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  1. I think 3 on Crushing is probably the easiest of the remastered trilogy, I seem to recall struggling a bit on the ruins part against several henchmen at night (forgot where it was exactly). But maybe it was because I played all the remaster on crushing back to back so when I reached 3 I got used to it
  2. I forgot to mention that I do not feel like hiding all the stuff I've done legit (I assume you are talking about hiding my entire game) just because of some random hacker popping me 3 trophies on something I did not even cared to begin with. I never cared to get as many trophies as I could on this before the shutdown (I'd much rather try to get those on the PS4 version) but I was helping a friend with his heists because he does want to get as many trophies as he can.
  3. I never said "oh no" I was mostly bemused by the whole thing, only thing that concerns me is having trouble with PSN but considering what my boosting team told me, Sony won't care unless they catch you asking for cheats which I didn't. If I get flagged here, or even banned so be it, I am not going to lose sleep over it, only thing that concerns me is PSN
  4. CRT? in any case it popped all my rank trophies at once. I barely played the online part and was rank 20 and got shot up to 180+
  5. So I logged in today to do some random stuff before the servers shut down and all of a sudden all my stats maxed out and my RP shot up to 180 something, my guess is that it was someone waring a policeman skin, I unloaded a full clip on him and his HP didn't move
  6. I quite enjoyed it, not the best MCU and definitely more toned down with the humor, but considering the phase 4 movies I liked it more than Shang Chi and Black Widow (both movies I felt did not need the typical MCU CGI fest at the end).
  7. I'd say XCOM 2, I know I am not even going to try that because of the untouchables trophy.
  8. That trophy is VERY buggy, when it went f2p I installed D2 on my XB1 and got all achieves except that one even though I had it on PS, the safest bet would be as much as it pains me to say it go for Dredgen, it's the one that triggered the achievement for me on the XB1.
  9. I decided to reinstall and it seems to have fixed it
  10. I've recently picked this game back up and started playing but whenever I try to get around the top right part of the world map, it's like the game stops loading assets and the game world is half loaded then it takes me to a black screen and I have to close the game. Has this happened to anyone else?
  11. Regardless of the extended cut or the DLC additions, the ME3 endigs are still pretty weak for all the reasons metioned above. I am a firm believer that for a game that prided itself on "choosing your own path" it should have given you the full spectrum of endings, from the darkest of endings to the mre Disney ending, if I put in the work I should've been able to "ride off into the sunset with my LI" That being said, out of all my playthroughs I ALWAYS chose the Destroy ending, considering that I don't trust the AI brat AT ALL I don't trust it when it tells me I can control the reapers. Sure, let me just allow myself to be voluntarily indocrinated. Then Synthesis just felt too outlandish first of all then again one of the themes I always saw on ME was celebrating each species differences and trying to live together despite those and then having everyone be like the Borg seems like a complete disregard of what the game was showing to me. And then Destroy as I said I saw it as the lesser of the evils but then again since Sheppard SUPPOSEDLY is alive at the end from that short glimpse of taking a breath that again proves my thought that the AI kid is full of crap and it's possible that either EDI or the Geth survived. That is all just my interpretation of it, and based on pure speculation I've read on the ME4 teaser, it all points that Bioware will make the Destroy ending canon. But then again, that is all pure speculation
  12. It popped for me after doing the Geth fighter Squadrons mission and I checked and was sitting at 5338
  13. I guess to each their own, I love Odyssey and quite enjoyed 100%ing it, and on the other hand I found platinuming Valhalla to be really freaking dull
  14. As it stands right now the soft cap is 1310, after that you can only reach the 1320 hard cap with pinnacle gear, then the 15 more artifact levels required to reach 1335 to do GMs (which are not open yet) artifact levels are easier just doing random activities and BOUNTIES, every single one you can get your hands on. GMs are pretty difficult, with some harder than others, this season we have on the rotation: "The Glassway" (Beyond Light required I think) "Fallen S.A.B.E.R." "Warden of Nothing" "The Insight Terminus" "The Inverted Spire" "The Disgraced" Personal experience varies according to each person but I think you MIGHT have an easier time going for The Inverted Spire when it's on the rotation or in the final weeks of the season when all of the GMs are available. If you go for it, just one minor piece of advice, play the long range game, close combat weapons such as shotguns, SMGs or close combat supers will lead you to a fast and early grave.
  15. Destiny 1, 6 years 7 months Granted, mostly it was because back then my internet SUCKED so I kept getting disconnected while doing missions so I kinda gave up until I installed fiber but by then everyone moved on to Destiny 2, so it was much harder to find others for the remaining trophies.