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  1. I loved the days when Koei did "Romance of the 3 Kingdom" games. I'm gonna look into DT, thanks. Going to look into DWE as well, thank you sir.
  2. I'm not familiar with DW games so far and the first one I played was this DW Next version on the Vita. I love how I can send two commanders to defend or attack bases in this game. This gives this game at least somewhat strategic element that I love very much. So I bought that PS3 release DW-XL8 but what I played so far (story) it doesn't have that bases with strategic element. Maybe another game mode in that game that offers this or later in story mode? I don't enjoy this as much as I did DW Next. Are there other DW games that offer this bases & send commanders to defend or attack mode? Thanks for your reply, Carda
  3. Thank you! *runs to the item store to buy a ton of Accessory gems* Have fun gaming!
  4. As I don't know what a 'stole' is, I have no clue what kind of gem is needed to be able to get this. I got the other three elven items collected but not this 'stole'. Any help would be great. Thanks, Carda
  5. Thanks for sharing the link. Some usefull information in there. Great job
  6. It's a common bug, nothing to do with the type of your PS3. Had a crash back to XMB two times during the complete game. Error 2 and 3 didn't happen to me (yet)
  7. Thank you for your response. I'm gonna try a set of slash type weapons, maybe that works better than blunt & magic against them. If I keep failing I'm gonna for the casual mode option (didn't know it existed so I'm happy you mentioned it). Enjoy your gaming!
  8. I can't manage to win this 'bossfight' against the two witches at Brockenturm (chapter 6, part 2). Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  9. Enjoying it very much myself. 24hrs of playtime and almost at the end of chapter 4 (of a total of 11+ chapters) so there is a lot of gametime in this one. If you like Compile Heart and NIS games I guess you'll like this one as well. I can understand people who play Call of Duty, games like that, and never played a true NIS game, won't like it. It's not a strategy game like most NIS games but I'm truely loving this action RPG. Check some gameplay on youtube before you'll decide.
  10. Thank you for the advice. I am gonna look further into that tools making part to double the items ( I really could use such an item ). Some games deserve to get a platinum trophy ( Like Virtuals Last Reward ) and for this game I'm really motivated as well. *picks up the Vita for another school life run*
  11. I got this question about the post game school life. Been doing it three times now and haven't earned a single coin. Last time i didn't get to create the last monamaka bear (didnt have enough time) and I read what monomaka was saying, he said "You failed to create a single backup".... strange because I was able to finish 6 out of the 7 ordered designs. Does he mean that I need to create 2 bears out of each order to create 'backups' or does he mean to say "You failed to created all 7 ordered designs"? A darn shame the built relations during school life trips get reset each new attempt Thanks for the help, Carda