 2013 Matter --- 2013 release date --- Trailer Resident Evil 6 (Multiplatform) --- 3 main Characters: Chris, Leon and Jake: Wesker's son, with unique partner characters for each --- Distinct play styles for each character --- New enemies for each PC --- DLC coming out for XBOX first link --- Chaos Trailer --- Leon Gameplay: link --- October 2, 2012 release date Wrecketeer --- Kinect only destruction game --- Conference footage --- XBLA release this summer South Park: The Stick of Truth --- RPG game, staring YOU --- Summon Mr. Slave to do your bidding...and other inappropriate things --- Preview courtesy of IGN --- March 5, 2013 release date --- Trailer Dance Central 3 --- Fall 2012 release link --- Trailer --- Gameplay footage (no Usher ) Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Multiplatform) --- Gameplay Footage --- LA Gameplay footage --- Strike Force Interview --- Behind the Scenes --- November 13, 2012 release Date Raystorm HD (XBLA Title) --- Debut Trailer Skulls of the Shogun --- Information from Kotaku Ryse --- Still in the works, will have Kinect support in some way. Source XBOX Specific Updates --- Additions of Nickelodeon, Paramount Movies, Machinima, UniVideos for TV --- NBA and NHL for the Xbox. ESPN edited to be better. --- Xbox Music to have over 30 million songs XBOX SmartGlass --- Connectivity with Apple and Android Devices to the XBOX, along with the Microsoft devices. --- Use of tablet devices in game for tactics, maps, etc. --- Internet Explorer for the Xbox this fall. --- Footage of how it works:
  6. Source -- Getting it as soon as the pass is out. If it's anything like the R* pass for LA Noire, it should be worth it. I just hope I have enough space on my HDD for it.
  7. Sweet! WB CM!
  8. Best get your DLC now. I know I am. Source: http://www.rockband.com/forums/showthread.php?t=228496
  9. Beatles, no. Green Day and Lego, some songs transfer but not a whole lot. Harmonix is slowly releasing Green Day's music for RB3 though.
  10. Getting the BF to download her for me today. Damn you work and not letting me play her til tonight :[
  11. Which is also a reference to Picasso's Blue Period. Maya's Vladof skin is a reference to the Soviets while there is a very big reference to Minecraft in the game.
  12. Maya will be playthrough 1, Gaige will be playthough 2
  13. Got the job! Gonna have less time to game but yay money! Now I can probably buy SSX, FFXIII, Sleeping Dogs and ACIII!

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      Congratulations :) Money is always a good thing.

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      Thanks guys. I'm not sure how much gaming I'll be able to do now but hey, money = more games right?

  14. My world is all just shades of grey, Batman. That's why you'll never really understand me.

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      O__O No LEE. NO. Just...NO

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      Morality is grey, because you can do a bad thing with the purest intentions.

  15. You can also adopt and raise children. OMG BETHESDA LISTENED NEED. NEED SO BADLY.
  16. From what I know, it should all be on the disc. If I find anything on the topic, I'll post it in here again.
  17. Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse Episode 1 can be done in 3 hours and 10 minutes. Probably faster but that's the time my friend did it.
  18. https://psnprofiles.com/Ajuju https://psnprofiles.com/MaTiCz-HaZaRD https://psnprofiles.com/montana_vins_lim https://psnprofiles.com/Valis1 Those guys, and more. Can I just post the entire Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 2 100% fastest achievers in here?
  19. It will work. There is a way to find out if someone cheated or not. Using Sound Shapes as an example, if the person has both plats, one being significantly in shorter time than the other, then it'd debatable whether or not they cheated on that game. It would then go by the plat time of the other one. Sound Shapes is a relatively short game and I've seen it beaten in about a day. If one of the plats has it at that time span or longer while the other one is in minutes, then it's probably legit. Not saying that people who cheated has a way around it but for now, that's how it will work.
  20. As much as I love this game, I decline to sign it. I hope you guys have a blast collecting every god damned flag.