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  1. 1. I did it out of necessity rather than wanting to, back when the great PSN hack happened I realized I misspelled my email when I created my account and couldn't recover (customer support was useless) 2. Nope, never. I'd rather stick with what I have, and that's why I have several games (not all) with an F rank, I am still playing catch up, but I find starting over too much of a hassle and I am totally fine with not having an account with only 100%'ed games, I don't plan to platinum all games (I refuse to do the max lvl PvP grind as an example)
  2. Hello As stated on the title, I am trying to platinum this game but it's getting very frustrating because through all my playthrough I have not seen one Bureau Alert and now I am just free roaming clearing out all the misc trophies hoping that they start appearing but so far zero. Anyone has any idea or tip on how to trigger them?
  3. have not tried it but according to this, it can
  4. on PSN: on Amazon: on PC:
  5. I guess Horizon Zero Dawn. Pretty easy, just the open world grind might get a bit dull. Other mentions would be: -God of War Easy plat, just the Valkyrie end boss is no pushover even on the easiest setting -Destiny 2 You're missing one of the hardest trophies, clearing the raid on prestige, which isn't terribly hard, it's just a pain to find a raid group, and the end boss on prestige because of the mechanics involved is an RNG nightmare, it can be VERY easy or VERY hard.
  6. Pretty much any game that requires a lot of playthroughs and any game that requires max level MP grind.
  7. it's pretty good gameplay wise, kind of like a smaller version of Black Flag, though I am more partial to the new games and their gameplay changes. Story wise you're kind of getting into a shitstorm, though it's a pretty self contained story, this game is right in the middle of the series, and it was originally a Black Flag DLC, so the main character introduction was on the original game, if my memory is correct you might be missing out on some back story.
  8. I cannot find on my collection a game I would say "this is BAD" at most I would say "this is disappointing" But if I was pressed to pick one it'd be "The Sinking City" or the new Ghost Recon. Granted the gameplay is not terrible but the optimization is so bad that assest are still loading right in front of you, or the game just has bad frame rate. Also the new Ghost Recon's story is just...meh
  9. The raid does look overwhelming if you never tried it, but it's all based on a rotation of mechanics that once you get the pattern down it is pretty simple. You just need to be patient and look for "sherpa runs" (experienced raiders helping newcomers) either on destinylfg or there is a discord server called "The Last Destiny City" where ppl run stuff.
  10. Batman: Arkham Origins I'd go for the MP but that perma-death mode I have no patience for that
  11. As others stated above, I am not giving Konami my money on a fully priced game, MAYBE when it's $10 or less.
  12. Definitely the Uncharted games, though they are not the easiest ones out of other choices, they are the most fun
  13. yea, in the end I did that, I used 1 rank on each of the guns ones where you can only use 45 points so every one of those were unlocked and got the trophy
  14. Really enjoyed it, never been too into Elton John, I enjoy his songs but never actually owned a CD, but still pretty entertaining movie. Surprised me it is actually a musical as in "The Sound of Music" with singing and choreographed numbers in the streets.