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  1. You can choose any difficulty in NG+ whatever difficulty you've played first.
  2. The horrible Store Attack is back.. you can't even play it, everytime I select it says "This game session no longer exists".
  3. Why I can't get the MP skills? Both controllers are connected and on the same side (or agains, tried both ways) but for some reason the game gives me only solo skill games.
  4. So if we want to keep our forum stats and premium member we need to not change our usernames until 2019? There is no way to regain my stats and premium later if I change it now?
  5. So what we do if we change our usernames, can we keep our premium and also our forum posts? I don't want to lose my activity and premium here.
  6. Hi. I have a problem, I've changed my PSN username in the beta but now because of this I've lost my permanent vip, can it be transfered to this account instead? Who can I contact to help me? Can accounts be somehow merged so I don't lose all my forum activity, posts, join date?
  7. I reached round 20 on Titanic without releasing the water. Played 5 more rounds, closed the game, turned off the console. Back after 2 hours, trophy pop when I join a party. COD trophies are the best.
  8. For the trophy to work you need to first purchase the knife upgrade from the merchent and then complete the side quest. In NG+ it works because you already have the upgrade purchased from your previous playthrough so when you complete the quest it gives you the trophy. You can also get this on your first playthrough, the thing is to first purchase the upgrade and then complete the quest. I was able to do this by loading an old save of my first playthrough and buy the upgrade first, if you have an old save before you've done that you can still do it without playing the game again.
  9. It doesn't. I've noticed this as well, sometimes the save logo can be seen on the left corner but it doesn't save. The only save you'll get on DO is at campfires.
  10. I just finished it on NG+ Climbing parts are more dangerous than enemies😄. I think I died like 5 times during ememy encounters and 30+ on climbing, even tho I finished the game on medium and already knew where to go. I beat the final boss on my first try but died 3 times on the climbing part before arriving at the boss.
  11. I've got all the collectibles and it worked for me, everyone registered. If anyone needs a list with them I can make one.
  12. Hi. For Rebellion of Paititi you need "Amaru's Grip" (QUECHUA) and for Inside Out you need "Warning" (QUECHUA). I didn't get the upgraded knife trophy either, I've done the quest and purchased the upgrade from the merchent but no trophy for me.
  13. I'm a bit late but you can use the armory glitch as well, if you switch your current class to any other then switch back you'll get your emergency back and you can use it again, in some missions you can get up to 3 emergency's.
  14. Outlast 2 Must be nice to play the entire game without reloading the battery 😄
  15. Street races doesn't work, I need the last 3 street races to finish my 100% but Hao just doesn't text me... switching to online and back, saving to another slot, sleeping and killing myself just doesn't work. EDIT: Apparently to make Hao to text you'll need to switch characters to Michael or Trevor and just do other stuff like getting collectibles, after 10-15 collectibles switching back to Franklin triggers the Hao text and street race immediately. Just repeat this 3 or 4 times depending on how more races you have. If you collected every collectible then do other things like strangers and freaks or random events.