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  1. Play some of the storymode and then play online.
  2. I hope the game play is going to good.
  3. Max payne 3 severs use to full all of the time.I use to play MP3 all night and now their only a few ppl playing mp3 online.
  4. I saw bleach last week.
  5. I am just waiting for the post box to come in the mail.So I can send my ps3 to sony.The thing is I have no downloaded games.
  6. I updated both of my ps3s and the only thing is my 320gb slim ps3 doesnt read any of my games at all after I updated to 4.46.But my other 120gb slim ps3 works fine.
  7. I always delete the spam messages.
  8. I can't wait for the warriors to come out to the psnstore.
  11. SR3 is very easy to beat with DLC.
  12. EA should close the severs of other games in 08 through 11.Just not all the 2011 games even tho I dont play sport games at all.
  13. My first ps3 game I bought was skate 3.
  14. I threw my ps3 controller at the wall and pirces went every where.
  15. I was trying to find RDR DLC on the playstationstore,but it took me like 3hours to find RDR DLC.