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  1. When playing NG+ (Way of the Strong), you only need to do main story missions. You don't even need to do all main missions, just enough until the mission for Hundred Eyes unlocks. Then skip the rest and kill Hundred Eyes. Then you must complete everything on Way of the Demon, including Main missions, side missions, Dojo missions and Twilight missions. I think that is everything.
  2. This problem is when trying to login with my PC. I can log into the forum part no problem, but on the main page I cannot log in. When I try to sign in I get "An error has occurred, click to try again error code 400 - Bad Request". If I try again immediately the pages goes into a forever loading cycle or will eventually time out and have me try again. I tried updating my password and trying again and receive the same error. I can log in with my phone no problems. I'm at a lost with what else to try. *Edit - After 2 days of trying now working fine. Thread can be locked.
  3. Thanks for offering to help people out! I have sent you a friend request for help as well. Since my initial friend request message I have everything needed and ready to go (including a mic 😁)