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  1. Thank you mate! Hope you managed to finish it
  2. What is going on guys here is yet another episode of Short But Sweet I hope it's useful and if you're new to my channel WELCOME TO THE CLAN! I hope this guide helps you and so does my content in the future! HAPPY HUNTING!
  3. I recently revamped it, last time I didn't grow because I wasn't able to be consistent sadly with my financial position. I'm hoping I can be now but sometimes life just hits you..over and over. I haven't really played much of I Am Bread but I think it would be much harder than Surgeon, might have to give it a proper go sometime!
  4. Fuck man barely reading this You got it?? Fucking awesome mate! Super happy and glad it helped I know my channel is small but hopefully I can improve and make even more guides
  5. Good job mate I knew you'd get it
  6. Appreciate the time you took for the positive feedback and hopefully this guide helps you slam through it mate. I enjoyed making it and going for fastest time was fun since I was doing it on a charity live stream so got to hang out with some cool people on stream.
  7. Ya pulling them out can be dodgy there are times where I try to and it just spazzes out. All I can say is when pulling them out rotate his wrist constantly while pulling back and that helps free them from his eyes.
  8. Just keep at it even if it's just a bit a day you'll get it man
  9. Ya takes awhile to get used to, have you been trying to get the eyes out with the scissors?
  10. I agree 100% lmao and definitely hits that Danger Zone feel 😂
  11. Ya a lot less time and a bit RNG with when and how the Ambulance is moving sadly. I got lucky on my Livestream with that one and got it first try but if I remember correctly it was so close to failure lol. You'll get it mate just stay diligent! Anyone can and just play Surgeon Rap by Dan Bull in the background to get you hyped.
  12. To be honest it isn't you the Kidneys are actually dodgy, something with their detection is actually fucked. You sometimes know for sure you're grabbing them and it's like they're just slipping out of yours hands despite doing a perfect grab on them. It's just how the mechanics are and some RNG plays on your runs and it can just take multiple tries just to avoid stupid things like that. Nigel Burke is definitely not the smartest guy around lol
  13. You're absolutely right I just tested that and I guess I never took note of that since i usually did them fast. Thank you for that feedback I am happy you did get it!
  14. Welcome to another episode of Short But Sweet! In this video I show you just how easy it is to obtain this Platinum, which can be stacked earning you 66 gold trophies and 6 Platinums when all regions are released. My first run I took about 15 Minutes and my 2nd Platinum run was under 7 Minutes. I show you how to earn this fast I also give you a tip on the boss required for the platinum. I hope it helps you guys and I'll catch you all in another episode of Short But Sweet!
  15. Seven Spears Ashina Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi This is my video on the method, got others on there for other boss fights too. Just get a stealth deathblow then do strikes twice and then use prosthetic axe tool which will do great posture damage until you ultimately get to finish him off