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  1. Fair enough, I wouldn't classify someone being trash at games click bait though. It isn't your fault you're trash at the game.
  2. How exactly a click bait lol?
  3. You will mate I reckon you got this! My guide has helped so much (Not to sound full of myself) just happy it has helped!
  4. The hitboxes are literal trash. Just keep at it guys you'll get it I know you will 😎
  5. What is up Clan, today I show you how to earn the Flapmaster trophy in Goat Simulator earned by getting a score of 10 in the game Flappy Goat! Shout out to all the GOATs this month for PS+ Even after not touching the game for nearly 3 years, I managed to earn the trophy in under 5 minutes using this method and I hope it helps you! I feel I included enough tips/tricks to make it much more easy to obtain however should you have any difficulties still leave a comment below and I might be able to help out! Thanks as always Clan and I hope to see you in the next one
  6. Happy it helped you out mate! I did find my guide made the game easier for people to achieve the platinum and even helped someone I know who was stuck for years and he smashed it out (Was only missing like 3 trophies!) Appreciate you guys taking the time to check it out!
  7. Imagine buying a remake of a PS1 game and then trying to compare it to a modern day game.
  8. Same mate, I think it was well done! I went back to try the old one too and fuck me my eyes were wanting to just burn away. It's fucking rough to look at lmao
  9. Hey everyone I have a guide for all Chalice Cups up, I am also finishing editing my Lost Souls collectibles and a few misc trophies as well! I hope it can be of use to some of you and appreciate you guys having a look! Any feedback is appreciated and if you're not a member of the clan yet you should consider subscribing!
  10. I don't calling Fake news because I loved it. Got the Platinum yesterday and they did really well. Camera is true to the Original lol.
  11. Guide is up! Hope it helps guys!
  12. *SPECIAL THANK YOU FOR 1k Subscribers!!* You guys are the heart of the clan! What is up clan I've got an episode of Short But Sweet for you, today's guide is for the game Wordsweeper By POWGI Special thanks to Lightwood games for giving me a code so that I could do this guide! TIMESTAMPS IN THE PINNED COMMENT BELOW THE VIDEO! I hope it helps and if you haven't joined the clan yet, consider subscribing... Or I'll delete your trophies Catch you guys in the next one!
  13. About an hour, hour and a half tops. Pretty quick, esecially with the guide I'll have up.
  14. I have a guide ready for it as well, pretty quick one for a POWGI game as well!
  15. Thank you mate! Hope you managed to finish it