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  1. Am I the only one not really excited for 'The Last Guardian' They just dragged it on for so long now I'm not really interested lol Its been like 6 or 7 years since the first trailer wtf xD

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    2. Ruhkillmeez


      DON'T JINX IT, PRINNY DOOD. Knowing that when you deleted Sound Shapes, and a new DLC pack would release, we all know you're capable of jinxing things. Also, I kinda want more DLC packs for Sound Shapes, Prinny dood. Don't you think it's about time you once again delete Sound Shapes? And ha, I feel like I'm the only person that didn't have the numbed-down version of Yorda though, since she would usually do what I wanted her to do. Well, she did screw me over on my firs...

    3. Ruhkillmeez


      first try on the 2 hour playthrough, though.

    4. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Ever since the last time I deleted Sound Shapes and we got more dlc I've been closely monitored and if I even press triangle on the Sound Shapes game file I will be shot on site. I just thought it would be a hilarious end to this Last Guardian saga that after all these years of waiting people would have to deal with something similar to Yorda again. You are a lucky bastard though dood, Yorda never listened to me and I was convinced she just wanted to stay locked up in the castle.

  2. I keep getting an error on BO2 'You have been disconnected from the Blck ops 2 servers' in every game after about 2 mins of playing, both zombies and multiplayer D: anyone eles having this?

  3. Anyone fancy bo2 zombies later? I made a gaming session about it :)

  4. Anyone wanna do BO2 zombies later?

  5. Best signature evrrrxD

  6. 5ft8
  7. I need minecraft friends! Add me minecraft players! xD

    1. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      Now that I can't play, needed some friends on there! x]

  8. Q force and full frontal assault are then same game. Im not sure about getting a free game though
  9. I R&C All 4 one any good?

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    2. KellyAnne-


      I've got it on my ps3 but read loads saying it was a terrible and a unplayable game :/ I wanna plat it to

    3. Dr_Mayus


      The game is fine, but compared to the rest of R&C games it was bad. That being said, like Bee mentioned it is a good game.

    4. KellyAnne-


      Might give it a try then :) Thanks!

  10. I saw the thing you made. I liked the thing you made. . .

    1. KellyAnne-


      aha thank you!